Ada Goot ja kummitushiir

Ada Goot ja kummitushiir Ada Goot elab Tontlikus Gooti Kojas koos oma isa paljude teenijate ning poole tosina kummitusega Kuid tal pole htegi s pra kellega koos uurida teda mbritsevaid suuri ja k hedusttekitavaid hooneid ni

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  • Title: Ada Goot ja kummitushiir
  • Author: Chris Riddell Kadri Kalm
  • ISBN: 9789949526963
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ada Goot elab Tontlikus Gooti Kojas koos oma isa, paljude teenijate ning poole tosina kummitusega Kuid tal pole htegi s pra, kellega koos uurida teda mbritsevaid suuri ja k hedusttekitavaid hooneid ning aedu Kuid kki hel l muutub k ik Ada kohtab kummitushiirt, kellel nimeks Ishmael Koos teevad nad plaane, kuidas lahendada Tontliku Gooti Koja kummalisi juhtumeid nAda Goot elab Tontlikus Gooti Kojas koos oma isa, paljude teenijate ning poole tosina kummitusega Kuid tal pole htegi s pra, kellega koos uurida teda mbritsevaid suuri ja k hedusttekitavaid hooneid ning aedu Kuid kki hel l muutub k ik Ada kohtab kummitushiirt, kellel nimeks Ishmael Koos teevad nad plaane, kuidas lahendada Tontliku Gooti Koja kummalisi juhtumeid ning saavad teada rohkem, kui iial loota oskavadSuurep raste mustvalgete joonistustega lip nev lasteraamat nii ettelugemiseks kui iselugemiseks Esimene osa triloogiast.

    One thought on “Ada Goot ja kummitushiir”

    1. Ada Goth lives in Ghastly-Gorm Hall with her father whom she barely sees or talks to, Lord Goth, along with lots of servants and several ghosts. Each day she trudges around Ghastly-Gorm Hall in ginormous boots because her father believes that children should be "heard and not seen". One night, Ada wakes up to the sound of a ghost mouse squeaking and they both set out to explore the mysterious goings onNot gonna lie, this was a cover-buy and I'm so glad of it. I first heard of Chris Riddell throu [...]

    2. an inspired masterpiecemeet Goth Girl, daughter of Lord Goth, who happens to be a lonely widower, mourning for his long dead lovely wife and can't stand to face his daughter - yeah, it reminds of the Secret Garden! Throughout the book you will find plenty of references from well known books plus a story well said by its own!Also, the edition is amazing (I read the one with the purple pages!!!)I will absolutely read the next book as well!

    3. Chris Riddell is one of my favourite illustrators, and Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse is the first book I've read that's both written and illustrated by him. It's gorgeous, with wonderful pictures, silver foil, shiny purple edges, and a tiny book hidden at the back. But the story inside is also stunning!Ada Goth lives in the beautifully elaborate Ghastly-Gorm Hall. She shares her home with almost absent father and famous cycling poet, Lord Goth. Ada is content, although she would love to hav [...]

    4. In case I haven't said it enough times, The Edge Chronicles is my favourite series ever. I love it way more than Harry Potter (yes I went there). I first read it about six years ago and again last year. I won't be surprised if I do it again one day. Chris Riddell's illustrations make the story even richer for me, so to read a book that he didn't just illustrate but also wrote is plain awesome.Illustrations from Clash of the Sky Galleons.I got this as a birthday present last year from a friend a [...]

    5. I love this book. This is a series I want to own. The Illustrations are wonderful with a gothic flair, everything is wild and frenetic. The characters are all quirky which is where I live. This could easily be a Tim Burton movie a la Beetlejuice or Nightmare before Christmas. How often is there a hobby horse race in a book. Ada wears some excellent cloths too, I wouldn't mind raiding her closet. This story is whimsical and a little creepy and I totally root for Ada. Plus, the house is pretty awe [...]

    6. Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse is one of the best children's books I've read this year. Possibly *the* best. Aside from its truly beautiful presentation, it's a fantastic gothic story with unusual characters, clever writing and amazing illustrations. The whole package really is a work of art.Ada Goth lives in Ghastly-Gorm Hall with her strange father, Lord Goth, numerous ghosts and an array of servants. One night the ghost of a mouse called Ishmael shows up, explaining that he'd been killed [...]

    7. Everything about this book is gorgeous. The metallic purple page edges; the perfectly gaudy, glittery shiny silver skull patterned end-papers; the "footnotes" written by a famous foot; the little mouse memoirs in a mini book tucked into the back; and of course Riddell's perfect illustrations throughout.To be honest, I'm not even sure if this had a plot. It doesn't even matter. It's more of an exquisite line-up of progressively odder and more wonderful characters, with a few threads tying it all [...]

    8. This book is absolutely amazing! I love Chris Riddell and the book as a whole is another masterpiece of his! Stunningly beautiful, super cute and an amazing children's story, I highly recommend and you give this a read.

    9. Actual rating is 3.5 starsWhilst this is not the best children's book I have ever read, it was entertaining and a quick and easy read. There was also a lot of fun to be had in spotting the numerous references to other works of literature and popular culture which are dotted throughout the text. It's also a really aesthetically pleasing book complete with foil end papers, shiny purple-edged pages, some great illustrations and a separate memoir at the end written by the titular ghost mouse.

    10. Aargh! Mä niin odotin tätä ja ensilukemalla hienoinen pettymys. Olisin toivonut helppolukuista fantasiaa, sellaista kivaa ja kaunista sisäänheittokirjaa. Sitä tämä ei ollut. No, kirjassa oli kyllä ihan poikkeuksellisen kauniit kannet ja runsas ja yksityiskohtainen kuvitus. Tarina taas ei ollut ollenkaan helpoimmasta päästä. Yksinäinen lapsi, suuri kartano, paljon outoja olentoja, omituisia ihmisiä ja loputtomasti outoja sanoja ja vaikeita nimiä. Kotiopettaja nimeltä Jane Korva, j [...]

    11. This was just such a beautiful read! The illustrations, as all Ridell's drawings are, are magnificent. The book itself was so beautifully put together; the shiny purple pages, the decorative skull printed pages, and especially the pocket of a mini-sized book in the end! The story was so engaging and adorable. I loved the characters, and the general atmosphere. What struck me most was perhaps the prose, which I really liked, because to me, it was vaguely reminiscent of Lemony Snicket's style of w [...]

    12. Joskus kirjoja on hankala tähdittää, sillä se voi olla oman genrensä hyvä edustaja, mutta verratuna kaikkeen lukemaani kirjallisuuteen se ei välttämättä ole kovin kummoinen tapaus. Ada Gootti ja hiiren haamu on tällainen kirja. Annoinkin tähtiä sen mukaan, kuinka paljon pidin tästä lastenkirjana ja kuvakirjana. Kirjan maailma on suloisen vinkahtanut mutta silti herttainen ja lapsenmielinen. Vaikka kirjassa onkin synkkyyttä, voisin silti kuvitella tämän melko nuoren lapsen luett [...]

    13. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant and one of the most beautiful and well-done editions I've read in a long while. I seldom read children's literature but, when I do, I like to read the sort that do not consider young readers stupid. "Goth Girl" is definitely among those and I adored every wonderful, funny page of it and every candy-goth illustration.

    14. If I could I would give it more than 5 stars. I am so in love with Chris' artwork and his writing style! Ada is an amazing independent strong female character! Love it!

    15. Neljä tähteä upeasta ulkonäöstä eli onpas mahtava kuvitus! Juonellinen anti lähempänä kolmea tähteä.

    16. Ada Goth lives in Ghastly-Gorm Hall with her father, servants and a few ghosts. Ada’s father likes to keep himself to himself even when it comes to his daughter, he makes her wear clumpy shoes so he can hear her coming. Ada is very much alone in this huge mansion style house until one evening she meets a ghost in the form of a Mouse called Ishmael. Ishmael informs Ada that he was killed by a Mouse trap and that he is to roam the hall for all eternity. Together they go and investigate the rooms [...]

    17. 3.5/5 Åh, det här är en så söt och väldigt snabbläst bok fylld med udda karaktärer och fina illustrationer. Omslagen till böckerna är så otroligt fina de med! Det ska tydligen finnas en en memoar skriven av musen Ishmael i originalboken, så tycker det är lite synd att den inte fanns med i den svenska översättningen :/ Ser fram emot att få läsa mer om Ada Goth, när kommer nästa bok på svenska? :D

    18. Puolet kirjallisuusviitteistä menivät tältä kirjallisuudenopiskelijalta iloisesti ohi, mutta nautinnollinen oli tämä kokemus silti! Epäilen, että kymmenenvuotias kohdeyleisö ei tajua niitä sitäkään vähää, mutta pientä jännitystä ja hauskoja hahmoja ja onnellinen loppu, vinkkaan lapsille varmasti!

    19. Nemůžu jinak než za plný počet hvězd. Skvělé knižní zpracování (které Knižní klub zanechal stejné jako u originálu, což je velmi příjemné zjištění), velmi příjemně roztomilý příběh a přenádherné Riddellovi ilustrace, jež mají své nepopiratelné kouzlo. Krása od začátku až do konce knihy.

    20. Ļoti jaukas ilustrācijas, tās aplūkojot jau vien priecājos ka mazs bērns! Pats stāsts arī ļoti asprātīgs un interesants. Šī ir viena no grāmatām,kuru pēc izlasīšanas vēlos iegādāties arī savai bibliotēkai.

    21. I love all the literary allusions. Another smart and fun tale by Chris Riddell. I can't wait to read more.

    22. Skvelý preklad! A Úžasné ilustrácie. Dcérka sa kniha veľmi páčila a ja sa musím priznať, že mne ešte viac. :)

    23. The stunning appearance of this book drew me to it. Beautiful and cleverly drawn illustrations. For anyone young and older who's interested in gothic literature, this is for you!

    24. This is a cute entertaining children’s book with enough jokes and wordplay to keep adults entertained, the illustrations are fun.

    25. A fantastic little book with many references , puns and allusions to many things that the adults will love. Beautifully illustrated.Enjoyed this enough to go straight for the next one.

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