In the Cave of the Delicate Singers

In the Cave of the Delicate Singers In the Cave of the Delicate Singers by Lucy Taylor is a horror story about a woman with a rare form of synesthesia who can feel sound waves and the dangerous rescue mission she undertakes in a cave wi

  • Title: In the Cave of the Delicate Singers
  • Author: Lucy Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the Cave of the Delicate Singers by Lucy Taylor is a horror story about a woman with a rare form of synesthesia who can feel sound waves and the dangerous rescue mission she undertakes in a cave with a nasty past.

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    1. Nothing’s too beautiful. That isn’t possible.”cave-peril, synesthesia, and a protagonist named karyn?? sign me up, please! i'll even overlook that repeated misspelling of my name. if i've said it once on here, i've said it a thousand times, but this time it's actually relevant to the review: the descent is one of the best horror movies ever. it has that perfect double layer of terror both natural and supernatural, which is exactly what this story does. and, like the descent, the natural te [...]

    2. Well, that was creepy. As creepy as any short can get.Why do people go caving for fun anyway? It's enclosed, dark,silent , dark, closed off and dark. Have I mentioned dark already?Excuse meSeriously though, this is a well-written horror short worth reading. Lucy Taylor obviously did a thorough research on caving and the various things found in it.Linky here: tor/2015/07/15/in-the-

    3. A horror short story about a woman with a rare form of synesthesia, who can feel sound waves and a dangerous rescue mission she undertakes (to rescue a lover and friends) in a cave with a nasty past. As Karyn spelunks through a well-described cave system, the tension builds as she encounters physical and mental stress on the way to the (view spoiler)[alien (hide spoiler)] horror chamber. Her use of headphones to dampen or eliminate the siren sounds seems like a good idea, relying on her gift. Th [...]

    4. I've always loved short horror stories. As a matter of fact, one of my all time favourite collection is Clive Barker's Books of Blood: Volume One, (I love all of them, not just book #1). That being said, the ending of "In the Cave of the Delicate Singers" reminded me of Barker's "In the Hills, the Cities" desperation and rapture.Here, it's for free: tor/2015/07/15/in-the-

    5. A strange story that raised my interest in the world of speleology and allowed me to better understand what meant to be synesthetic. The story was very vivid, so I read it easily with absorption and curiosity. The surroundings were fundamentally a claustrophobic cave, but it was depicted in such a way that the story gained great vividness. Yet to be fair, I also think the story tried to cover too much. There's too much substance along the story. The climax is constant for two thirds of the story [...]

    6. Really creepy-cool story. I'm new to the horror genre so I have no basis for comparison, but I thought it was really good - there was one scene right before the ending that was pretty horrific. The ending too. But there were some plot-holes and the synaesthesia wasn't really used.

    7. Lucy Taylor does what I would call "quiet horror" quite well. Looking forward to reading more from this author!

    8. Some cavers go into a cave where sometimes misterious singing can be heard and they go totally crazy. I understand exactly how they felt, because reading this story almost made my head explode. I just don't understand the high ratings, sorry. First of all, maybe people should give a rest to synesthesia stories. Second, I don't think the writer really understands how synesthesia works, and the effects she describes (whether they are synesthesia or not) are inconsistent thorought the story. And fi [...]

    9. No one’s heard from any of them since.Which is how I come to be half a mile under the earth, worming my way through a twist in the moist, black, and aptly named Intestinal Bypass, a wretched, rib-crushing, claustrophobia-inducing belly crawl. ​4.5 stars.I do not do well with small spaces. On a particularly bad day I can panic if my shirt is too tight. However, it's mostly manageable. I rode the severely, dangerously, unethically cramped elevator up the Eiffel Tower and survived (I have never [...]

    10. Well, hmm, yeah. I'm honestly not sure how to feel about this story. I guess I can admire the play on the fear of the unknown. (view spoiler)[ But I'm sure I get the link between the absorption by the rocks or whatever and the singing. (hide spoiler)]

    11. This is a horror story about a woman with magic powers who can feel sound waves and the dangerous rescue mission she undertakes in a cave with a nasty past.The story is very interesting and thrilling, and I am looking forward reading more from this author. The only part that disturbed me was the description of the main character magic power as "a rare form of synesthesia", making me think that the writer really understands how synesthesia works.

    12. I liked it, it was just the change of pace I needed in my reading. It just wasn't creepy enough for me. The writing was well done and the visualization was great but it just didn't effect me personally. I felt like I was reading about someone else, someone I didn't even know. Somehow I just couldn't feel what was happening in the story. But it was very interesting and the ending was completely unexpected. Definitely a short story worth reading.

    13. Creepy story about a woman with synesthesia (she feels sound, beyond just simple vibrations) who goes into a cave (which is known to sometimes drive people mad with its eldritch singing) to look for survivors. Thanks, Ms. Taylor, I WILL NEVER GO CAVING.

    14. (Shudders) Lucy Taylor is VERY good at describing claustophobic moments. (Shudders more) Her writing is vivid and hyper realistic in that sense. And the strange, Lovecraftian horror aspect was good too!

    15. Just ok. There is one narration style that is just boring to read for me. When I see it I feel that I can read it with certain "flowing" monotonic intonation.With this story it was more than that. I couldn't get the idea and could't understand the ending.

    16. If you are claustrophobic, I don't recommend this. ;)However, it's a short little story that twists you around and sends you on your way - after getting into your head or under your skin.

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