Leaps and Bounce

Leaps and Bounce Change comes to all who grow Even tiny tadpoles Follow them as they start out as small rounded eggs and then sprout wiggly tails before leaping their way into the big wide world

  • Title: Leaps and Bounce
  • Author: Susan Hood Matthew Cordell
  • ISBN: 9781423152347
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Change comes to all who grow Even tiny tadpoles Follow them as they start out as small, rounded eggs, and then sprout wiggly tails, before leaping their way into the big wide world

    One thought on “Leaps and Bounce”

    1. A great concept beautifully realized. This book delivers the facts about the frog life cycle in perfect picture book style. The words are fun, designed for read aloud and just right for the preschool set. The details about eggs, tadpoles, and adult frogs are woven into the text with sensory words and onomatopoeia. My one complaint was the foldouts. The format was meant to engage, surprise, and echo the bouncy theme, but the foldouts are not consistently placed, making it difficult for the target [...]

    2. I liked the random rhyming in this book. Normally I don't like randomness like that in a children's book but it works well here. I enjoyed the illustrations and the story is easy enough to follow. I think there are some concepts that would need a little explanation to younger readers.

    3. With its lyrical text and a refrain of "changes come to all who grow" and lively illustrations, this picture book will make for a fun read aloud. It follows the life cycles of frogs and has fold out pages to deliver some surprises.

    4. A good informational book about frogs. Explains and illustrates from tadpole growing to be a matured frog. Good rhyme scheme as well.

    5. It would have been helpful for this book to use scientific terms relating to the life cycle of a frog. Without them, the story feels vague and thin. The refrain of "changes come to all who grow" is also not specific enough for young readers to connect with it. Another problem is the pages that open into large four-panel spreads. They make the page turns awkward, especially in the second-to-last instance, where the phrase "going going gone" is divided between a spread that must be folded out and [...]

    6. One of the first sounds signaling a shift in the seasons is the raised voices of spring peepers. When their symphony shatters the night's silence, it's a song of renewal. As nature's alarm system their vigilance is unparalleled. As soon as an intruder is noticed their chorus stops. Their coloring keeps them very well camouflaged among the forests and nearby wetlands. If you are fortunate, remain still and quiet for a long time, you may have some of them as youngsters, or one of their relatives, [...]

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed this informative and educational picture book about the life cycle of frogs. This book has the ability to make learning fun and interesting for those who read this book. The illustrations help provide a visual support system for the story, enabling the reader to physically see what happens to the frogs as they grow. The reader will absolutely want to read this book from start to finish, to see the full (and wondrous) transformation of the frog. Additional note: I recently re [...]

    8. Lively text and illustrations pair perfectly with the theme of this book, we change as we grow. Hood has used a rhyme of wonderfully active words, curl, unfurl, zipper-zappers, whippersnappers and Cordell's illustrations of bubbles turning into tadpoles and ultimately frogs are full of swirls and leaps and pages unfolding to more visual surprises. Green abounds here to add to the joyous mood. There's even a bit of counting. Good for science, for life cycles, for water animals (see the ducks and [...]

    9. A playful, rhyming text that introduces readers to the life cycle of the frog-- "Round and spotted, polka-dotted, eggs aboard a bubble boat--Watch them dip and dive and float"--and how every living thing changes as it grows. This would be great for reading aloud in the k-1 classroom- lots of opportunities to play with language as well as learn content--for fun or as part of a unit of study. Would pair nicely with Fabulous Frogs by Martin Jenkins.

    10. Rhyming text describes the metamorphosis of tadpoles into frogs and the excitement this process unleashes in the pond they live in.Artwork includes many foldout pages and is just the right mix of cartoony style to support the text. This is a great book for classroom or storytime use and though it might be hard to physically control the foldout pages in an audience setting, I'm still going to recommend it as a read aloud for PreK-2.

    11. With words and illustrations as lively as the subject, Hood and Cordell take us through a creature's journey from egg to frog. The bright and animated illustrations pair well with the fun, sing-songy words. This text has a great theme that jumps from the pond and into our own lives.(Review Copy received from Publisher)

    12. Author Susan Hood's rhyme is simply amazing, and Matthew Cordell's illustrations of the pond inhabitants are the perfect pairing. What a fun and funny book! The foldouts add to the interest and and are a physical fit to the topic of tadpoles' growth to frog-hood. Lively language, sweet refrain.

    13. Leaps and Bounce is an entertaining look at the life cycle of a frog. Told through lovely rhyme, this story doesn't shy away from sophisticated vocabulary yet the illustrations support children's understanding of the concepts covered.

    14. This is a cute rhyming picture book about the life cycle of the frog. Fun illustrations on fold-out pages will make this book a lot of fun for young readers.

    15. "Because as sure as breezes blow, changes come to all who grow."With rhyming text, the author describes the changes that amphibians go through as they grow.

    16. Bouncy fun, simultaneously showing the lifecycle of a frog, and reassuring children that change and growth is okay.

    17. rhyme and sing song about the life cycle of a frog from tadpole to four bouncing legs. Cute but a little long but kids will like the pages that fold out.

    18. Cute idea, but if I bought this book for my libraries the fold-out pages would be destroyed very quickly.

    19. Jaunty story in rhyme depicts the life cycle of frogs featuring energetic, humorous illustrations and entertaining gatewfolds. Sure to be a storytime fave.

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