Uncharted Hearts

Uncharted Hearts Clayton Taylor is smart and skilled and born into privilege His expertise with navigation lands him a job on The Irish Lady a ship which promises a world of new experiences Half in love with Peter

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  • Title: Uncharted Hearts
  • Author: AmeliaBishop
  • ISBN: 9781514674932
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • Clayton Taylor is smart and skilled, and born into privilege His expertise with navigation lands him a job on The Irish Lady, a ship which promises a world of new experiences Half in love with Peter, The Lady s roguish captain, Clayton signs on for adventure and a chance to test his skill against the sea Once aboard he meets Jorge, a pillar of quiet strength Clayton sClayton Taylor is smart and skilled, and born into privilege His expertise with navigation lands him a job on The Irish Lady, a ship which promises a world of new experiences Half in love with Peter, The Lady s roguish captain, Clayton signs on for adventure and a chance to test his skill against the sea Once aboard he meets Jorge, a pillar of quiet strength Clayton s life among the sailors and thieves is happy, wild, and free He learns to sail, to fit in with the crew, and to cheat at cards There isn t a course he can t chart, or a job he can t design But Clayton can t navigate love, nor can he plan for the whims of his heart Bold and direct and often stubborn, Clayton s uncharted heart will plot its own course, bound for a union with two men who need him as much as he does them Together Clayton, Peter, and Jorge will discover the heart has no need of map and compasste This is NOT a pirate book No pirates are promised, and none will be delivered I apologize for any confusion 3

    One thought on “Uncharted Hearts”

    1. TWO HEARTS--I read for interracial pirate menage.Those are my things, together in a story. It was a no-brainer, super slam dunk.Instead, I got plot holes, MANTEARS and historical that read like contemporary. Oh and semi-pirates. What are semi-pirates? The pirates in this book are more petty thieves and gamblers. I also enjoy thieves and gamblers but the way it was written, there really wasn't any effort given into the crime portion. We're just told they're bad men and we get quick scenes and a 5 [...]

    2. Loved the polyamory and how jealousy reared its ugly head at various moments. Jorge is the strong silent character that is the balance between the other two. He is the counter to Peter, the swashbuckling, debonair pirate who really is mischievous and a pain in the ass. While Clayton is a young man wanting adventure and signing on as navigator with a scurrilous crew, He's not an idiot. He could see things weren't a hundred percent above board. Seduce by the ocean's call he gets that adventure and [...]

    3. I know this book starts with a foreword to enjoy the tale and not get caught up on the historical details. Well, that's how I started but it in the end it was a hard pill to swallow. Why go for historical when a fantasy or AU could've given the author more freedom? Just a bit of imagination would have given the author the freedom to make the story more believable instead of shooting for an unbelievable tale. But let's forget that for a bit. There are serious flaws in the characters, namely in on [...]

    4. Failed Ideas I always try to not be mean. Amelia Bishop had some really good, spicy ideas but she needed maybe a strong editor to force so many issues before this was published. I'm bummed because I like most of the ideas. I'm gonna stop talking right now. 

    5. I received a copy of the book in exchange for my honest reviewThe premise of the story is charming and the execution is equally charming. In the romantic tradition of stories it seeks to emulate, of a time long past when life was much slower paced and not ruled by technology and instant news, tis story moves at a languid pace that, in my opinion, takes too long to work it's way to the bits that would under normal curcumstances keep me interested. When the exciting bits do arrive, I feel they are [...]

    6. A Joyfully Jay review. 1.5 starsI picked up Uncharted Hearts because I enjoy shipwreck novels and generally anything historical. Unfortunately, this book barely falls into either category. But let’s start with the positive. The pacing was strong. It was a fairly short book and it really flies by quickly. There aren’t too many slow parts and the author does a good job of keeping the plot moving. The storyline is simple enough and while it lacks much depth, it doesn’t become too bogged down [...]

    7. I was captivated right from the start. I could not put this book down; I read it in less than 3 days. It is a wonderful historical M/M/M/ romance set on the high seas that will no doubt pull at your heart. I gave the story only 4 stars because I thought it was little slow at first, I was hoping to read a bit more detail in the sexual encounters and I thought the ending was missing something (it felt like it left you hanging even though it told you what happens to the characters.) I would defiant [...]

    8. I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review. Clayton ' s story had me hooked in a matter of minutes, it is one of the best I've read in a while the love between these men had me laughing with them as well as crying with them. I gave this book 5 out of 5 star's if I could I would definitely give more. I truly felt as if I could feel Clayton ' pain and joy through out the entire book. I can honestly say that Amelia Bishop is one hell of a writer and I cannot wait to get my hands on even mo [...]

    9. First, the goodThe main character is likable and well developed, the premise and plot were decent, and once I decided to commit myself to the story, in spite of the problems I had with it, I did enjoy it. But there are problems. One of the romantic interests falls extremely flat in comparison with the other. Also, despite the fact that this is "historical", the acceptance of their, not only homosexual relationship but three way homosexual relationship just seems impossible and a little ridiculou [...]

    10. Wasn't the exciting dramatic story I thought it would but it wasn't bad either the sex between the three men was totally hot and I think is what saved the story without it the book would have been pretty dull.The characters were different and not what is what expected in most romances when you are use to the captain of a ship to be the strong, heroic type Peter was a total fraud when it came to that persona he wasn't exactly weak but he did have a weak side to him when he tended to give up when [...]

    11. I am not a frequent book reviewer, but I promised to honestly reveiw this book for a free copy. I like the story it was original and took a few unexpected turns. The thing that didnt ring true to me was the attitute of Clayton's family at first regarding his homosexuality and then when he returned home with his lovers. The story between Clayton and Jorge and Peter was sweet and caring and believable. I enjoyed this book a great deal.

    12. They Refuse To Leave HimThis is a story about a young man who was lucky enough to get to do what his heart desired, sail the seas in a ship. And also to have parents who accepted who he was unconditionally. While he had this adventures he also had men that he learned to love and that loved him. Enjoy I did.

    13. I don't normally read historicals but I really enjoyed this one. It was a well written, easy read with enough going on to keep you invested in the story. I liked how the story played out with likeable characters and a believable story line. I also liked that although it was historical, the history wasn't jammed down your throat. I would happily recommend this book.

    14. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.I loved the characters in this book. I thought they were well developed and I enjoyed getting to know them. The historical aspects were exciting and the adventures kept me enthralled. I would recommend this book!

    15. Paradise on an IslandI don't usually read historical novels but really enjoyed this one very much. Ms. Bishop did an excellent job of fleshing out her characters, keeping the tension high throughout the story and spent time on their growing trust and devotion.

    16. ★★★☆☆ ~ 3 StarsPlot holes you could steer (pilot?) a boat through (except in a storm!), historical inaccuracies abound, still it was an innocuous, quick and enjoyable read.

    17. I thought this was a great book. I couldn't put it down until I was completely done with it. :)I received a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review

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