Enthralled He is bound by honor Eirik is eager to plunder the treasures of the fabled lands to the west in order to secure the future of his village The one thing he swears never to do is claim possession over a

  • Title: Enthralled
  • Author: Emma Prince
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He is bound by honor Eirik is eager to plunder the treasures of the fabled lands to the west in order to secure the future of his village The one thing he swears never to do is claim possession over another human being But when he journeys across the North Sea to raid the holy houses of Northumbria, he encounters a dark haired beauty, Laurel, who stirs him like no otherHe is bound by honor Eirik is eager to plunder the treasures of the fabled lands to the west in order to secure the future of his village The one thing he swears never to do is claim possession over another human being But when he journeys across the North Sea to raid the holy houses of Northumbria, he encounters a dark haired beauty, Laurel, who stirs him like no other When his cruel cousin tries to take Laurel for himself, Eirik breaks his oath in an attempt to protect her He claims her as his thrall But can he claim her heart, or will Laurel fall prey to the devious schemes of his enemies She has the heart of a warrior Life as an orphan at Whitby Abbey hasn t been easy, but Laurel refuses to be bested by the backbreaking work and lecherous advances she must endure When Viking raiders storm the abbey and take her captive, her strength may finally fail her especially when she must face her fear of water at every turn But under Eirik s gentle protection, she discovers a deeper bravery within herself and a yearning for her golden haired captor that she shouldn t harbor Torn between securing her freedom or giving herself to her Viking master, will fate decide for her and rip them apart forever

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    1. #1 in the new series, "Viking Lore", and what a beginning! Fast paced and adventure filled. "Enthralled", is a historical romance reader's delight. It has everything a romance reader could possibly want, in a powerful, engaging story.It shows the challenges,culture, the struggles, honor and romance of the Viking warriors. The sensual tension pops off the page, between the H/H, as well as the danger involved in a woman captured and claimed as a thrall of a Viking. As trouble brews love blossoms, [...]

    2. Best in the SeriesVery good. I do prefer Prince’s Highlander books a little better, that genre just appeals more to me. This book appeared accurate and interesting. I don’t know as much about this time period and the Vikings as I do about medieval Scotland, so Prince can get away with more inaccuracies and I wouldn’t notice. I liked Eirik and Laurel a lot. I thought their relationship had an interesting progression and I was excited to read on to find out how it would all work out. I thoug [...]

    3. Emma Prince is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors and Enthralled is a perfect example as to why. First off, let's talk about the pun in that title. Emma! Girl! That's good. EnTHRALLed. A hearty LOL to that. Not that that's out of the way, let me say, this book is good. It delivers. Like most good romance novels, it has a total nice guy as the lead character--Eirik is exactly what you want in a male lead. He's huge (seriously, every male lead is the size of a boulder); he's handsome; he' [...]

    4. Read itI have always enjoyed Emma Prince's books. I have read most or all of her Highlander Romance books. I occasionally read viking stories, but not often. I am glad I decided to read this book. I will definitely be reading this series. The characters were well written and I would love to pluck Eirik right of the page. Looking forward to book two. Thank you Emma for a great story and having your books available on Kindle unlimited.

    5. Good Viking romanceWhen Viking raiders attack Whitby Abbey, the abused orphan named Laurel is claimed as a thrall by the cruel Grimar. After torturing and abusing Laurel on the return trip, Grimar tosses her into the ocean.Eirik jumps in and rescues her and declares that Laurel now belongs to him. This is the cause of much strife when they return to their village.14

    6. Wonderful story!Enthralled is an enthralling tale, full of rich details, depth of characters, and thrilling adventure, not to forget steamy romance! As a fan of Emma's Highland stories, I'm loving the Viking lore, as well!

    7. I really enjoyed this book. I loved the story of Eirik and Laurel and how Eirik fought to protect her from his Viking village and their rules. It was a true love story.

    8. This is the first book in Emma Prince's acclaimed Viking Lore series which is absolutely fantastic! If you are fan of Vikings and its history or even the history or even the history channel television series Vikings then this is a must read. This is a a fictional romance but has a lot of accurate background and history of the Viking culture in history. It's a fast moving, action filled with character that come to life on the pages. 806 A.DNorth SeaEirik son of Arud the Steady and Captain of the [...]

    9. This is the first book I've read by Emma Prince and I couldn't believe the Beautiful detail she brings to life , it was so realistic. I thought I was actually living amongst the Vikings . usually when I'm reading a Historical that has , so much detail the romance between the two main characters is lost , but not here . I am looking forward to reading the rest of the Viking Lore series .

    10. Unusual Gentleman Viking takes an English ThrallSet in 806AD, this is the story of Eirik, son of a jarl from Dalgaard who leads a raid on England looking for plunder from rich monasteries. At Whitby Abbey in Northumbria, he and his band of Vikings discover riches for the taking at the double monastery of Celtic monks and nuns but he also discovers a servant girl named Laurel.Eirik’s cousin, Grimar, the cruel son of Jarl Gunvald, Eirik’s uncle, decides to take Laurel for himself but he treats [...]

    11. I really liked this book. The writer was able to keep my interest in explaining all the characters to a new series. The only thing was the bedroom scenes were a little overdone. It seemed they went on for pages and pages. I get that it's a romance but I just got tired of reading it. Eirik was a good guy and it was interesting how he always did the right thing. Laurel didn't realize what a strong woman she was and the author did a good job of making her come to realize it in her new life. I'll be [...]

    12. I truly enjoyed this story. I liked the hero and heroine. I found them both refreshing and they both never bothered me. Laurel is a women who was raised in a bad environment. She has a roof over her head and food, but that's it. The Vikings are they to see the land and get riches, but take no blood. Eirik's cousin takes our heroine as his slave. I couldn't stand his weasel cousin throughout the book. This is where there story begins. It was a fun, sometimes hot adventure of a read. I enjoyed it! [...]

    13. Wow, wow, wow! Loved Eirik and Laurel! This story was captivating. There was never a dull moment. This poor girl who was an orphan was being mentally and physically abused at the monestary where she lived, until a Viking Raid was the start to changes in her life.Eirik was the Captain of this raid. He had heard that these monasteries held grand wealth. He gave it instructions not to kill but only to plunder. His errant cousin could not obey the order. He had to take a woman for his thrall. Here e [...]

    14. Wow, another winner by Emma Prince! This book really transported me to the time of the Vikings. I loved learning about this new-to-me time period with hints at larger political and historical events and all the little touches the author included. I loved both the hero and the heroine and enjoyed watching their love unfold. They both had to evolve over the course of the book, which happened naturally and gracefully. I also loved all the twists and turns--lots of action and adventure in this book! [...]

    15. Great storyReally interesting story. I enjoyed this one, and actually learned some interesting historical facts. Vikings rule! Another great job by Ms Price.

    16. A Viking captor/captive romanceEmma Prince pens another spicy love story set in history long past with honorable heroes and women stretching to reach their potential. I very much enjoyed reading this Viking themed story after reading lots of Scottish and Regency as well as old west and contemporary romance. A new setting for me.

    17. Erik and Laurel truly don't have an easy romance. Laurel starts out as a thrawl for another. Erik always despised the uses of thrawls but finds himself attracted to Laurel and is immediately ashamed because of it. Together they fight their attraction and have to overcome huge obstacles. I can't wait to read Prince's future Viking books they will surely become a favorite of mine.

    18. Viking LoreThis was great story! Not just a love story but was interesting with true history concerning Vikings and their laws, family and honor to the village. Can't wait for the next book!!

    19. Good historical romanceWell written. Great plot. Learned quite a bit about the culture and lives of the Vikings. The story kept me reading with all the politics and traditions explained. Would definitely recommend this book.

    20. Hot mess. I really tried to at least finish this but alas, I could not. The author really did try and put actual lore in the book but then ruined it by adding more behaviors and things that are not appropriate. Also, if you like stupid characters doing stupid things, this is the book for you.

    21. Great Viking romanceThis is the first Viking romance I've read in a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Eirik and Laurel were a good match. He was patient and kind while she was understanding and willing to grasp her new life with both hands. Fun read!

    22. I loved it and could hardly put it down! I have yet to be disappointed in any book by Emma Prince and always look forward to her next one!

    23. Reading the short stories of how these characters all came together made this story more enjoyable. They all blend seamlessly.

    24. I really enjoyed the book. I like the mix of cultures. The problems and issues. The romance. The supporting characters. I'll definitely be continuing the series.

    25. Great readI enjoyed this story of how being a slave doesn't mean you cant be loved or love someone. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

    26. I really enjoyed this book. I do like Emma Prince's writing and I do love the history lesson. I find Vikings fascinating. I look forward to more in this series.

    27. Good, easy read!Liked the characters and the history intertwined into the story. It was a good frivolous read and as always some steamy romance!

    28. Viking heatGood story line. It had fair action and violence for the times that it was set in with becoming hung up in it. But it's necessary for the settings.

    29. A life as thrallAll I can say, great job Emma, great start for a new series. Shock of all the history in Viking lifestyle. Thanks Emma for a great begging.

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