Between the Tides: Ebbs of poetry from a stream of thought

Between the Tides Ebbs of poetry from a stream of thought This collection from J D Estrada is his second published book and his first volume of poetry to show that inspiration can come from life loss illness love a block of cheese or whatever

  • Title: Between the Tides: Ebbs of poetry from a stream of thought
  • Author: J.D. Estrada
  • ISBN: 9781499524598
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • This collection from J.D Estrada is his second published book and his first volume of poetry to show that inspiration can come from life, loss, illness, love, a block of cheese or whatever.

    One thought on “Between the Tides: Ebbs of poetry from a stream of thought”

    1. With poets, love is eternal. They possess a sense of all senses. There’s a hurtful clarity, souls become nurtured, and memories become sharpened. A poet’s heart whispers to them. J.D. Estrada’s collection inside Between the Tides does all of that.His poems throughout sing a certain song, a song that we all perhaps have endured in some way. A music that is blissful and filled with many challenging thoughts and reminders.J.D. is a powerful and evocative writer and definitely worth a read!

    2. I have a confession to make: I’m not the most ardent fan of poetry. The ones I love, I love a lot: The Ambush by Brian Patten, Delayed Reactions by Sheenagh Pugh, anything by John Hegley. But as for the rest, if I had to pick my poison, it’s prose over poetry any day.But now I happily have another exception to the rule, thanks to this sublime poetry collection by JD Estrada. The emotion of JD’s poetry hits you like waves - one moment you’re chilled and relaxed, the next you’re tense an [...]

    3. The first thing that catches your eye in any book is title and cover- here we have a simple yet charming cover sending vibes of summer Zen, and a title that proves to mean much more than it might seem, as through reading this book you travel not only between the tides of actual sea, but also the tides of our lives, emotions and feelings. This book makes you think and inspires you directly and subtly, showing a glimpse of the world author sees. It even inspired me to write a few poems as well, di [...]

    4. This is the second collection of poetry I've read by J.D. As before, this left me pondering life and inspired me to pick up the pen myself and write. The writing style flows along a rhythm. The words seem to fall off the tip of my tongue, making me flow along the tides coming to shore (see what I did there?). This collection to me is mainly about struggles we face daily. There's the struggle of freedom, of overcoming, of putting words on paper, of not being able to sleep. As stated in "The Sea" [...]

    5. ReviewPoetry can be intricateLike an allegory or a haiku.It can be informal,Like a free verse about something you knew.JD is a masterOf painting a picture with words.His skill is a giftHe gives to the world.Between the Tides,Lists but a fewOf the wonderful worksWe are all lucky to view.Thank you, dear friend,For sharing your soulThrough poetry and storiesUniting us all.

    6. Have you ever read a book of poems that made you think better about people? This book will soothe the soul and restore your faith in humans.

    7. The rythm, the feels and the flow of these poems is beautiful. A lot of the things are also very recognizable feels.Love it ❤

    8. Estrada's poetry collections are always a joy to read. Clever word play is written with rhythm that easily changes from steady and slow to a frantic pace. It is hard to pick just one phrase that stands out, as there are so many Aha! moments. I'll be reading his other works.

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