One thought on “The Art of Uncharted 4”

  1. This book is undoubtedly one of the best game art books I've ever read. As usual Naughty Dog never disappoint their fans. It's quite obvious that ND has maintained close collaboration with the Dark Horse publications with this title as well the ones before it. They the leave anything out. early sketches, environment & character design cycles, background information, final renders, you name it. It's all in there. Do not miss this book if you're a fan of Uncharted series or even better Naughty [...]

  2. I wanted more!At first it seems like there is so little information but when you read it ,it seems enough but I wanted more! like more about Rafe or even Sam! but it was good:) not fantasticbut good.

  3. A stunning visual display of the work one can come to know and expect from Naughty Dog. The studio houses some of my favorite artists in the world, and this book (and the other "Art of" books from Naughty Dog) is a shining example.The only gripe I have with the book is accrediting the artists. The artists are rightly credited, as far as I know, however as someone who works in production, I know the processes and how many people have a hand in the images in the book getting created. I feel that t [...]

  4. I bought the special edition of the game that comes with a mini artbook so I was worried there wouldn't be much new material but there's lots! I don't want to pay monthly for online yet so I haven't seen the online characters; the multiplayer character art in the book was surprising and beautiful. I love all the character art, however I'm more of a character person than a scenery person so more character sketches and less scenery would make it 5/5 for me. And some more art of Rafe in particular. [...]

  5. Absolutely beautiful work yet again from Naughty Dog.Unlike a few others who wanted a more in-depth description through text, I was more than happy with that amount of work on display - with just the lengthy introduction.This series has always inspired me both as an artist and as a visual storyteller - but it has also inspired me to learn more about history in general.Another reference book for the future.10/10

  6. While I wish there was some more behind the scenes commentary to discuss how the game transformed and came together during development, the art book is still packed with gorgeous art and fantastic concepts. It's great to see what could have been and what came to be from the art and design standpoint.

  7. This was simply excellent and is the perfect collectible for any fan of the Uncharted series, especially A Thief's End! It's just more proof that the people on the Naughty Dog team are some of the most creative and imaginative artists in the industry, and how important environmental storytelling is for gameplay. I loved this so much.

  8. The game was a master piece and this book shows what art went behind it. Seeing the concept art for some of the great scenes was quite charming. The final scenes really captured the essence or did better than the art.

  9. It didn't have as much rough sketches and storying boarding as I had hoped it would have. I did appreciate that they spoke about the different decisions they made to make the 4 games match and how to end the game series in a way that made sense and gave the feeling of closure.

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