Trigger Dr Kate Morrison doesn t know how or why someone would create human bombs that are triggered by touch But when Sergeant Andy Wyles blocks Kate from touching the patient who collapses in her Vancouver

  • Title: Trigger
  • Author: Jessica L. Webb
  • ISBN: 9781626396692
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr Kate Morrison doesn t know how or why someone would create human bombs that are triggered by touch But when Sergeant Andy Wyles blocks Kate from touching the patient who collapses in her Vancouver ER, Kate joins the investigation to demand answers, regardless of the danger As the two women work together to find those responsible for creating an army of human weapons,Dr Kate Morrison doesn t know how or why someone would create human bombs that are triggered by touch But when Sergeant Andy Wyles blocks Kate from touching the patient who collapses in her Vancouver ER, Kate joins the investigation to demand answers, regardless of the danger As the two women work together to find those responsible for creating an army of human weapons, Kate finds it increasingly difficult to ignore her feelings for the fiercely protective and unrelentingly perceptive cop The investigation escalates, and Kate gradually begins to trust Andy, not only with her safety but also with the difficult details of her past With lives at risk and her heart on the line, Kate must search for a way to defuse the bombs and save her patients, even as she questions the intensifying connection between herself and Andy.

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    1. Have you ever had a book that you read and it stays with you long after. The feeling lives under your skin like a shimmer and you cannot get it out of your head,well 'Trigger' was like this for me there was amazing writing from the first chapter all the way the ending with fantastic work by the author for taking such risk with her storyline by going this route because of the heighten danger in today's society just mentioning the word 'terrorist' Whats not to enjoy in this plotline with twists &a [...]

    2. Wow this was excellent! I'm actually shocked this is the first book by Webb, she writes like a seasoned pro. Not too mention, the imagination it must have taken to write this book. That is one of the things I enjoyed the most, I have never read anything like this before. I read a lot of LesFic, and unfortunately, unless a book is really great, I tend to forget about it. This book I will not be forgetting anytime soon.This book is action packed and an easy page turner. My only small complaint is [...]

    3. What's scarier than a person wearing a bomb? A person who IS a bomb! Completely organic. Absolutely undetectable. A weaponized human body that can be triggered by a simple touch. One such human walks into the Vancouver ER of chief resident, Dr. Kate Morrison. Unaware of any danger but sensing the man's need for immediate medical assistance, Kate proceeds to tend to him, until she is abruptly stopped by RCMP sergeant Andy Wyles from touching him.Kate is stunned at the sergeant's disclosure: there [...]

    4. Wow! This one was really intense from the beginning.Trigger is a romantic thriller packed with action and tension that will grab you and won't let go until the very end. A romantic story develops in the background, but it's very well-executed with exactly the right measure for this kind of story. The plot is completely original and extremely interesting. The story is written in third person, from the point of view of the protagonist Dr. Kate Morrison, and she is less involved in action and less [...]

    5. 5+ STARS Wow! Starting off the new year with a bang. Sorry, really, really bad pun. It's 2AM and I just finished a well written, action packed ride. Oh, sure as I was reading there were a few huh? really? moments but like other good books and movies you let it go and enjoy the ride. And enjoy it I did. Like a roller coaster, you just whooshed around and down and now you have a breather as the car makes its way up an incline but you don't know what will happen next - and at least once it's in the [...]

    6. Bombs in the forms of human beings! Whoa nelly, say that again. Yup, this book is about humans that are being turned into walking, talking bombs. Touch these poor souls and boom! Talk about freaking scary as hell. Trigger by first time author Jessica L. Webb is an action packed adventure. I started this book late one evening and read well into the night. This book grabbed my attention, and even though I needed to go to bed, I had a hard time putting it down. With that being said this book is fri [...]

    7. How do i rate this? The book may have been 5 stars, but the narration was 2 at best. And since I'm rating the audio book, I have to take that into consideration. It really is amazing how much power a narrator has over the enjoyment of a book, as well as the perceived quality of that book.

    8. As solid writing and thrillers go, this is more than good. The premise was an interesting one, the plot was a ride, there were unexpected twists, and the unpackaging of the story was great. Kate's character was well done and she's a great narrator to hear the story from. She's capable, warm, strong, fallible, and extremely intelligent.That said, I'm not sure how believable the whole trigger or science behind the trigger isrhaps it's plausible, and whether it is or isn't, you need to buy into it. [...]

    9. It's the kind of book that makes u unable to sleep until 3:30 am when you have a meeting at 8:30 am the next day. Yes it's that good :) loved every single thing about it !

    10. This is a superb mystery and suspense novel. The storyline is very clever and completely riveting. I loved every minute of reading this and enjoyed the fact that I had to concentrate a lot more than I usually do in most of the novels I read. Kate is an interesting and well-developed character. Even though the story is told from the third person point of view, it focusses more on Kate than on Andy. I'm hoping that in successive books we get to know Andy better. I'm also hoping that there is a lit [...]

    11. What a great read. Webb takes the idea that humans could be scientifically altered to become weapons and weaves that concept into a very believable and readable thriller. Dr. Kate Morrison brings new meaning to "hands on" when it comes to her mysterious ability to work with these dangerous altered humans. Mountie Sergeant Andy Wyles attempts to protect Kate while focused on the investigation and that proves challenging for the stoic officer. For a debut author, Jessica Webb does a great job of b [...]

    12. I found this to be a really good and interesting story, the concept of someone doing such a thing to their fellow human being was like wow. I liked Kate and Andy's characters a lot but I thought Jack was really sweet. The mystery of how the human "weapons" we're created and the purpose behind it was interesting, I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

    13. For a first novel, “Trigger” is particularly amazing. I’m glad to have listened to it, and I look forward to the sequel eventually appearing on Audible“Trigger” presents a very unique and interesting medical/terrorist thriller. The pace is very good, and held my interest. The story is presented from the point of the view of Dr. Kate Morrison, Chief Resident at a Vancouver hospital. Her love interest, Andy Wyles, is with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which of course brings to mind [...]

    14. Update: 21 April 2017Re-read this as a precursor to a whole of series binge.Still agree with my original 3.75 rating.I think this is the strongest book of the three so if this doesn't grab you I wouldn't bother with the other two.Original review: 27 March 2016Detailed score: 3.75Mystery / thrillers even with lezbean protagonists aren't usually my cup of tea but there is something just about Trigger that just makes it immensely readable. There is never a dull moment in this book and there was no [...]

    15. A really enjoyable read and original plot. I really enjoyed this story and the slow burn romance that was building between the two heroins. I will definitely read more by this author.

    16. I have to say this is the best action/thriller romance that I have read in the lesfic genre. It just felt that every aspect of this book was so well planned down to the smallest detail and that I wouldn't change a word in this book. There were many layers that I found it to be such an intriguing read. The storyline of trying to track down the people creating human bombs and looking at the science behind it so that they could dismantle the bomb instead of killing the people was so interesting and [...]

    17. I feel bad for giving this book a 3,5 rating, as it is much better than the average lesbian book, but there were some issues that I could not overlook.This is one of the best lesbian thrillers I've read; the writting of this novice author is excellent; however the love story is weak at best.Main traits of Andy's personality seem to be shaped by what her instructor taught her about power. Seems weak to me. Furthermore, we do not know how, when or why they fall in love with eachother, they just su [...]

    18. Wow! This was a very well written book with lots of thrilling action and great characters. I stayed up a little late last night and tonight to finish it. It's a page turner.

    19. God, what a book. I honestly have no complaints. There's nothing quite like such a well written mystery starring lesbians falling in love.The plot was really interesting. Reading the synopsis for the first time I worried that the whole "human bombs" thing could've been ridiculously unbelievable, but all the good reviews weren't lying: the author nailed it. My scientific knowledge might be just high school level but it was explained well enough to me and at some point I accepted I actually don't [...]

    20. Dr. Kate Morrison is the sort of ER doctor you really want if you’re wheel in on a gurney. Smart, efficient, and gutsy, she is in her element in the busy ER of a major hospital in Vancouver.One shift a chap collapses in the ER, and while clearly gravely ill, screams when anyone comes close and is terrified of being touched. And when the military barge into the ER and block anyone from touching the patient, Kate has no idea how to treat him.Sergeant Andy Wyles takes over the case, and explains [...]

    21. Really enjoyed this book. A page turner until the very end. I dare anyone not to fall in love with Dr. Kate Morrison.

    22. 4.5 starsI received a copy of this book from Inked Rainbow Reads in return for an honest review.Wow. Who knew female RMCP officers were so hot?! Okay, okay. That isn't the only thing I liked about this book, but it's a definite plus! But I loved the whole concept of this book. It seemed unique and refreshing. Human bombs that are triggered by the touch of another person on their skin. How would that even work? The explanation, late in the book, makes total sense, even though I don't think we lea [...]

    23. So My review *sighs*God , I don't even know how to express my disappointment.When I first read the synopsis of the book I was very excited by the prospective that the narrative had. So I looked at some reviews and saw that it had a good rating and I thought: "oh, this is going to be a good trip".Well Let's just say that the disappointment was big because inside my head I had put this book on a high list.In the first few chapters I thought: This is walking too fast But I decided to stop being s [...]

    24. What a page turner. Human bombs, suspense, romance, hot cop, hot doctor, likeable secondary characters, this book has it all.I really enjoyed this book for the fact that it was fairly different to any other lesfic book I've read. The idea that someone could make human bombs had me from the start. I can't believe that this book was the authors first, it certainly doesn't read like it.Kate(doctor) and Andy(cop) are thrown together when they begin working on a case involving humans who combust when [...]

    25. A must read!Let me start by saying that I am not going to tell what the story is about. This is impossible for me. You have to read the book yourself. I can assure you that it's more than worth it. This book is filled with bursts of adrenaline and excitement. Full of terrifying situations, determination, survival and non-stop action. A great cast of characters and I was drawn to them early on. They are vivid, strong, clever and they make this book come to life. Andy is my favorite. She is a kick [...]

    26. WoW gives a whole new look at using humans as an explosive device. I felt ever thrill, every setback not only invested in the main characters but also the ones that were taken against their will. I look forward to reading more from this author.Arc given by NetGalley for a honest review

    27. Need to disengage brain for this one. In many ways the plot line could have been lifted from Iron Man 3 and is just as full of holes.The writing was okay, struggled to get past the DC comics level of characterisation, evil characters and corruption. Set across the US Canadian cities of Vancouver and Seattle, having the Canadian element was interesting, but didn't make up for the plot.Instant attraction between the leads over a very condensed timeframe.Sigh

    28. I have been "triggered" with a chill and a thrill for this read. Two no nonsense leading ladies. Andrea Wyles and Kate Morrison. There is a huge difference between carrying a bomb and being a bomb. How that possibility was written made it appear to be a reality. The process of how the bombs were defused was quite remarkable. Excellent and engaging page turner

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