Miss Amelia accalappia un duca

Miss Amelia accalappia un duca La zitella Amelia accetta una posizione da dama di compagnia per la propria zia un arrampicatrice sociale che sta progettando il suo prossimo matrimonio prima ancora di uscire dal lutto per il suo s

  • Title: Miss Amelia accalappia un duca
  • Author: Sandy Raven F. Rossi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • La zitella Amelia accetta una posizione da dama di compagnia per la propria zia, un arrampicatrice sociale che sta progettando il suo prossimo matrimonio, prima ancora di uscire dal lutto per il suo secondo marito E l uomo a cui sua zia sta dietro non altri che il facoltoso vedovo, il duca di Caversham.A una festa a cui partecipano sia il duca che la zia, Amelia rimaneLa zitella Amelia accetta una posizione da dama di compagnia per la propria zia, un arrampicatrice sociale che sta progettando il suo prossimo matrimonio, prima ancora di uscire dal lutto per il suo secondo marito E l uomo a cui sua zia sta dietro non altri che il facoltoso vedovo, il duca di Caversham.A una festa a cui partecipano sia il duca che la zia, Amelia rimane inorridita davanti al comportamento della sua parente, quindi decide di nascondersi nella biblioteca e nel giardino del suo ospite per tutta la durata della loro visita Durante una passeggiata di sera, nel labirinto, incontra un signore di una certa et , che la intriga e la eccita Fugge via senza saperne il nome, solo per incrociarlo di nuovo in biblioteca qualche giorno dopo, dove, con enorme stupore di Amelia, lui la bacia E lei restituisce il bacio Amelia e il duca vengono sorpresi nel loro abbraccio appassionato dalla zia Imbarazzata per il proprio comportamento libertino, Amelia fugge dalla stanza credendo che lui l abbia usata per evitare la megera Dopo aver affrontata quest ultima, il duca fa ci che crede sia la cosa pi onorevole da fare, e progetta di sposare Amelia.Solo che non glielo chiede Miss Amelia accalappia un duca il prequel della trilogia Le cronache di Caversham , di cui gi disponibile online il libro, La sposa di Caversham.Le successive uscite Libro secondo Gi sua , disponibile dal settembre 2015Libro terzo L a di Sarah , disponibile dal dicembre 2015Libro quarto La signora di Lucky , disponibile dal febbraio 2016

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    1. I read two of the other books in this series and have to say I need to go back and refresh my memory. I really enjoyed this book for what it was. The story is about the Duke of Caversham or Marcus. Widowed for 10 years, he swears he will never marry again. This sounds like a typical historical romance but what makes it different is the age difference between Marcus and Amelia.Amelia is soon to be 29 years old and following her fathers death becomes a companion for her horrible aunt. It is actual [...]

    2. When purchasing the box set Scandalous Summer Nights in which there are seven stories by seven different romance authors I did not know if I would find one or two stories I would like. I have to say I am not disappointed with my purchase, most of the stories in the box set are wonderful. Now having said that let me tell you my thoughts on Sandy Raven's novella, Miss Amelia Lands a Duke, which is a prequel to her series the Caversham Chronicles.The heroine of our story is Ms. Amelia Manners-Sutto [...]

    3. Amelie and Cav/Marcus. Amelie was not your usual miss. For one, she is 28 and therefore totally on the shelf. For another, she does not simper or get starry eyed. She's practical with no false idea of her place yet she's also no push over. She's been treated like dirt by her aunt for the last time. Her aunt, well now there's a strange character. Still not sure what to make of her. If I were Marcus I would have made her life a misery just out of principal. Amelie is dragged to a house party by he [...]

    4. So a prequel to the Caversham chronicles, which I have read, now may have to go back and read how this marriage turned out. Another free book which turned out well. Just a little misunderstanding, but did not dwell too long. A poor spinster of 29, companion to a terrible aunt, meets a man in the garden. They have a lovely time, but she later finds out he is the Duke her aunt is pursuing. Marcus is 52 and has been a widower for 10 years. He did not think he would remarry, but something about Amel [...]

    5. Well told, but never have been and never would be a fan of instant love. I do like the idea of the older gentleman getting smitten with a significantly younger spinster. Could have been better had it been a full length novel.

    6. 2.5 starsIt is difficult to build character relationships in a novella, and this one did not. It was melodramatic and unbelievable. I liked the concept, but the book did not work for me. It is a good thing the story was short, or I would probably have not made it all the way through it.

    7. really unbelievable premise. Orphan with no way to take care of herself, meets a handsome Duke and after one conversation, he kisses her and wants to marry her. She says no, because they don't know each other. come on she's 28 and a spinster, but he thinks she's luscious and must have her. then a lot of sex. I guess it doesn't take much to write a "romance".

    8. Some book are just OK. I though plot and character a bit off. A little 'too', as well. So I finished it because it's short, otherwise I think not.

    9. Miss Amelia Lands a Duke by Sandy Raven is a 2014 publication. This set up sounds great, but for some reason the story fell flat for me. Amelia is a strong woman who takes a position as a paid companion for her Aunt Katherine after her parents die and her brother goes missing. Yet, it would seem Katherine is in financial straights herself and has set her sites on snaring the Duke of Caversham. Forcing her way, with Amelia in tow, to a party where the duke is in attendance, her plans backfire in [...]

    10. A short and sweet story despite the tragic end for these two lovers. In Caversham's Bride you'll learn what happens.Marcus, the 8th Duke of Caversham lost his beloved Lizzie ten years ago. He never thought to marry again for he was sure there was never to be a woman who made his feel the way his Lizzie did.Amelia, a young lady with impressive bloodlines yet destitute and in the service of her aunt who is a wretched piece, arrives.After meeting her in the garden he is intrigued, and caught, by th [...]

    11. Okay readI found this book to be an okay read. The story was easy to follow and seemed pretty well planned out. My biggest complaint is that it lacked depth. There were so many things touch we d on but never expanded on. Also, the author needed a good Thesaurus, if I had read "his bride to be" or " her husband to be" one more time, I think I would have scrapped the whole thing. How about betrothed or fiance.

    12. An insipid heroine and a high handed Duke (of course he's a Duke) fall in love after exchanging three sentences worth of dialog, then get married and have a baby. This felt written by a rule book; there's no personality, style, or point to it.

    13. Nothing happensI was aware this was a prequel and thought to read the first book of the series after, but now not interested. As for plot, nothing actually happens; as for style, it tells and does not show. It is mostly just characters' thoughts, then they talk about their feelings sometimes repeating the same topic. The prose discussing the intimate scenes are coarse and awkward. As for characterization, the heroine sounds like a stubborn child not an almost thirty year old would be spinster. T [...]

    14. So engaging!I think this is the best book I've read all year! I was completely engaged from word 1. The storyline was so believable and the characters so relatable. This book has more substance than most books set in this time period, and it was refreshing to not have to endure simpering, jealous debutantes and spoiled nobles trying to take advantage of them! (Although those have their places, too!) There were minor conflicts, and they were believable, relatable, and attention keeping. Overall t [...]

    15. Es una historia de amor muy simple para pasar el rato. Es una precuela de una saga de novela romántica, así que no esperaba mucho de esta historia, lo que si me sorprendió fue la edad de nuestro protagonista ya que se trata de un hombre mayor. La narración resulto algo confusa en momento no sé si se debe a la traducción ya que la leí en español o así está narrada originalmente. Las escenas de sexo muy bien logradas… me gustaron bastante.

    16. Awesome ReadI so liked the read. How the main characters met, how they feel in love. By the freedom of her, being so bold in that era of time. Having a Duke being so opened minded.The one thing though I was disappointed was the story bot ling enough. I was waiting for her Aunt to cause problems. But the story is what it is. I look forward to reading more from this author.Very talented, the story kept me captivated.

    17. You have been blessThis is your destiny it hard work and not all are bless to capture their readers attention. But as this is a hobbies and I read more books than you could never imagine in all eras I know I could never be a writer but I can give a honest review. Beautiful and I enjoy every page. I wish you continue success and I will be browsing your library. P.s. Read it short and sexy with no cliffhanger. DH from New York City

    18. This is a nice quick, nice and easy read. I like the May-Dec romance. Which is not unusual for the era and same to have a quick love match. I liked the characters and the story line. Well written for a short story. It could have been more if it were longer, however I know it is the start of a series. I look forward to reading rest of the books I enjoyed reading this story.

    19. Simplemente ¡lo amé!Me súper encantó.Es una novela que tiene todo: amor, pasión, erotismo, romanceAdemás de estar muy bien escrita, los personajes están muy bien formados y te enamoran. ¡Cav me enamoró! Y Amelia es simplemente fantástica.La lectura es amena, ágil y no podés parar de leerla.¡La súper recomiendo!

    20. If what you are looking for is steamy regency Romance, then this is possibly the book for you.However, be warned, the sex (not the love making) pretty much drives the story and motivation of the protagonists. Otherwise, the secondary characters are a bit on the overdrawn side.

    21. I enjoyed reading about Amelia and Cav. But I skipped the sex scenes, they didn't add anything to the story. Otherwise I thought it was well read.

    22. it was okI liked it but just not that much I found myself getting bored with it and I couldn't wait to be done with it.

    23. I really enjoyed this little novella. It's only about 150 pages in length, but the author managed to pack whole lot of story in those few pages. FYI, this is the prequel novella to Ms. Raven's CAVERSHAM CHRONICLES. Each of the three books in the series, tell the stories of Marcus' son and daughter from his first marriage, and his and Amelia's (the H and H of this book) daughter, Sarah. Those books are, in order of publication, Caversham's Bride); Already His; and Loving Sarah. The story that unf [...]

    24. ***eBook is available for free on ***Amelia travels to a country party as her aunt’s companion, while the woman tries to snare a duke. While exploring a maze in order to clear her head, Amelia stumbles upon a handsome, older-than-her gentleman, but flees before they’re introduced.The next night, she once more stumbles upon the man, this time in the library, where he kisses her, and, once her aunt discovers them, Amelia learns the gentleman whose kiss she’s been enjoying is the duke her aun [...]

    25. Miss and Sir, an introduction to love!Miss Amelia, paid companion to her maternal Aunt Catherine, a greedy, immoral widow just coming out of "mourning" from her second marriage to an elderly but wealthy peer, is on the hunt again, specifically for the Duke of Caversham. To the horror of her niece, Lady Catherine crashes an intimate house party where she knows he will be. Afterarrival, Amelia takes a walk to let off some steam and is overheard talking to herself about the few, unappealing options [...]

    26. This a hard review for me to write, because I really enjoyed the idea of this prequel novella. A young woman from the lower echelons of society and an older gentleman from the upper echelons of society falling in love. Howeverere wasn't any real conflict or development of a relationship.Everything happens in the space of a week and even the epilogue doesn't resolve any of the issues they were actually facing. Based on the first novel in the series, (view spoiler)[it's clear this couple doesn't g [...]

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