Breakout An American soldier traveling alone in rural Mexico is arrested and without a hearing or trial thrown into one of the country s most notorious maximum security prisons If the American s true ident

  • Title: Breakout
  • Author: Kevin Scott Olson
  • ISBN: 9780692395189
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • An American soldier, traveling alone in rural Mexico, is arrested and, without a hearing or trial, thrown into one of the country s most notorious maximum security prisons If the American s true identity and mission are revealed, he will never leave Mexico alive.Michael Quinn, ex Navy SEAL turned CIA special operative, is given the assignment rescue the imprisoned AmericAn American soldier, traveling alone in rural Mexico, is arrested and, without a hearing or trial, thrown into one of the country s most notorious maximum security prisons If the American s true identity and mission are revealed, he will never leave Mexico alive.Michael Quinn, ex Navy SEAL turned CIA special operative, is given the assignment rescue the imprisoned American before the soldier receives a life sentence from the Mexican governmentor a death sentence from the Mexican drug cartels.

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    1. ** I won this book from a giveaway. **This book bothered me in a number of ways, and I am sad to say I read it. I should've investigated the content of this book before my entering the giveaway, but sadly I didn't think much of it. The story line is great; the writing, intriguing! But, content wise, this book was one of the lowest I have ever seen. The worst thing was the use of God's name in vain, about midways through the book. Several sexual innuendoes, including unnecessary thought and deta [...]

    2. Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my YouTube channel: youtube/channel/UCfer*I received this book as part of a first-reads give away in exchange for my honest review*An American soldier is captured by the Mexican Police. Special agent Michael Quinn must break the soldier out of prision before the Mexican government realizes how valuable this man actually is. I read one other Michael Quinn short story before and enjoyed that one a lot more than this one. I felt this was not as goo [...]

    3. *I received Breakout from First Reads program.First off, this is a short story as it says so no one can complain after that they didn't know! This is a thrilling adventure of high stakes! An American Soldier is arrested in Mexico and thrown in a maximum security prison run by gangs. If the Mexican government finds out who he really is he won't make it home alive. It's up to Michael Quinn to pull off the impossible and break the soldier out of prison before his cover is broken. Fast paced, enjoy [...]

    4. This is just a short story but it feels like a really cool sequence from a good action movie. I can easily see this in front of me. The only sad part is that it is way to short!Now I just want to know where the author is hiding the rest of the book because I feel a need to read it!?!I had the honour of receiving a signed copy of this one from the author after a competition on his webpage and I will for sure look after more to read about Michael Quinn and check out the other books he'd written!

    5. This is one of those books that when looking at it you don't know if it is going to do justice with so few of pages to tell the story of an action adventure. And normally it is with similar type of books that you approach them with wariness but I must say this book has surpassed my high expectations for it. First of all the one thing that slightly confused me and that was the format of the story itself. It started off pretty strong then seemed to jump back into the past before leaping forth agai [...]

    6. Fast paced thriller in a small package! I really liked the book-shorty story. I didn't like- it ended! Many have pointed out what it's about, so I won't totally describe it. I will say an American with the not so average tourist background is in trouble, big trouble! He's of high value and it's up to Michael Quinn to get him back! Problems arise and the politics between the two Countries over "the American" is tense. I really enjoyed the banter between Jenkins and Hernandez. I even caught myself [...]

    7. I received this book on through First Reads.Breakout starts with an American who is in a Mexican prison. The main character, Michael Quinn's job is to get him back on American soil before the Mexicans find out that the prisoner is an American agent. This book, although a short story, reads almost like a full length novel. It was amazing how much the author could put in in such a short period of time. Quinn is reluctant at first about saving the man, not because he doesn't want to but because he [...]

    8. I was given a free copy of this book by the author – Thank you. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. As the title does mention it is a ‘short story’ and it really is, but so much happens between those covers that it appears much longer. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Michael Quinn didn’t really want to save Devereaux and thought about the other possibilities but was thwarted as these had already been rejected as unworkable and he realised that D could die if he didn’t g [...]

    9. **I have received the book from the author in exchange of an honest review.**I took the book for reading just before hitting the bed, thinking I will read a couple of pages. After a few minutes, I just realized the book is over. A good short and brief read, indeed.Now there are 2 things I am anticipating.1. The BREAKOUT in a motion picture as a short film.2. The next book of Kevin.

    10. High impact short story! I am amazed that a short story can be fleshed out so well that I know the characters well and feel like I read a whole book. It does make you want more in a good way as you want to follow the author and hope at some point this will be one chapter in a book. Well written, thriller, and a good read.

    11. I received this short story book from the author. I enjoyed reading it. It had lots of action in it. I hope to read more books by this author.

    12. I got this book through a giveaway. As much as I enjoyed reading it and did love the story line I found it basic and almost too easy. I think it would be suited to people who don't like to get drawn in or too involved. I did enjoy it and thought it was written well and the descriptions were good.

    13. Received this from . Too bad this is a short story! I am interested in finding out more about Michael Quinn and following his exploits, does Quinn follow through and see Devereaux again?

    14. Nothing pisses me off more than having to give someone 5 stars. I pride myself on being impossible to impress, but this SOB did it.The biggest chunk of my later life was spent in the Carlsbad/Encinitas area, (for the authors sake, it was an apartment complex right off of Coast Hwy, behind Dini's By The Sea, 2 blocks south of the Coaster station) So this whole story felt like home. it felt like just another day down by the San Diego border. The Pendelton reference made it hit home for those that [...]

    15. This is the second short story featuring Michael Quinn I've read, the other being Roseblood. I'm glad I read them in the order I did since I feel that Roseblood is a better introduction to the character, whereas I think Breakout is more suited to readers who are familiar with the series. Not that you can't follow the story coming in cold, just that a couple of aspects of this book are less flattering than in Roseblood.Quinn is hero straight out of a summer blockbuster - you're never in any doubt [...]

    16. Breakout by Kevin Scott Olson is a short story, part of the Michael Quinn series. We begin the story with an American prisoner in a Mexican prison. Thought to be a tourist with a bad sense of direction, it is critical that he escapes prison before the authorities find out who he truly is. That's where Michael Quinn comes in. He's a special operative with the task of saving the guy.Though it's a short story, I think that we get a good look into the operation. We don't get a full view obviously, b [...]

    17. A free copy of this short novel was given to me by the author in exchange of a honest review.It's a short story, but there's so much more in it that you can imagine. There's our protagonist - Micheal Quinn - who is not the classic "movie hero" that needs no help to get things done. This man is intelligent, methodical, cautious, he knows when a rescue is damn near impossible. That's why he asks if there really are no other options than trying to save an American soldier on his own. There's Will, [...]

    18. I received this book as a First Reads Giveaway and I'm grateful for the opportunity to read something different from the books I usually read. It was a nice change of pace for me and introduced me to another genre, which is always good!It was a fast read, and quickly finished as it's a short story. I quite enjoyed it.At one point, near the beginning, when Quinn was talking to Will, I had a hard time getting who was talking straight in my head, and it took 2 re-reads of the first half of the page [...]

    19. I picked up this book thinking how can a book of this size give me the experience I expect from a book which is to be fully immersed in the world of the characters. Well I can tell you it’s easy when Kevin Scott Olson is the author!Breakout does just that! You are immediately dropped into the world of Michael Quinn whilst he is on a mission to rescue an American soldier from a top security prison in Mexico. It is a fast paced read that very quickly pulls you into their world. The author does t [...]

    20. 'Breakout' is a short story about an ex-Navy SEAL turned CIA special operative,part of the Michael Quinn series. First of all i love the name 'Michael Quinn'. it just sounds so much secret agent-ish and fits the role perfectly. Me being a huge fan of action filled, thriller book couldn't help but finish the book in one go and later obsess over it the whole day before writing this review; which is right now.The book starts with with an American prisoner- Bobby Devereaux stuck in a Mexican prison. [...]

    21. A quick read, I think this would have been better to have been fleshed out a bit more, maybe not a full novel, but at least a longer novella. The scenes run a little flat and you never really get to know any of the characters leaving them caricatures, the secret ops hero, the politician in charge, the girl as prize/proof of manliness, etc. The actual breakout is a bit outlandish from the start. Reconnaissance is done with a drone made to look just like a crow when a military-grade satellite woul [...]

    22. First off, want to give a huge thanks to Mr. Kevin Scott Olson for my copy of his short story, Breakout.I received my copy in the mail todayI was standing over my mail table when I opened itfully expecting to just read a few lines and then put it away for a later timeyadda yadda yaddaxt thing I know I finished the entire thing as I stood there's that goodat suspensefulat engrossing!! This is the first time I have ever read anything by Kevin Scott Olson first time reading a Michael Quinn short st [...]

    23. What I love about Kevin Scott Olson's short stories is how he can always make everything so easy to visualize. The setting, the characters, it can all be easily imagined in all its complexity, even though it's only described in very few words.This is also the case for Breakout, a very intriguing short story about an American soldier who was thrown in a maximum security prison in Mexico. Michael Quinn's job is to break him out of the prison before he gets the life sentence from either the Mexican [...]

    24. I received a free copy of the book from the giveaway.While the story revolves around a prison breakout, i found the breakout itself to be less than satisfactory. Having been spoiled by season 1 of Prison Break, i expected a whimsically elaborate plan involving infiltrating the prison. However, it was a quick breakout. I felt the diplomats stole the show.I didn't care for the insertion of silly "romantic/sexual" encounter, especially for a short story.I had issues with the structure of some of t [...]

    25. I received this short story free in exchange for an honest review.I love finding new authors and diving into new genres that I wouldn't normally reach for and this short story satisfied both of those and actually left me wanting more! At 35 pages it was a nice, quick read but don't let the page count fool you, there is a nice, clean story with brief, but clear characters. I'm looking forward to reading more Michael Quinn adventures in the future -- I think this character holds a lot of potential [...]

    26. This time story takes place at a ghetto area where theres a prison in Mexico.Im not quite sure Breakout is second story after Roseblood.It felt like suit better before it to me.In comparison,the setting is quite different but Mexican officers makes it more thrilling and exciting.Theres still not much details about Michael Quinns appearance ,we only get details about his personality by the decisons he makes.And I liked how his manager trusts him so that they believe he can accomplish anything whi [...]

    27. This is my first time reading one of Mr. Olson's books and I am glad my one hour wasn't wasted. I received a free copy of Breakout directly from the author. In return and without being required, I am leaving my review. Michael Quinn, the hero of the story is sent in to Mexico to rescue an American Seal sniper from a Maximum Federal Prison.Truthfully, how much action can one person pack into a short story comprised of 35 pages? Before starting the book I was certain that it would be a cliff hange [...]

    28. *I received Breakout from First Reads program. The book is a short story about one mission for Michael Quinn, ex-Navy SEAL turned CIA special operative. Quinn is tasked with rescuing an imprisoned American soldier(who is actually a government sanctioned assassin) in Mexico. The story is too short for to get a real sense of the author's style of writing (reason for only 4 stars). Olson tries to fit a lot into such a short read, including Quinn meeting a female character and developing an interes [...]

    29. I received a copy of Breakout by Kevin Scott Olson because I asked for one!This book is great! I read it in one setting. Well, it's only 35 pages long, soBut I am already hooked. I can't wait to read more of the exploits of Michael Quinn.Basically it's military/espionage action story.I really wish this book had been longer, I can't say how long I will be willing to follow a series 35 pages at a time. But, for now, I'm in! Great action, violent to be sure, but not so graphic as to spoil the story [...]

    30. I received my copy of the short story Breakout for free through a Giveaway. I did not read the description closely prior to entering the drawing, so was dismayed to find it was a short story when it arrived. Had I noted that that was what I was trying to win (it was clearly stated, I just missed it), I would not have entered, allowing a short story enthusiast take my copy. Not a fan of the genre.That said, Breakout surprised me. I enjoyed it, felt the action was exciting, and the characters pre [...]

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