This Is NOT a Cat!

This Is NOT a Cat Welcome to Sunny Hills Mice School where the first lesson is recognizing DANGER And that means CAT So Miss Mouse shows her students pictures of things that are and are not a kitty But the kids are a

  • Title: This Is NOT a Cat!
  • Author: David LaRochelle Mike Wohnoutka
  • ISBN: 9781454915744
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Welcome to Sunny Hills Mice School where the first lesson is recognizing DANGER And that means CAT So Miss Mouse shows her students pictures of things that are, and are not, a kitty But the kids are a bit restless until something enters the classroom that makes them all sCATter But, is their unwelcome guest really a cat

    One thought on “This Is NOT a Cat!”

    1. Short with pretty repetitive and sparse text which would likely make it better with toddlers than preschoolers. The kids liked the illustrations (especially how the "cat" crept up into the frame, picture by picture) and it gave me a lot of opportunities to ask text/picture related questions.

    2. Things are not always what they seem in This is not a Cat. I think anyone will love this, especially fans of the author and illustrator's first book together, Moo!.

    3. As a mouse teacher instructs her mice student on what a cat looks like, a cat enters the classroom. Frightened, teacher and students all scream “A Cat!” and run. As they leave the building, the reader sees the ‘cat’ is only a costume. Inside the costume is a rat. Smugly the rat leaves the building to come face to face with a real cat! Using minimal words and color-filled pages of action, readers can enjoy the humor of all the twists and turns in the story.If you like humor, you may enjoy [...]

    4. If I laugh out loud, you are getting 5 stars, David LaRochelle! So, the teacher is teaching and the children are in several stages of attention typical of most classrooms, especially where teachers talk and students listen as opposed to interacting with tools and each other to learn. Along comes a cat and it takes the teacher a minute to be startled and to run with the children. I am sure my listeners at story time will relish in acting this story out, especially as it unfolds with a bit of a su [...]

    5. In mouse school one of the most important things to learn is how to identify a cat. The teacher is making her best effort to show a picture of a dangerous cat, but she doesn’t seem to be getting through to her students. They are busy not paying attention. The teacher shares pictures of bunnies, butterflies and even an ice cream cone in an effort to show what is not a cat. Meanwhile, lurking in the window is a real cat. And he looks like he is on a mouse mission. The teacher becomes very excite [...]

    6. At mouse school, the students' first lesson is to recognize danger. And that would mean cat-danger. Different pictures are shown to the students. Each pointing out what a cat is not. The lesson is interrupted by what appears to be a real cat sneaking into the classroom. But there are a couple of surprise endings to this simple little story.I can imagine young ones loving this story. There are few words, but not many are necessary.

    7. At mouse school the students need to learn how to recognize a catWhy I started this book: Our new picture books arrived at the library.Why I finished it: This is the perfect book for Story Time. I can't wait to read it to the kids.

    8. 12/27/2016 ** One of the gifts I received for Christmas - signed by both the author and illustrator. What fun! I can't wait to share this with my younger students - they'll love the visual humor and the twist at the end.

    9. Loved this!!! The pictures were great and the story made me laugh. There are not a whole bunch of words so children can kind of make up some of their own story with in the story. I figured the one mouse was up to no goodhe got his at the end.

    10. A mouse teacher instructs her pupils on how to stay out of danger by showing them pictures of a cat and following it up withe pictures of things that are not cats.Minimal text and colorful pictures could make this one a good read aloud.

    11. A funny story with a clever twist although the ending might leave them scratching their heads if they're on the younger end of preschool. Older kids will love it! Spoiler alert: it reminds me of Humbug Witch by Lorna Balian.

    12. Sort of the same schtick as Moo! but this time with a few more words. This is a good picture book to teach kids the skills of how context and vocal emphasis can change the meaning of the same sentence.

    13. I love David LaRochelle and how he can make an awesome story with just a few words. Love the illustrations and the storyline.

    14. The mice at mice school are learning about dangerous cats. Will they ever see one? Preschool for picture dependence and humor. Few words.

    15. Simple, cute and oh-so clever! This picture book is sure to leave a smile on the face of young listeners, and older readers too.Little mice children have an important lesson to learn in school--what is a cat, and what is not. This could, after all, be the difference between life and squeaky death. The school mice are bored and not really paying attention. Until. . .This isn't a book bombarded with text, but rather only has what is necessary. The words are well picked out and bring the fitting em [...]

    16. At mouse school, a teacher instructs her students on what is and is not a cat, until a real cat shows up in class. I like several things about this book. The first is the simple text. The author used a limited number of words in the book, rearranging them and adding emphasis in the right places. I’ve always loved books that rely on wit.I also like the illustrations. They tell half the story, and my kids love looking for the clues in the pictures to fill in what the words don’t tell them. Of [...]

    17. In mouse school it's very important that students know how to identify a cat -- it's a matter of life or death after all. But when a teacher's lesson on cat identification suddenly turns into a real world dilemma, readers are left wondering, is this really a cat?Few words actually do the storytelling here. The heavy lifting is done with Mike Wohnoutka's adorable and hilarious illustrations. But don't let the scant number of words fool you. If read with conviction and expression, it's the words t [...]

    18. At school, a class of mice learn the difference between cats and other creatures, and are then put to the test when a cat sneaks into their classroom! Appearances can be deceiving though, which readers will soon figure out using picture clues.A funny read aloud set against gouache artwork for PreK-2.

    19. This hilarious book would be a fun way to discuss inferencing and making predictions. The little class of mice are in school learning an important lesson about recognizing danger. The lesson becomes all-too-real when a frightening intruder invades the classroom. The simple text, humorous illustrations, and surprise twist at the end will make this book a big hit with young readers!

    20. This book is AWESOME! It's great for storytime or reading aloud with the kiddos. There are very few words per page--but there's no shortage of plot! It lends itself to Reader-Listener interactions as the little school mice learn about recognizing danger. Be forewarned, it's sure to make the kids laugh!

    21. Teacher Mouse is talking about DANGER in her lesson 'CATS'. Students, Gerbil, Mouse, and Hamster have varying levels of engagement in the lesson until a 'cat' shows up in the classroom. DANGER! Everyone runs leaving the 'cat' to steal Teacher Mouse's cheese. Wait, a cat eats cheese? No, a rat in a cat suit eats cheese until a cat shows up at the door!

    22. This brilliant author works his magic by writing a complete story with only 5 words from the title : This Is Not a Cat! Young readers will join the literacy club and be empowered that they are readers because of this simple, yet expressive storyline.

    23. With sparse, repetitive text and big, colorful illustrations, this book is perfect for young readers to read over and over again!

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