Chalk Lines and Lipstick

Chalk Lines and Lipstick Maren Colepepper thought she had it all a career at a fashion magazine a successful boyfriend and a glamorous New York lifestyle She thought wrong When her glamorous life suddenly goes belly up Mar

  • Title: Chalk Lines and Lipstick
  • Author: Ophelia London
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • Maren Colepepper thought she had it all a career at a fashion magazine, a successful boyfriend, and a glamorous New York lifestyle She thought wrong When her glamorous life suddenly goes belly up, Maren finds herself forced to take the only job she can find at a small town newspaper in the tiny northern California hometown she fled ten years ago While Maren expected heMaren Colepepper thought she had it all a career at a fashion magazine, a successful boyfriend, and a glamorous New York lifestyle She thought wrong When her glamorous life suddenly goes belly up, Maren finds herself forced to take the only job she can find at a small town newspaper in the tiny northern California hometown she fled ten years ago While Maren expected her new job in no wheres ville to kill her with boredom, She never expected to be front row to a shooting on her very first day Worse yet, Maren is knocked unconscious at the scene, and when she comes to, the body has gone missing and she s been scooped by another reporter Talk about a bad first impression Now Maren is hot on the trail of the story of a lifetime, involving a shady lumber mill and the foresting of old growth redwoods a ginormous crime in her neck of the woods Between her suddenly flirty new editor, her supremely hot new neighbor, and a lovably meddling family, Maren find small town life anything but boring But if she can t find the shooter before he strikes again, it may even become deadly

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    1. I begged on FB for a cozy mystery suggestion and this was suggested to me. I’m really glad it was recommended as I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’ve never read a cozy mystery there are a few basics that you need to know.The ‘detective’ is almost always a female, she is usually educated (although her degree may have nothing to do with her profession), and her significant other, best friend or someone close to her is usually in law enforcement (so that she can get information that the avera [...]

    2. OMG Loved!! Full Review:I totally LOVED this bookOphelia London ceases to amaze me in her writing and Chalk Lines and Lipstick was just superb.Completely drawn in to Maren and her situation, you follow her along as she is investigating a story that everyone else deems as dead.But, her "spidey sense" gives to too much going on and this leads for a phenomenal read.Laced with humor and definitely some steamy romantic scenes, I couldn't put this book down.I was on the edge of my seat eager to see th [...]

    3. Ms. London has done it again! Loved, loved, loved this book! It had me theorizing for the first half of the book, thinking who the bad guy is! I don't want to go into detail to not spoil it for anyone, but I loved the storyline. I did miss Piper in the end though, but no biggie ☺️

    4. This is my favorite read so far by Ophelia London. It's such a page turner and so witty. I heart Patrick!!!!

    5. It's hard to believe this is the first cozy written by Ophelia London as she already seems like an old pro at the mystery game! There were so many things I enjoyed about Chalk Lines and Lipstick, starting with how the story opened in medias res with heroine Maren Colepepper (Great name!) arriving back in her NorCal hometown with her tail between her legs after losing her job, her boyfriend, and her bestie. I appreciated that the author doled out tidbits about what happened in NYC throughout the [...]

    6. Maren Colepepper had high hopes for her life in NYC but after being fired, dumped and evicted she was forced to take a job at a small newspaper in her hometown of Eureka, CA. Her first assignment was a fluff piece to cover one of the frequent protests at a local lumber company. Things got serious quickly when shots were fired and Maren was knocked to the round by a body that disappeared. Maren is determined to dug deeper even though she has been warned to say clear of the area. Things heat up wi [...]

    7. I loved this book! It was a sexy and fun mystery. Maren is a investigative (hopefully) reporter that has gotten kicked by life and returns home humiliated and in pain. Her one chance at a job is almost over before it begins. Fortunately, though, she perseveres - even though imaginary people are following her.If you are looking for a great read, you have found it. I'm already looking forward to the next book in the series.

    8. I have a new favorite Ophelia London novel! I stayed up until two a.m. because I couldn't stop reading it (oops!). They say that authors should write about what they know, and after reading this book I can picture Maren and her family and Eureka, California perfectly. The book reads smoothly and the chemistry between Maren and Patrick is real. Ms. London never never fails to write a great kissing scene (or a dozen). If you like Ophelia London, you will LOVE this book!

    9. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This was my first book by Ophelia London and I'm looking forward to reading more from her and especially more from the Maren Colepepper series. This was a great mystery that had me guessing until the end. It was also very funny. I loved all the characters and the witty dialogue. Highly recommended.

    10. I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite series. I couldn't put down until I was finished. Maren wants to be an investigative reporter and will stop at nothing to become one. And Patrickm, just yum! I can see lots of adventures in their future and I'm going to be there to read all about them!

    11. Just finished reading this Cozy Mystery and loved it. Looking forward to a sequel to find out how the character lives continue. Thanks

    12. This is the start to a very cute series. It’s a cozy mystery. It is also very hilarious. I had so many highlights that it was more highlighted then not when it was all done!Being a cozy mystery, I should have realized the name of Maren Colepepper was definitely an investigative reporter’s name! I didn’t get it until after it was read! Silly me! Maren’s life had been turned upside down when she was dumped by her boyfriend (on a piece of Chinese food cartons no less), her best friend dumpe [...]

    13. Favorite Quotes:“‘I won’t allow any white, unrefined sugar in my house,’ Katie continued. ‘My children won’t touch it, which is wonderful because it absolutely dulls the hair, ruins the complexions, not to mention what it does to the shape of your body.’ She broke off, and seemed to be studying my face and hair. Evidently, my appearance was evidence of the evils of sugar.” “It wasn’t a face-to-face breakup. While I was at work getting the ax, he emptied his one dresser drawer [...]

    14. I'm a new fan of this author. Wasn't sure what to expect when I read it was a "cozy" mystery. But cozy turns out to be a great description for this book. The lead character Maren Colpepper is instantly likeable. Having just lost her boyfriend, best friend and her job in New York Maren is on her way back to her home-town to live with her parents and younger sister. One of my favorite things about Maren is that despite how serious she is about investigative reporting she's a little bit of a goof. [...]

    15. Another too-stupid-to-live heroineI love cozy mysteries - especially funny ones. This looked like it would be good but I was disappointed. I've gotten sick to death of TSTL heroines popping up more often in coz I especially. I don't find them funny but I am starting to find them offensive. Why can't a woman figure out who committed the crime without putting herself in reckless danger? Why do these heroines have to act so stupidly and with so little care for their personal safety? It's just not r [...]

    16. 3,5 stars, but could be 4. I liked the story, but it was nothing really special. I am not sure what to think about Maren. She wants to be a journalist and has lived in New York for 10 years? She came across as a rookie, overeager and without regards to her own safety. A reporter should also be able to handle interviews, but she cannot even handle her own frenemy from high school? I also found it odd that she lived next door to Patrick and his parents for 12 years but hardly remembers anything?! [...]

    17. Had a lot of fun with this one this morning. The Mystery + Romance genre is a pleasure of mine and one I would choose to write in if I could a pull together a decent mystery.If there was a gripe to be had, though, the climax was a little clumsy. Even though I know what characterization the author was going for -- and it wasn't necessarily bad -- I guess I read too much Nancy Drew growing up and wished Maren had looked a little less stupid. On the bright side, though, I loved that Maren and Piper [...]

    18. The description sounded compelling for a first story in a series. I expect first in a series to be good enough to make me want to keep reading the series - didn't happen. Description includes a comment from Gemma Halliday who is usually spot on: "Maren Colepepper is the Stephanie Plum of small-town Northern California." I like Stephanie Plum and I enjoy short light mysteries. The description also states that Ophelia London is a best-selling author, so even though I hadn't heard of her before it [...]

    19. It was a cute mystery. One thing that bothered me was *spoiler* he said he's loved her since he was 14 - but they barely spoke two words to each other, so how could he be in love? But overall, it was a fun read. There's some unresolved strings that seem to hint to another book and I am looking forward to its release.

    20. Thoroughly EnjoyableMaren is a very up to date heroine, sassy, bright, and always a quip at the ready. She and the boy next store make a most interesting couple. Fast moving plot and a close relationship with her amazing sister combine to make this a book you will enjoy reading.

    21. Fantastic!!!Picked up this book on a recommendation from a friend without knowing anything about it. I was blown away! It had romance & intrigue, spun with small town charm. Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down, reading it cover to cover in one night! Looking forward to a sequel!

    22. I'll admit I've never read this author's work before, but it was very good. I enjoyed the story line, and I really wanted to know about all the characters in Mare's life. Although, I thought I knew what was coming towards the end of the book, she did surprise me and it was refreshing!Great job Ophelia London, can not wait to read more about Mare.

    23. Good BookThis is a mystery and love story, wrapped together. I was drawn in completely at the beginning and then didn't put the book down very much for the rest of the day. There was sexual tension and lots of kissing, but no graphic sex description (thank you, Ms. London).

    24. Love! So one thing that I don't know if we learned, and if we did then I didn't catch it, is the man in the black hoodie was not revealed. Other then that, it was so much fun between the banter between characters and the obstacles and the exchange of dialogues. I want the next book NOW, please.

    25. A cute and easy to read cozy mystery. Maren Culpepper is the journalist/ protagonist of this light mystery. You know where it's headed but it's an enjoyable read. Perfect for a winter afternoon.

    26. A lightweight book about a young woman who loses her job in NYC and has to move back home to two boyfriends and a new job. A lot of predictability, some danger and a happy ending.

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