Coffin Hill Vol. 1: Floresta da Noite

Coffin Hill Vol Floresta da Noite Eve Coffin a herdeira de uma das mais ricas fam lias da Nova Inglaterra mas seus ascendentes n o vieram no Mayflower famoso navio que trouxe os peregrinos Eles s o bruxos e suas profundas ra zes rem

  • Title: Coffin Hill Vol. 1: Floresta da Noite
  • Author: Caitlin Kittredge
  • ISBN: 7897653522996
  • Page: 473
  • Format: None
  • Eve Coffin a herdeira de uma das mais ricas fam lias da Nova Inglaterra, mas seus ascendentes n o vieram no Mayflower, famoso navio que trouxe os peregrinos Eles s o bruxos e suas profundas ra zes remetem cidade de Salem.Hoje, Eve uma improv vel policial hero na que ca a com empolga o os mais brutais assassinos seriais Mas, h dez anos, ela era uma adolescente proEve Coffin a herdeira de uma das mais ricas fam lias da Nova Inglaterra, mas seus ascendentes n o vieram no Mayflower, famoso navio que trouxe os peregrinos Eles s o bruxos e suas profundas ra zes remetem cidade de Salem.Hoje, Eve uma improv vel policial hero na que ca a com empolga o os mais brutais assassinos seriais Mas, h dez anos, ela era uma adolescente problem tica com uma queda pelo ocultismo, e que acabou flertando com o lado errado da lei despertando poderes do lado oculto de nossa realidade.Quando crian as come am a desaparecer exatamente como aconteceu quando ela e seus amigos libertaram for as misteriosas na floresta de Coffin Hill , Eve mais uma vez atra da para a casa que havia abandonado, e para um horror que jamais deixar sua mente Agora, o nico jeito de impedir as trevas deixar que sua pr pria escurid o tome conta COFFIN HILL CRIMES E BRUXARIA VOL 1 FLORESTA DA NOITE, cria o da novelista Caitlin Kittredge, autora da trilogia O C digo de Ferro, e do artista Inaki Miranda F BULAS AS MAIS BELAS , explora os limites da busca por poder e vingan a em um cen rio assombrado da Nova Inglaterra.

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    1. I didn't think it was particularly awful, but it kind of felt a bit like a teeny-bopper horror story.Eve is a rookie cop who apparently stumbles upon a serial killer, and takes him down.Yay, EVE!She gets hurt in the altercation, and heads home to face her demons*FLASHBACK TIME*Once upon a time, Eve and her (dysfunctional) gothy friends head into the spooky forest.They do a little dance, make a little love, and get down that nightOr.They call up a bad-ass entity that eats one, drives another craz [...]

    2. Have you heard of Coffin Hill? No, me either, which is why I’m rewriting my first review which detailed the numerous problems that made the first volume such a failure – this title is on nobody’s radar (for good reason), it’s not a landmark book, nor will it be in hindsight, nor is it even a slightly important one, so it doesn’t deserve that level of scrutiny. No, this pathetic comic will be reviewed in broad strokes and then forgotten like it should be. Coffin Hill is the comic book v [...]

    3. Readers looking for a genuinely scary graphic novel should look no further. "Coffin Hill" is the kind of story I would be too afraid to watch the movie if it was made. It's the story that "The Craft" aspired for. A story about a young woman who is a hereditary witch with a dark legacy of familial sorcery and a deal for power they can't escape.Eve barely survives a night with friends in which they perform a spell that leads to the horrible death of one friend and another ending up in a coma. She' [...]

    4. paced like a tv show. I think they should have chosen a different artist. Something more sketchy and black AND WHITE. Sometimes the art makes a big difference and I think this was supposed to be a horror story but it is drawn like a super hero comic.

    5. Eve and friends did some magic out in the forest of Coffin Hill and things went awry.Years later Eve returns and whatever magic she awakened back then is now thriving."Wicked witch of Coffin Hill, buried in the woods and waits there still. Hide your face and close your eyes. For if you see her you will die. Only the crows to hear you cry."It was really hard for me to get into this story. The writing was choppy and didn't flow very well at all. I have to say it was all quite confusing.The charact [...]

    6. Urban fantasy author Caitlin Kittredge pens a sophisticated dark horror worthy of high rank in the blood-chilling echelon of illustrated fiction most recently occupied by Joe Hill’s Locke and Key, Tim Seeley's Revival, and Steven T. Seagle’s House of Secrets.Eve Coffin is a disgraced ex-cop and last scion of the venerated Coffin clan whose heritage dates back to the Salem Witch Trials. With a legacy so embroiled in secrets and old-world mysticism, Eve flippantly likens her family to “the K [...]

    7. I really liked this one but it could have had a better structure. Was quite confusing to start but once I got into it I started liking the characters and the story was quite cool. The drastic change of Mel and Eve's appearances was mega-confusing to me because there wasn't ever a massive amount of emphasis placed on what their names are but I guess it's easy enough to go back and check. I also just wish that Eve's history with Witchcraft and the discovery of her skills was emphasized a bit more. [...]

    8. Not that I read a lot of horror stories, but Coffin Hill is an excellent read for horror and magic fans.Life as a hot-shot Boston cop is going pretty well for Eve Coffin until she is shot and has to retreat home to Coffin Hill in Massachusetts. Ten years after unleashing something into the woods during a foolish, teenage rite, Eve finds that the monster has spent the last decade in her absence feeding the evil in people's hearts. Now she must face old judgments, familiar and hostile faces, and h [...]

    9. This volume collects issues #1-7.I've been in a bit of a reading slump after finishing Middlemarch. Not a surprise really. I've picked up and put down various books, and when I get this way, my go to books are graphic novels. They are usually fun quick reads. This was the first book I got through after Middlemarch, so hooray for that.The premise reminds me of teen horror flicks; roll out the booze, sex, drugs, and blood. Our main character Eve Coffin is a witch with Salem ancestry. The story has [...]

    10. COFFIN HILL ist eine eigentlich erstaunlich klassische Hexengeschichte, die aufgepeppt wird durch den Kontrast zwischen Kleinstadt und altem Südstaatenflair einerseits und andererseits der rebellischen jungen Generation, die sich mit Drogen, Alkohol und schwarzen Messen die Langeweile vertreibt. Verbunden werden die Elemente durch die Hexenkräfte, die als Fluch auf den Coffins liegen. Verschwundene Mädchen und ein altes Familiengeheimnis kommen als Mystery-Element hinzu.Eve Coffin ist sympath [...]

    11. A very interesting read! This book takes place with a rookie cop, Eve Coffin, who has just caught a high profile serial killer, she than goes to her home town Salem, to get away from the media but ends up getting involved in recent disappearances similar to when she was a teen. This book provides flash backs to when she was a rebellious teen which are nice to learn more about the character. The basic outline of this story is every woman in Eve's family are witches, and that's the cool part, In t [...]

    12. Didn't love it and I didn't hate it, but it left me curious like George. Reads just like a bad 80s teen horror flick with dark woods, drinking, hooking up and lets not forget Witches.Coffin Hill is known for the Coffin family. The Coffins have a strong lifeline of Witches. Once lead into the woods, the Harvest will begin.

    13. thrilling and engaging mystery/dark urban horror story with an interesting color style. The characters are a bit stereotypical but not to cheesy or one dimensional. youtube/watch?v=EW5_X

    14. This is the first in a new graphic novel series and I think this may be a series to watch. The art is great and I really enjoyed the story line.

    15. This was pretty solid. The artwork is fucking awesome. It was easily my favorite part. The writing is ok, a bit cliche particularly when it comes to plotting and dialogue. But regardless I was still interested in what was happening and the small town New England setting was great. I’m interested in seeing what happens next. I’d be open to checking out some of this author’s novels as well.

    16. Buenas ideas aunque no tan bien ejecutadas cómo podrían haberlo estado en momentos hasta me pareció algo confuso. Vamos a ver qué tal sigue la historia.

    17. Meh.A coven of witches in the modern day, human sacrifice, accidental conjuring of something in the woods Same old same old.

    18. Interesting start to the series. I will likely read the other volumes in the near future as I am curious to see where the story goes. The art was excellent.

    19. I received this book free through a giveaway. All opinions are my own. I can admit that I was very excited about this book. I like dark and creepy comic books, so my opinion was probably tainted to begin with. I did not love this book. I did not hate it. I did, however, enjoy what it had to offer and then completely forgot about it, hence why it took me a week to write this review. Positives:Story— The story was interesting. The plot was the basic, slightly overused, girl and friends do somet [...]

    20. Coffin HillTen years ago Eve Coffin was a messed up, spoiled rich, brat of a teenager descended from a line of witches known for practicing dark magic. One day she stumbles across a book of spells in her family's mansion and decides to try a spell with her three friends. Things go horribly wrong, and when she wakes up in the woods afterwards, one friend is missing and another has lost her mind. There is blood everywhere!Fast forward ten years and Eve's life is very different. She is a rookie cop [...]

    21. Thanks for the ARC copy NetGalley. Move over Sabrina & Hermione--- I felt as if I was reading a young Rachel Morgan (Kim Harrison’s Hollows series) who is putting back the association terms of: gothic, badass, macabre horror back in witches. The art is AMAZING---as it represents with its deep dark tones, everything the is creepy about a witch community and protagonist. Tone: The book is set in a series of modern day occurrences and flashbacks. I like how it is done in a chronological timel [...]

    22. This is the beginning of an exciting horror story told in a non-linear fashion. Past events are interspersed with the present day to draw parallels between the stories, and to offer clarification as to what exactly is going on.The reader is introduced to the story of Eve Coffin, a broken, hero cop that goes home to see that while some things change, many more stay the same. Sins of the past, some hers and some from much farther back in the family line can never really be left behind, and she set [...]

    23. A young woman, fresh off of the collar of a high profile serial killer, as a rookie cop, takes a bullet while trying to help her roommate. She finds herself out of job and goes back to her roots where she was a rebellious, scandalous, teen witch.We aren't talking Sabrina here, Eve is the descendant of the true Salem witch, who escaped before the patsies were executed. As a teen, she worked ritualistic magic from a family heirloom tome and unlocked a powerful evil in the woods that killed one fri [...]

    24. A dark and creepy tale of Eve a self destructive 15 year old, who messes around with dark magic not really understanding what she is capable of. Waking after a night of witchcraft she finds herself covered in blood and a friend short. Years later she is a cop in Boston who has just cracked a serial killer case, when she is gunned down. After she is released from hospital and heads home to get away from the press, only to discover that night years ago has started something that has been taking vi [...]

    25. While there is still the need for the characters to be fleshed out more, this story shows potential. I can't find the storytelling too confusing, the way it's stated in a number of reviews. It flew quite nicely (despite of the flashbacks) for me as I rushed through the book in no time at all. Are there cliches in the story? Well yes, but that didn't really bother me - this is, after all, a very traditional witch-bad things lurking in the wood-kind of story beneath the modern surface.The art took [...]

    26. I feel like I’m missing something or this story has holes. It’s not even necessarily that certain things didn’t make sense so much as the details were unnecessary (for now, no idea what direction the series is headed in.)I liked the concept of the “Old Money” Family that practices black magic and has a curse. I liked their old creepy house. I LOVED the horrific, graphic and completely insane art work.But there are two things that just didn’t work for me;1.)Other than Eve getting shot [...]

    27. Coffin Hill is an interesting comic and I believe it will get better as it continues. Firstly, I read the single issues and am reviewing them as the first volume to save time, and I have to say I was excited for the new issue to come out every month after issue #2. In the first issue it is not clear if the story would take place in the present or if it would be Eve recounting her high school memories. Luckily it is a comic for adults and as such takes place in present time with lots of flashback [...]

    28. The backstory comes to us slowly, building up on what happened on that night. As the plot travels to the present day, we see that more disappearances are happening in connection to that night. There is also a murder sub-plot happening, which will be focused on in the next compilation.The main character is interesting, and though it could be confusing as to what time period we are in, the style and progression of our main character makes it is easier to grasp. The relationships between Eve Coffin [...]

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