A Remarkable Mother

A Remarkable Mother A Remarkable Mother is President Carter s loving admiring wry homage to Miss Lillian Carter who championed the underdog always even when her son was president A registered nurse pecan grower uni

  • Title: A Remarkable Mother
  • Author: Jimmy Carter
  • ISBN: 9781416562450
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Remarkable Mother is President Carter s loving, admiring, wry homage to Miss Lillian Carter, who championed the underdog always, even when her son was president A registered nurse, pecan grower, university housemother, Peace Corps volunteer, public speaker, and renowned raconteur, Miss Lillian ignored the s and prejudices of the racially segregated South of the Gr A Remarkable Mother is President Carter s loving, admiring, wry homage to Miss Lillian Carter, who championed the underdog always, even when her son was president A registered nurse, pecan grower, university housemother, Peace Corps volunteer, public speaker, and renowned raconteur, Miss Lillian ignored the s and prejudices of the racially segregated South of the Great Depression years She was an avid supporter of the Brooklyn Dodgers because she happened to attend the first major league baseball game in which Jackie Robinson, from Cairo, Georgia, played , was a favored guest on television talk shows usually able to steal the microphone from hosts such as Johnny Carson and Walter Cronkite , and an important role model for the nation Jimmy Carter s mother emerges from this portrait as redoubtable, generous, and forward looking He ascribes to her the inspiration for his own life s work of commitment and faith.

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    1. 2012 REVIEW: What an amazing woman, mother, and humanitarian (went into the Peace Corps at 68!) she loved her family, Loved the community no matter what their color/ethnicity was and she loved her soap operas! Sad that her husband, 2 daughters, son Billy and her own life was cut short from pancreatic cancer.2015 REVIEW: I re-read this book once again. I'm the kid who loved watching The Homecoming and later on TV, The Walton's. The life the Carters lived in Georgia, was somewhat like Waltons. Jim [...]

    2. I throughly enjoyed reading this book about Mrs. Lillian. What a fascinating woman she was. It amazes me how much energy and spunk she had in her later years. There is one part of the book that I will share with you that I felt was very amusing:After Jimmy's inaugural speech,Press Secretary Jody Powell shouted, "Let's stay close together, and don't any of you talk to the press." Mama stopped and said, "Jody, you can go to hell. I'll talk to whom I please." she was immediately surrounded by telev [...]

    3. After reading several of President Carter's books, I recognize a few of the stories mentioned between these pages, but he includes lots of 'new' stories as well. The devotion he had for his mother did not cloud his perspective and the author is honest while being discreet about some of the adventures of 'Miss Lillian.' I hope I am half the woman she was if I am fortunate enough to live a long life.

    4. My Mother-in-law gave me this book to read! Excellent! Lillian Carter was indeed a remarkable mother and woman. Miss Lillian ignored prejudices, loved the Brooklyn Dodgers, was a favored guest on talk shows. She was generous to a fault and committed to great causes. Defintley a good, fast read.

    5. One of my all time favorite books. A must read.Jimmy's mother was simply amazing. Very simple and uncomplex.

    6. Every mother would relish a son who felt this way about her. What a remarkable writer and storyteller Jimmy Carter is!

    7. Short but satisfying book about former President Jimmy Carter's mother, "Miss Lillian" Carter. Many anecdotes and amusing stories about events during her entire life, particularly when, in her late 60s, she signed up for the Peace Corps and spent two years nursing the sick in a small village in India. She did not hold back on expressing her opinions and Carter tells about many of her blunt remarks she made to various people, which are hilarious. A loving memoir of, truly, a remarkable mother. ** [...]

    8. Despite the Political realm of the Carter family Lillian Carter has been depicted as a whimsical, open-minded woman, who knows how to be herself in all kinds of situations and whose son, Jimmy Carter, greatly benefited from her presence during his presidency. It's the kind of American tale you rarely hear of and the kind that gives you hope as you remember the family that you have and came from.overall, I'd read this once a year at least, to recreate that spark of inspiration within.

    9. Not a great piece of writing, but the strength and independence of Jimmy Carter's mother rivals any woman I've ever read about. She did some amazing things long before her son's name was even heard of and she continued to live her live uncompromisingly even after her actions became highly scrutinized and might affect her son's presidency and legacy. She was, indeed, remarkable.

    10. won autographed copy as door prize at CDC Watsonian Christmas Party. Finally read it this year and found it an interesting look at Jimmy Carter's mother. The writing style is simplistic and unsophisticated, I think I expected a more dynamic writing style, although in retrospect, not sure why I should have!

    11. This was an excellent book. Listened to the audio version w/ President Carter reading it. Very much loved hearing his stories about his mother. the title is most appropriate. very impressed with her efforts in India and her open mindedness. I imagine her son and family always miss her but what a great tribute.

    12. I enjoyed this book, mostly about Miss Lillian's years when she was young (through her 70s!). Jimmy Carter obviously idolizes her, but it was quite obvious that when he was president everybody spent some time crossing their fingers and hoping she wouldn't do or say something that would cause a big problem. She was quite a spunky person (understatement!!)

    13. The writing is not inspiring, but the story is. Lillian Carter is a fascinating woman. I am curious to read the collection of letters she wrote to her family while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in India. A quick and easy read.

    14. What a delightful little read-it-in-a-lazy-afternoon book! I've long admired Lillian Carter and this book written by son Jimmy is chock-full of anecdotes. She was an exceptional woman with a sharp tongue, loving heart and razor wit.

    15. Since his recent announcement of his battle with pancreatic cancer, I, like many other Americans feel a wave of nostalgia for a President once disdained. I bought this title for my remarkable mother and it was a delight.

    16. My mom made me read this book, but it was basically inoffensive and didn't depress me AT ALL. She is a pretty saucy lady, and reading this book was marginally more interesting than staring at people on the subway.

    17. This is a lovely portrait of a mother by a very remarkable man. She certainly accomplished a great deal for a woman of her time, or any time and it's clear that her very progressive approach to life had a profound impact on her son. I enjoyed.

    18. Jimmy Carter is one of the most amazing people currently alive. He has built a remarkable legacy, more so as an ex-president than as a president.

    19. Jimmy Carter has written a very revealing and heartfelt book about his amazing mother. She was a woman ahead of her time.

    20. My husband and I listened to this on a road-trip and found her to be an incredible woman. Loved that she joined the Peace Corps in her retirement.

    21. Quick read. Endearing look at a fascinating life. I learned a lot about what you can do with great spirit.

    22. All I can say is I love Miss Lillian! Doesn't matter if you are Republican or Democrat, she was a truly amazing woman and humanitarian. It is now easy to see where Jimmy gets it from.

    23. I've always admired Miss Lillian. Interesting and a fast read, but I didn't really feel I knew her any better after reading the book. A very "surface" treatment of her life, I felt.

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