Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble

Nikki Blue Source of Trouble A young female journalist is wooed by an organization obsessed with the looming effects of global warming and the race to colonize Mars

  • Title: Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble
  • Author: Jack Chaucer
  • ISBN: 9781515128953
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • A young female journalist is wooed by an organization obsessed with the looming effects of global warming and the race to colonize Mars.

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    1. Engilsh review at bottom!!!***.2.75"Wish I knew what you wew looking forMight have known what you would find"Lo que esperaba era raro, y lo que obtuve fue aún más raro.Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble, para ser súper honesta, llenó mis expectativas hasta cierto punto.Me deja un sentimiento raro porqué la verdad, que la verdad, no sé qué estaba esperando de esto. Jack fue muy amable en enviarme su trilogía completa y ahora vengo yo a darle una calificación de dos estrellas después de que e [...]

    2. In this second installment in Jack Chaucer's Nikki series, our titular protagonist is in her senior year of college, where she is pursuing a degree in journalism. She intends on spending the summer as an intern at a mid-level newspaper, but those plans change during her first assignment. Nikki is offered employment in a mysterious corporation known as The Bridge Group, and things in her life begin to change, and not really for the better. This book differs from its predecessor in terms of narrat [...]

    3. Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble ReviewBook Rating: 4 stars out of 5Story Line: 4 stars out of 5. It's been four years since Nikki graduated from high school. She started as an intern for a newspaper. She goes to a groundbreaking for The Bridge. A company that is trying to launch people into Mars. They would like to colonize Mars by the year 2029. The Bridge offers Nikki a PR job. They force her to confront her biggest fear. Talking to Thomas "Lee" Harvey. She had nightmares about him. Once she con [...]

    4. This review may contain some spoilers, but not more than the descriptions on the back of this book and the first in the series. First book in series: girl has premonition there's going to be a school shooting and works to prevent it.Second book in series: No premonitions, but there is a suspicious agency wanting to send people to Mars. They have questionable morals. *shrugs* Okay, yeah, I don't exactly know how these fit together other than having some of the same characters??? In the first book [...]

    5. I liked it lesser than the first book, overall. It suffered from typical middle book problems. Not a lot happened through most of it and it dwelt too much on routine life. The many narrators confused me as well - I wish the author had stuck with Adam and Nikki throughout the book. However, Nikki became more flawed and began to lose her naive attitude, which was good to see. The ending was the best part undoubtedly and I'm glad I have the next one on hand already.

    6. Yet another great book by Jack :) This book is about action, love, loss, mystery, suspense and so much more. Nikki is a gal that has been through so much before the age of 21 that I'm not sure many of us could handle, although there are so many that have. I don't wanna spill too much considering this is a series. Just know that Nikki is a strong and sassy lead character and is followed by a few great men including her dad. I only gave this book 4 stars because The Bridge kind of lost me with all [...]

    7. The sequel answers some of the questions left from "Streaks of Blue" while setting off on a whole new, unpredictable, entertaining and thought-provoking arc. At 87K-plus words, it's considerably longer than the first book (54K) and goes much deeper with its characters. Part 1 features only Nikki's POV in first person. Part 2 introduces four male POV characters, all in first person: Adam Upton, her damaged friend from the first book; William Osborne, a divorced author and dueling pianist from Mia [...]

    8. Well, I can say that this book is definitely better than the first one. But I'm not sure these books should be in the same series. This one is like a whole new story. It's been four years since Nikki graduated high school. She was offered a job by a mysterious company called The Bridge. If you ask me, I think this company's kinda creepy, it freaked me out. Nikki definitely didn't think so, she didn't thought it through before accepting. Well, I couldn't blame her, 25,000 dollars is a lot. (Ju [...]

    9. Whoa, there is so much crazy in this! I don't know what happened to Nikki from book one but now sue is all over then placed I like it. Crazy new "church" groups, new guys in her life, and then a twist that I didn't expect. Hello Thomas and welcome back. Yeah, if you like crazy well read this one! Wild ride.

    10. oh wow.======First of all I'm glad to have the opportunity to review another Jack Chaucer's book. I reviewed the first book entitled Streaks of Blue way back October 16, 2013 (review link is provided). I enjoyed that first book and this second one didn't fail me. I do like how the author writes because he isn't just creating a book but his works has a connection to the real world or the things that is happening around. This book focuses on Nikki's new life as an adult, the struggles, change of e [...]

    11. This book picks up four years after the failed school shooting at Nikki's high school now Nikki is a intern at a local newspaper hoping to become a journalist when she is sent to write a story about a church being built. Early on Nikki learns that it's not a church being built but rather a bridge that looks like the Star Ship Enterprise. After Nikki leaves with more questions than answers she gets a phone call one of the members Virgil who tells her information to help boost Nikki's career then [...]

    12. thoughtsofadreamer-sammysAfter reading Streaks of Blue I fell in love with Jack Chaucer's writing and having just read its sequel, I can confirm my love for his work is still going strong. This was an amazing sequel to Streaks of Blue. As with most series, I prefer the first book. I've found it rare that I and so many others like the second or third or other book in the series aside for the first. The first is the book that hooks us onto the series so it's hard for the writer to top that book. T [...]

    13. I received an e-copy of Nikki Blue from NetGalley for a read to review. I give Nikki Blue a solid 3.5/5.I normally do not start a series in the middle, but the premise of a young journalist confronting a race to Mars among cultists had me intrigued. I figured I could fill in the missing pieces of the previous book. However, I didn't need to because Jack Chaucer does a wonderful job of leaving bread crumbs about Nikki's past throughout the first portion of the book. There's enough information to [...]

    14. Nikki Blue:Source of Troube by Jack Chaucer4.5 StarsWow. That is all I have to say. As many of you know I absolutely loved and I mean loved the first book, Streaks of Blue and could not wait to see what the author had coming out next and I was not disappointed. I will say first and foremost that when I started reading this book and I saw it mention Scientology, I thought "hmmmmt sure if I will like this" and was apprehensive. However, I am so glad I stuck it out and continued to read.This book s [...]

    15. Wow, this novel is on a completely different path from the first in the series, but luckliy it works. Our protagonist "Nikki" has grown so much through this novel and we get to grow with her, as does the plot. The plot is very 'now', it targets some interesting topics that society today is faced with and in my opinion, shows them for exactly what they are! I love the direction this novel has taken, it is engaging and keeps the reader on their toes!The writing, as always is incredible, it draws y [...]

    16. Nikki has her ups and downs but she has a good head on her shoulders. Nikki takes a step out of her former shoes of the small town heroine and into the real world where you fall in love and do what is necessary in work. She again is faced with a shady group called the bridge. This book brings up issues that will happen or has already started. Lets take a moment and think about Nikki she was a good character that has been fleshed out more than one could expect also making others with almost suffe [...]

    17. I received this book from Netgalley, and while I absolutely loved the first one, this one did not work for me for various reasons. One, I found myself disbelieving many of the actions that the main character was taking. She was a completely different person, and while I believe the things she went through could change someone, this change was way to drastic. I could not get into the "cult idea" at all. I wished I could like this one, and I will give it another chance perhaps someday. However the [...]

    18. This book was a great read. I was overwhelmed with the emotions of the characters. I felt I was a character myself and that I was there experiencing it all. I found it to be enthralling and a very unpredictable sequel. I commend Chaucer and hope to read more by him soon.

    19. Thank you, Jack Chaucer, for providing me this book so that I could read and review it!Wow. This book was so, so different from Streaks of Blue (#1), which told the story of Nicole Janicek as she befriended an outcast boy to try to stop him from committing a mass shooting at her high school. In that story, Nikki is a poised, self-confident, meritorious young woman who does the right thing because she knows it is right. In Nikki Blue, three years later, she is no longer that girl. She's confused, [...]

    20. ****I was given an advanced copy of this book in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own.****This book hooked me in right away but the end made it fall flat for me. I understand that it is part of a series, but it didn't give me any closure at all. So frustrating. I didn't realize when starting the book that it was the second one, but that didn't seem to hurt the story. It was really easy for me to connect with the main character, Nikki. She made me care about what happened to her. [...]

    21. I was given an electronic copy of Nikki Blue: Source of Trouble by NetGalley, in order to provide an honest review. The sequel to Streaks of Blue, this is the story of Nikki Janicek as she navigates her life years after being shot by classmate Thomas Lee Harvey. Interning at a local paper for the summer, Nikki is given the opportunity of a lifetime to work for a secretive and lucrative group called The Bridge. Out of her element, Nikki soon realizes that her new career move may be more than she [...]

    22. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsARC The second book in the Nikki series begins when Nikki and her boyfriend are now living together for the summer, and Nikki has just been hired as an intern for a newspaper. Nikki isn't sure things with Derek will work out, and she's unsure what is in store for her, but when she has to interview a new "church" her world gets turned upside down. Nikki turns to the Bridge for help when they offer her a new job, and she's thinking of taking it, but someti [...]

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