Coming Back

Coming Back Barney Teegarden knows what it s like to be alone He knows what it s like to have a romantic heart yet no love in his life to unleash the romance on With the help of a friend he acquires a lease in

  • Title: Coming Back
  • Author: John Inman
  • ISBN: 9781634762328
  • Page: 378
  • Format: ebook
  • Barney Teegarden knows what it s like to be alone He knows what it s like to have a romantic heart, yet no love in his life to unleash the romance on With the help of a friend, he acquires a lease in a seedy apartment building perched high on a hill in downtown San Diego The Belladonna Arms is not only filled with the quirkiest cast of characters imaginable, it is alsoBarney Teegarden knows what it s like to be alone He knows what it s like to have a romantic heart, yet no love in his life to unleash the romance on With the help of a friend, he acquires a lease in a seedy apartment building perched high on a hill in downtown San Diego The Belladonna Arms is not only filled with the quirkiest cast of characters imaginable, it is also famous for sprinkling love dust on even the loneliest of the lovelorn.At the Arms, Barney finds friendship, acceptance, and an adopted family that lightens his lonely life Hell, he even finds a cat But still true love eludes him.When his drag queen landlord, Arthur, takes it into his head to rescue a homeless former tenant, he enlists Barney s help It is Barney who shows this lost soul how to trust again and in return Barney discovers love for the first time in his life.It s funny how even the hardest battles can be fought and won with laughter, hugs, friends, plus a little faith in the goodness of others All it takes to begin the healing is the simple act of coming back.

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    1. Full review (with spoilers) can be found at -Fantastic addition to the series. I cried. I laughed. I fell in love with two more residents of Belladonna Arms. Highly recommended. That cover? Wow.This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    2. I have been following the saga of The Belladonna Arms since day one. I've seen hearts mended, love found and love pollen fall on a regular basis. I have come to love all of the tenants though I do have my favorites. The mother/lord of the arms is the hugest drag queen imaginable with a heart as big as his hips. This installment, which I hope will not be the last, was by far the sweetest and most touching. To say much more would be to start giving away spoilers. If you enjoy some laughter, magic [...]

    3. This was my favorite Belladonna Arms book so far. John Inman just keeps getting better and better, and this was such a pleasure to read.First we meet Barney, who's moving in to the Belladonna Arms, and feels immediately welcome. While he's a bit of a loner, and doesn't quite think that they're someone out there for him, the love dust of this apartment building gets sprinkled on Barney just the same. Arthur, the landlord who likes to dress in drag, and who has a heart of gold, features prominentl [...]

    4. I love John Inman and this series is awesome.In the previous book, Ramon goes through a very traumatic event and it doesn't end well. Thankfully, Arthur doesn't give up on him and he pulls in Barney to help bring Ramon home.So, so goodd I hope Ramon finally learns to give a decent haircut (hilarious). Lot's of surprises toowith Wilbur the cat and with Pete/Sylvia.Can't wait for more.

    5. When Barney’s friend and coworker, Pete, gets him an apartment in the Belladonna Arms, he is pretty excited. Ok, well that might be overselling it a bit. He is happy…to have somewhere to go. And the rent is cheap and the people who populate the Belladonna sure do seem unique. He not sure if he is sold on this whole ‘love pollen’ thing that everyone is talking about, but hey, if it happens that would be great.He never expected that he would find love in the oddest of all places–-under a [...]

    6. What can I say, i love me some John Inman! And I love this series, this one didn't disappoint. I love these guys. :D

    7. 3.5 starsNot my favourite of the series, although it was nice to see Ramon get his HEA. The Belladonna Arms cast of characters can be very charming, but I found them a little too much in this story. I think I just wasn't in the proper mood!

    8. Note: This book was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial review. Barney Teegarden looks exactly the way his name sounds—like a geek with pocket protectors, eyeglasses held together with tape, tiny, thin and cute. What a coincidence that he’s a bookkeeper too! His friend Pete tells him about an opening at the Belladonna Arms where Pete lives with his wife, Sylvia (Work in Progress). He also tells him that the building seems to be sprinkled [...]

    9. The first book in the Belladonna Arms series, Serenading Stanley was my first John Inman book. I kept seeing reviews and post on how funny it was and back when it was published in 2013, I was just starting out in the MM genre and funny MM was new to me. After about 20 pages I was hooked, and he has become an auto buy ever since. Now I know he writes across the board from sexy, funny to damn scary. And I love them all.All three in the series could possibly read as stand alone but all the charater [...]

    10. "Slight spoilers ahead"!!! - Once again the Belladonna Arms sprinkles it's love pollen on its newest guests. The journey to getting there is unique this time, bringing back Ramon after the tragedy of his partner's death and his subsequent departure from the "Arms". Arthur is such a great matchmaker, his renters never have a chance at staying lonely for long. Throw in a cat and another couple with a huge surprise at the end, and this was a super funny, loving, and highly rewarding read. Five star [...]

    11. I'm afraid to repeat myself in every review and not because the stories are the same but because everyone is equally beautiful and intense and so well written.The Barney and Ramon's story is one concentrated of love and funny stuff , of pain and sadness, for cry and laughI do love this series and this last book.

    12. I did not want to finish this book because I knew it would leave me wanting more and I was right! I want to move into this place right away!

    13. God I love this series!We met Ramon in earlier books. He was the lover of the misbegotten ChiChi and since ChiChi’s death, he’s been living on the streets. When Barney, Pete’s friend, moves into the Arms, Arthur knows just who to recruit to bring Ramon back to the family, back to Belladonna Arms.Barney falls in love easily, but know one loves him back the way he needs. Ramon thinks he can never love again, not after what happened with ChiChi. Will the Love Pollen work it’s magic or will [...]

    14. I have really enjoyed the other two books in this series, and this one was my favorite. First there is lots of Arthur, I love that man, hes so funny but so loving and caring for all the people who live in his apartment building. He warns Barney about the love pollen when he first arrives but Barney doesn't believe him. By the end of the story he is totally convinced. John Inman is a very versatile author, he can write some really scary stories, and some super funny ones. This book had some of th [...]

    15. I can't believe I overlooked leaving a rating. Like all the other Belladora books this was just as hilarious, hot and just freakin good. I would love to see it continue. This is one of my favorite series and John once again had me in stitches. I can always rely on him for a great, entertaining story.

    16. What a wonderful ending to the trilogyJohn Inman has done it again he is a master storyteller with this genre and the characters he's created are so heartbreaking in their humanity and with their wants and needs and insecurities. I love every single one of them this story ended perfectly for me and I can't wait to read more from him Thank you

    17. The cat scene near the end was hilarious!!The rest of the book was touching and endearing. Well written, as is typical of the author, John Inman.

    18. Barney Teegarden ist von den Belladonna Arms und den Mietern nicht wirklich überzeugt. Passt er wirklich in diesen Wohnkomplex mit all seinen Bewohnern, die doch ein wenig seltsam erscheinen? Allen voran der Vermieter – Arthur, der Barney nicht geheuer ist. Doch schnell zeigt sich, dass Arthur nicht nur eine exaltierte Dragqueen, sondern ein selten herzensguter Mensch ist. Anstrengend, aber herzensgut und überaus liebenswert. Kaum ist Barney eingezogen, wird er auch schon von Arthur zu einem [...]

    19. Uhhhhhhmmmm, okay heads-up: this book should NOT be read before reading book 2, if you want to avoid spoilers, and if you want the whole story of 'Belladonna Arms' from start to finish. I didn't read the second book first, since I liked the blurb for this, but with the spoilers in this book I kind of regretted it (until I started reading book 2 and gave up, because Harlie was a judgmental prick!)I LOVE the secondary characters in this series though, and Arthur is almost an all-time favourite. He [...]

    20. The crazy cast at Belladonna Arms is back again in this continuation of the series. Like always, there are terrific characters and great descriptions. Reading this book felt like coming back home to a group of familiar misfit friends. As with all of the books in this series, the description of the characters drives the story forward. In this installment, Barney, a geeky accountant type, joins the crew at the belladonna arms where he hopes that he may be sprinkled with the "love pollen" that seem [...]

    21. I think this one is my favourite of the three Belladonna Arms booksBarney and Arthur just blew me away in this oneArthur needed to find his "friend" and i'm so glad I was right about who that wasI loved how Barney found loveHow he helped to get Arthurs friend back to who he wasI'm sad this series is only three longe there's a spare room at the Belladonna Arms Mr Inmanjust saying x

    22. I need to reread so I can do justice to this book. It's my favorite of the Belladonna Arms so far (shhhh - don't tell the others).

    23. It probably wasn’t the best idea to be reading this while on the way to the hair salon, then I remembered Ramon wouldn’t be the one cutting my hair so I was safe. That poor cat, I guess it wasn’t it’s fault the tenants couldn’t tell the difference between a girl and a boy cat. Ha

    24. “To be honest with you, I don't have the words to make you feel better, but I do have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart; a heart that's aching to see you smile again.” ~ Laura OrtizBarney Teegarden, in 'Coming Back' by John Inman, needs a new place to live. His friend and coworker, Jeff, suggests he try the Belladonna Arms, where he and his wife live. After seeing the place and meeting some of the tenants, Barney is hesitant, af [...]

    25. (Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews)The Series:I really enjoyed the first three books in this series from John Inman. The stories all have happy endings for the MCs, although there are other back stories which don’t end as well. The writing on these stories is humorous, with some really funny lines here and there. The MCs are mostly an emotional mess…usually thinking they aren’t good enough, but in every case…they are.That said…this is definitely a series for you if you’re lo [...]

    26. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsThis was the simplest, and quite possibly the sweetest, installment in the series simply because the primary focus remained rooted on Barney and Ramon. That is not to say that that there wasn’t more going on, specifically a “mysterious event” sub-plot featuring neighbors Pete and Sylvia that was obvious to us, the reader, and yet the majority of the residents remained oblivious.Ramon, like the entire cast of characters, was really well written, exhibiting de [...]

    27. 3.5 StarsThis is very John Inman-y John Inman. Feels! and comic situations and weirdly hot sex and inappropriate jokes. When I'm in the right mood I devour this sort of stuff with a spoons in this one are a new character - Barney - and a supporting character from the previous two books, Ramon. Watching the two of them build up a relationship in the wake of the really nasty tragedy Ramon experienced in the previous book is heartwarming, and the shenanigans with Gizmo/Wilbur the evil cat are amusi [...]

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