One thought on “Tree Ogham”

  1. Hand-sewn, handwritten, illustrated booklet.A revered hedgewitch guides the reader through the process of collecting and making their own Ogham sticks from each of the 20 trees and shrubs of this ancient system. Direct involvement with each tree allows learning from direct experience. The book explores different ways of communicating with the trees to deepen one’s relationship with them and to become more open to their wisdom. The 20 Ogham fedha are understood through the underlying energy of [...]

  2. This book is all about the old celtic alphabet – Ogham, which used trees as part of the system. Glennie guides us through the Tree Ogham, all the different trees, each one’s symbols, how to make Ogham sticks for each tree, and what each tree means symbolically and spiritually.The Ogham sticks can be used in a similar way to runes, to guide and for rituals. Glennie describes how to go about making these sticks and what each one is for.She talks a lot about communicating with the trees, and ga [...]

  3. This is a beautiful book buy Glennie with all the Celtic Ogham. She not only tells you about the individual trees, but how you can connect and how they are used.I always love how Glennie's books are illustrated and the text. As well as all the wonderful information. Beautiful books

  4. This was the first book I read about Ogham and one I still use today. It is full of information and wisdom and to me, a musthave for anyone who wishes to learn more about the energetic nature of trees.

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