Ruth e Alex. L'amore cerca casa

Ruth e Alex L amore cerca casa Ruth e Alex vivono nell East Village sono sposati da oltre quarant anni e hanno deciso di cambiare casa Si sono stancati di fare tutti i giorni cinque piani di scale e l appartamento che all epoca ha

  • Title: Ruth e Alex. L'amore cerca casa
  • Author: Jill Ciment
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ruth e Alex vivono nell East Village, sono sposati da oltre quarant anni e hanno deciso di cambiare casa Si sono stancati di fare tutti i giorni cinque piani di scale e l appartamento che all epoca hanno pagato cinquemila dollari adesso stato valutato per un milione da un agente immobiliare, che li spinge a vendere subito Soltanto l idea di tutti quei soldi li manda coRuth e Alex vivono nell East Village, sono sposati da oltre quarant anni e hanno deciso di cambiare casa Si sono stancati di fare tutti i giorni cinque piani di scale e l appartamento che all epoca hanno pagato cinquemila dollari adesso stato valutato per un milione da un agente immobiliare, che li spinge a vendere subito Soltanto l idea di tutti quei soldi li manda completamente in confusione, tanto che si accorgono in ritardo che il loro amatissimo bassotto di dodici anni se la sta vedendo brutta e rantola dal dolore, mentre l intera citt paralizzata a causa di uno spaventoso e misterioso ingorgo nel tunnel di Midtown Dopo decenni di quiete matrimoniale, la loro vita sembra entrata in una spirale di ansia e preoccupazioni e, nonostante la loro complicit e i tentativi di sdrammatizzare la situazione, il momento peggiore sta per arrivare le visite degli aspiranti proprietari

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    1. this book came closer to making me cry than any book ever has.(said karen, forgetting she has an entire shelf devoted to "books that made me cry" - a regrettable oversight.) there is so much perfect charming poignant love and affection and need and small quiet despair in it,that it touched a little emotional nub that books can't usually find. it's not even particularly sad, it's just a little piece of "right there". when i was little, and would go to the library seriously alle.time they used to [...]

    2. Not a perfect five, but a very strong four and a half. Karen reviews this book better than I would. Her review can be found here.Seriously, Karen's review will be better than this. But here goes my version of the review. One, for reasons that I don't care to write about, this book got me incredibly depressed. Normal people avoid things that depress them, I on the other hand give them five stars and think they are great, but then work on figuring out all the things in my life I can push as far aw [...]

    3. I kept hearing people say that this book was like, theeee most amazing book. A particular friend who I trust very much when it comes to book recs even claimed this as one of her favorite books! So that being said, I was expecting this lil novel to blow me away.Well. It didn't blow me away in the manner I expected it to, but I loved it nonetheless. It was a very sweet book about a very sweet subject, one that is very dear to my heart. Dogs! I think any dog lover will first imagine their own swee [...]

    4. I read this book because Karen Brisette loved it. Really. Urban NYers would appreciate it most. The angst of selling/buying NYC apartments and dealing with buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. A post 9-11 terror event. A wonderful substory around an aging dachsund (and her aging owners.) The dog's POV chapters were 5 star. But Jill Ciment forgot the tie up all of her plot lines. Otherwise, a 4 star book.

    5. Heroic Measures – Jill CimentThis was one of a pile of books I took with me to our summer cabin. Others around there hike and fish and golf. We sit on the deck and read. I don’t remember why I picked this book. I think it must have been from a review here at . If your goal is a relaxing, warm fuzzy read, then this is your book. It never gets the slightest bit dark even though it deals with end-of-life issues. An aging couple who wish to sell their walkup apartment in NYC, thereby gaining fin [...]

    6. I like books with old or animals. I like 'em because, in real life, I've never been, probably never will be close to my grandparents, or animals. But then I absolutely hate portrayals of old people/animals as these veterans at everything who give advice, advice, advice. Heroic Measures is specifically marvelous in the sense that it's brought me closer to two people and a dog whose lives ordinarily, on the surface wouldn't garner my interest, much less engagement. It reminded me(not a lot, mind y [...]

    7. Heroic Measures is a little gem, one of those rare books that you pick up and can't put down, while at the same time you wish it would never end. It is about a couple, Alex and Ruth, and their dachshund Dorothy. One weekend morning Dorothy is not acting herself and shortly afterwards she can not walk. Alex and Ruth rush to the emergency after hours veterinary hospital where they find out that she most likely has a disc problem and will require surgery. Alex and Ruth are a childless couple and Do [...]

    8. I loved the writing style of this little gem of a book, and that the author was able to convey so much with so few words. Her character development was deft and convincing despite the spare prose and I really cared about these interesting people. I was engaged from the first page.Ruth and Alex, a childless, elderly couple who have lived in the East Village for 50 years, need to sell their apartment --- the stairs to their fifth-floor walkup have become just too much for them to handle. The story [...]

    9. 5 out of 5 stars!!This book follows three main characters Ruth, Alex, and Dorothy, their dog. The book is set shortly after 9/11 in side New York City. Ruth and Alex are getting up there in age and are faced with the decision of selling their apartment and moving. This is a big change in their life that they are struggling emotionally and mentally to make. Along with making a huge decision they are trying to help Dorothy after she hurts herself. While all of this is going on New York City and it [...]

    10. Heroic Measures follows Alex and Ruth Cohen through a chaotic New York City weekend circa 2002 as the elderly couple simultaneously holds an open house for the East Village apartment and deals with the beloved dachsund's life-threatening back injury, all against the backdrop of a potential terrorist threat playing endlessly on the local news.Both Alex and Ruth are charply drawn characters. Ruth, a retired schoolteacher and former subject of FBI investigations during the McCarthy years, fears for [...]

    11. To be clear, I have not been reading this 200ish page novel for the last three months, regardless of any information conveyed or implied by this profile. I got this book at a used book store, and purchased it based on its merits of a) having great reviews from prominent publications, b)having a dachshund on the cover and c) purportedly being about a dachshund.I am pleased to say that Heroic Measures, is, indeed, about a dachshund, which is really all you need to know about this small, gem of a n [...]

    12. This is an homage to New York and the wonderful people who live in it. It's a short read which is nearly perfect in it's depiction of what life is like in the big city. We follow Ruth and Alex, a couple in their 70's, and their dachshund, Dorothy, during a tumultuous weekend in which a tanker truck filled with gasoline gets stuck in the Midtown tunnel and its driver disappears. As the whole city holds its breath waiting to see if this is a terrorist attack, Dorothy suddenly collapses and can't u [...]

    13. You wouldn't think a novel about an old couple trying to sell their apartment and take care of their old dog would be such a page-turner, but it is. Part of its ability to be one is its sparse prose, which lacks anything but the most necessary ornamentation, and is somehow able to make you forget after a while you are reading a dog's perspective. Part of the suspense is also built around a sub-plot surrounding a potential terrorist on the loose and the media circus that creates.The terrorist med [...]

    14. What a lovely gentle story. An old couple's dear daschund is suddenly paralysed, and they need to help their dog while at the same time deal with the practical details of selling their New York City apartment, all in the midst of a possible terrorist attack. The real estate dealing is funny, the dog point of view is cute but kept minimal, and the author nicely weaves in Chekhov's famous short story of "The Woman With the Pet Dog" . The city of New York is as much a character as Alex and Ruth and [...]

    15. A picture-postcard of a family in New York City, post-scare. Stunning, sad, surprisingly funny and all in a perfectly succinct novel. I never cried but read the book- a gift from a friend who lives in Brooklyn- with a lump in my throat the whole time. The tension is both emotional and physical in the story, and feels exceptionally real. And some of my favorite characters are the neighborhood New Yorkers, who are drawn in the perfect shades and hues of the city. Big thumbs up for this little nove [...]

    16. [At the vet's office] "a cartoon of a little dog, a stick, and an elderly couple scotch- taped to the back of the door Man: Fetch. Little Dog: Oy, I got a pain in my tail from wagging so much, my stomach hurts from that lousy dog food, when are we going for a walk, already? Woman: He thinks you said "kvetch". " I love this book!"

    17. Wow, what a sweet little book. It manages to cover a lot of stuff in a small space -- aging, love, friendship, real estate, the terror threat, xenophobia, New Yorkers, Chekhov, and dogs and how we love them. And it's not, in the end, sentimental at all. Good, life-affirming stuff; kind of a perfect book to wind up on September 11.

    18. A very major thing was spoiled by an untagged review!!! But this book is insanely heart-tugging and quietly lovely: read if you like dogs, adorable old couples, people with FBI dossiers and if you think that people who lie down on a bed at open houses "to see the view from the window" are rude.

    19. A wonderful New York novel. Written with today's paranoias and conflicts. Partly told through the eyes of a loving family pet. Read in one sitting.

    20. The company that I’ve worked for for 29 years has gone out of business, and I was released from my job earlier this summer (with a severance package that allows me to take time to find the right new job). How does one fill a summer off? Yes, job-hunting. Also, reading, seeing friends, doing projects around the house, binge-watching old episodes of ER… when someone recently asked what I was doing this summer, I replied that I’m having the “Summer of George”.For those readers who are als [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this Dachshund book - about an aging dog named Dorothy and her aging human companions. The couple are trying to get a new apartment in NYC, there is a terror scare in the city, and their beloved dog needs medical attention. What I like about the book is that the everyday life moments do not stop because the city is paralyzed. The author also writes very well from the dog's point of view, something I have found cringeworthy in some other animal books. Spoiler:(view spoiler)[ I al [...]

    22. Non so nemmeno come descrivere questo libro ma l’aggettivo più adatto è DELUDENTE! La storia di questi due anziani che, in una New York sotto assedio di un terrorista, affrontano la malattia della loro cagnolina e la vendita della loro casa in cui abitano da una vita, mi sembrava una storia interessante (e poi ci hanno fatto anche un film con Morgan Freeman) ma invece sono rimasta fregata. E quando un libro mi frega la delusione è ancora più forte.

    23. Having read some wonderful reviews, I had expected to really love this book. But I didn't. It was OK, but never grabbed me, never touched my emotions. Nice elderly couple with beloved dog at vet, selling and buying New York apartment, and a supposed terrorist who crashed his truck in a NY tunnel. Okay.

    24. Character CapturedWhat a great read. I almost never read a book twice but this one is so insightful and honest, that I will peruse its depths again. It is as though one could be looking at the wallpaper of their own mind being removed to reveal truth.

    25. A terrorist incident in NYC from the POV of an elderly married couple and their dog. This short novel is perfect for an airline flight or a rainy afternoon. Much credit goes to the author for a well-paced, beautifully crafted story that kept my imagination and interest piqued. 

    26. I loved this book! Short and so so sweet. I adore the older couple in this book and the fast-paced number of days we spend with them. So much stress and activity mixed with interior thoughts and well-crafted details.

    27. This was such a creative story! A very touching, funny, hopeful, loving and relevant novel. I love how the author wove so many themes together without it feeling choppy and confusing. I will definitely be recommending this book to everyone!

    28. What a wonderful book! Two old people and a small dog 🐕 living in NYC, where, as the retired school teacher 👩‍🏫 says, something is always happening. I hated to have the story end, and look forward to reading more of this author’s stories.

    29. I adored this but also couldn't stand how it ended. I needed just another few chapters. I loved getting Dorothy's perspective which was very refreshing.

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