Trained Brendon is too young to be letting himself go Overweight and desperate for a change he goes where everyone goes for advice these days the Internet That s where he finds Jared Jared has an offer too

  • Title: Trained
  • Author: N.M. Pratt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Brendon is too young to be letting himself go Overweight and desperate for a change, he goes where everyone goes for advice these days, the Internet That s where he finds Jared Jared has an offer too good for Brendon to pass up a free training program to help him build his clientele What starts out as workout routines, and meal plans, slowly turns into friendship, allBrendon is too young to be letting himself go Overweight and desperate for a change, he goes where everyone goes for advice these days, the Internet That s where he finds Jared Jared has an offer too good for Brendon to pass up a free training program to help him build his clientele What starts out as workout routines, and meal plans, slowly turns into friendship, all before they ever meet in person Jared may be straight but will Brendon be able to resist his sexy trainer and friend when they finally meet and spend a night out under The Bay Lights in San Francisco Or maybe a better question is, will a confused Jared be able to resist Brendon

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    1. Removing a half star on the reread - 4.5 stars.Seriously, I hope this author has some back stories for me to read, because I'm going on a hunt as soon as I finish this.This was, hands down, the best out-for-you book that I've ever read. It took the clichéd gay man's fantasy of turning his straight best friend to the dark side, but completely nailed it in a way I couldn't have expected.Brendan and Jared meet in an online forum when Brendan wants to lose weight and be healthier. Jared loves to he [...]

    2. This was a sweet and enjoyable read, but I wasn't wowed by it. I thought there was too much telling and not enough on-page time with the MCs together. Yes, they texted and talked on the phone, but they saw each other just once. The steam came late and abruptly. The epilogue was lovely, though, and I really liked both MCs.Also, and this is probably just me, but I was a fitness trainer for a few years while working on my graduate degree, and Jared's get-fit plan for Brendon was vague at best. Cons [...]

    3. Is this a debut for this author? Wow! I really enjoyed this one. For a GFY story, it's very convincing. I'm always skeptical when approaching a GFY plot and rarely do I buy into it completely. This is one of those rare instances. Brendon and Jared's story is one that I found very plausible. Bravo, Ms. Pratt!There were a few editing issues but nothing major and nothing that pulled me out of the story. There was one scene that bugged me a little. (view spoiler)[“What are you doing here?” Brend [...]

    4. 3.5 Stars!This was a pretty decent read. It didn't have me allbut it was good. The text exchanges being my favorite part. The MCs don't spend much time as a coupleor even in the same city for that matter. But both were pretty likable guys. Low steam levels I would sayd things got a bit cheesy there towards the end. But I would read more from this author.

    5. It was the worst case scenario, pining over someone who you could never have. - Brendan. If I could find you in girl form, I think I've have my soul mate. - JaredBrendan and Jared first meet online, as Jared offers exercise and nutritional support to Brendan who is looking to lose weight and get in shape. Over the course of a year, Brendan and Jared move from client/trainer to good friends as they daily banter online, and best friends as they talk on the phone for hours. Then they finally meet f [...]

    6. 3.5 starsI liked this book but didn't love it. It was a hard book to suspend disbelief with. The fact that these two never texted each other a picture until they met in person 6 months after meeting online was pretty far-fetched, especially since one was a trainer and the other an overweight young man trying to get into shape. The epilogue rocked hard, so it gets an extra half star to round up to 4 on GR.

    7. (Sorry, my brain is fried from one long-assed day of calls at work, so keeping this review super-short.)This story was aiming for 5 stars, until Jared's second trip to San Francisco, after which the story felt different, less believable and much more sugary sweet for my tastes.And the epilogue, yeah, I needed a Big Gulp full of milk to get that down.But it was still very good, mostly, so 4 stars.-----------------------------------------------This book is *FREE* with Kindle Unlimited membership.S [...]

    8. Una novella sin muchas pretensiones que cumple su función. No lo llamaría GFY después de lo que dice Jared al final, aunque supongo que se puede encuadrar ahí o en OFY (más bien esto últiimo).Dejando a un lado este tema del GFY o OFY (del que no soy nada nada fan), si las etiquetas son o no necesarias, cada uno tiene su opinión, la novella me ha parecido muy entretenida y muy agradable de leer, con una pareja protagonista muy dulce y muchos sentimientos de todo tipo. Recomendable para pas [...]

    9. Wow. I went into to this one with no expectations. It's a debut for the author, and what a debut it is. It's a very realistic and convincing GFY, which let's be real, is really hard to pull off successfully. Maybe it's just me but I bought it hook, line, and sinker from the very first page to the very last. The relationship built up beautifully, the story is original, and the emotions jump off the page. I'm giving it ☆☆☆☆☆ because it made me feel like I was not just invested in the sto [...]

    10. This book suffered the misfortune of being my first read after the incredible "The weight of it all." it was my mistake, really. I was really digging the fitness trope and thought, why not? And it wasn't bad, but the writing style wasn't particularly inspiring to me and it seemed as though the characters existed in a vacuum. There was Brendon's one friend that occasionally made an appearance and a couple of family moments, but, other than that, it was Brendon and Jared texting for Brendon's work [...]

    11. I got so much more bang for my buck with this new to me author. Who would have thought a freebie from an unknown author would be so good??? This is gay for you done right!! The subject matter was very timely as I'm always trying to lose weight and can't seem to win that battle. Maybe I need a Jared in my life. I love how Brenden and Jared's friendship developed. I loved the questions Jared asked to satisfy his curiosity. I especially love that Brenden could be a take charge guy even though he in [...]

    12. ~3.5 Stars~So much to be liked about this book, and a lot to be frustrated by, but in the end I gave it the bump in stars because of the epilogueriously, talk about sweet!!

    13. I loved everything about this book. I loved how they got to know each other for so long by only texting and talking and not meeting face to face. Everything just developed naturally with them, from strangers to best friends to loving each other despite all the obstacles. This was about finding your best friend and soul mate and not about what people label you as or how you may see yourself because of society. Even Jared's reaction, as heart wrenching it was to see him walk away, seemed natural t [...]

    14. 3.5-You-Love-Me-For-Me StarsI really liked this book. I love Gay-For-You stories, have a fondness for personal trainer/client romances, and ADORE love stories that play out through letters, texts, emails, phone calls, etc. The story is told in 3rd-person narrative from the perspective of our gay, slightly overweight hero, Brendon, who is living in San Francisco. He chats online with a personal trainer/model, Jared, who is living in L.A is straight and has a girlfriend. Brendon becomes Jared's lo [...]

    15. I enjoyed this, it was a pretty sweet read and well written without any real editing mistakes or typos which, after some of the stuff I've read in the last month or so is a real joy!I liked both characters, but there was very definitely an element of "suspend disbelief" while reading it which isn't necessarily a bad thing and I do love a hopeful story which ends up with a HEA, but for a while just not much was going on other than a fair bit of telling the reader what was happening rather than sh [...]

    16. This is a really slow burn, friends to lovers story. I really enjoyed the texts between Jared and Brendon. I liked how they formed a really close friendship without having met each other. Watching their relationship grow was was deliciously sweet. It got a little too sweet for my taste towards the end, and the epilogue was positively saccharine (toothache anyone?!), but over all a good debut and an enjoyable read.

    17. Wow. I did not expect to be that good. It flowed really well. God, I loved their banter. It was funny. They're mostly doing the conversation through the phone. They never met before. And when they met, sparks fly. (view spoiler)[What I disliked : I just wish that Jared had done some groveling. He's forgiven so easily (hide spoiler)]This book was told from Brendon's POV, fast paced, and ended in HEA.

    18. -3.5-I liked this one. I found that I had to suspend disbelief at times, and the writing was sometimes awkward and stilted (for example referring to themselves as "the kissing men"?) but all in all it was a nice debut. My favorite part was the texts. I'd read something from this author again.

    19. This was exactly what I was looking for. A feels-good-low-angst/slow-burn story. Friends to lovers. Self-discovering. *sigh* such a sweet story! Brendon is a 22 years old guy who isn’t happy with his body. He’s determined to get in shape because if he can’t catch a man with his glowing personality, he’ll do it with his killer body. That’s what leads him to enter in a health chat room where he meets Jared who turns out to be exactly what Bren wanted. Someone that will hold him accountab [...]

    20. I love stories where they meet online or have a text or chatting relationship that evolves. These two meet in an online forum and Jared becomes Brendon's long distance trainer. As the weeks go by, their texting slowly evolves from client/trainer to more friendly interactions. As they get to know each other better their relationship continues to evolve until they become each other's best friend. All without ever knowing what the other man looks like.Brendon knows he is just asking for heartache b [...]

    21. This was a "nope" for me. I'm totally in the minority, but this didn't entertain me at all. I struggled to get through it and was bored for most of the story.

    22. 4.5 stars!Review to come :D~*~I really enjoyed this. Brendon is somewhat overweight at the start of the story, so he goes online to a health chatroom thing and gets a trainer that way, which is not something I've ever thought about, getting a trainer online, which made this immediately interesting. I admit I enjoy stories where the two love interests meet online and get to know each other before they ever see each other. That tactic worked well with this story, because before Brendon ever saw ho [...]

    23. *Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*"I always thought that the person I could see myself growing old with would have to be my friend first."This book had so many amazing quotes, it was difficult choosing just one but that one was the one that made me AWW and tear up the most. It's exactly how I feel when it comes to relationships.Pratt became one of my favorite authors after reading this treasure of a book! I even raved about it to my brother as soon as I finished. M/M romance is the [...]

    24. I loved everything about this book. I loved how Brendon and Jared first met. I love a great insta-love story but I love a slow burn one too. A lot of their first interactions were over the computer and phone. I loved how their love snuck up on them. They first started as trainer/client then moved into friendship and as they learned more about each other a deeper friendship and then into love. This was such a sweet read and I loved both Brendon and Jared, and I felt for Jared as he tried to figur [...]

    25. This was cute. I actually loved how they met and fell in love without even meeting face to face. Everything was through texts and phone. It made my heart happy.I loved Brendon and his personality. Jared was okay, too, but Brendon made this story.Since this was told only from Brendon's POV, I think I lost a little of Jared. I wanted to know what was going on in his head during the rough patches. I wanted to know how he felt when he kissed a man for the first time. I wanted to know what he was thi [...]

    26. Guy meets trainer online. Guy befriends trainer online. Guy and trainer are now best friends Online. Guy falls in love with trainer online. Wait! They meet in person. Once. So in love. But the trainer is straight. I know this sounds so awful. But it was kinda cute. Poor guy was a mess. And yeah, I could see that they were good friends first. The MC is a really nice guy with a big heart. He found someone he could really click with. What worked for me, because this normally wound not have, was tha [...]

    27. As far as m/m goes, this is my favorite genre. Not sure why I love the gay guy/straight guy storyline but it always gets me.I really enjoyed Trained because of the build up. Brendan and Jared truly knew each other before they decided to begin any sort of relationship. It was cautious and not rushed and I loved that! Thank you, N.M. Pratt for trusting me with a beta copy of this great read!

    28. What a nice story. Everything flowed really well and I loved the pace the author used to tell the story of these two men. Really lovely.

    29. What a surprisingly great short read. I honestly thought this was a delicious romantic, gay for you, friends to lover’s book. I thought the storyline flowed so well and was not rushed at all. I loved how it was written so realistically with all the hesitance and vulnerability portrayed in the Main Characters.This is the story of Brendon who has realized he is no longer happy about his appearance and wants to do something about it. He knows he needs someone to push him daily but a personal trai [...]

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