Evergreen : a novel

Evergreen a novel Evergreen a Novel By Belva Plain hard Cover Hardcover

  • Title: Evergreen : a novel
  • Author: Belva Plain
  • ISBN: 011460097X
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Evergreen a Novel By Belva Plain hard Cover 1978 Hardcover

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    1. This is one of my favorite books of all time. My mother gave me a copy when I was a teenager and I stayed up late many nights reading under the covers long after I should have been asleep. It is a sweeping family saga full of characters you care about, and whom you will miss when you put this book back on the shelf. Anna, Paul and Joseph are real people with real flaws, a refreshing change from the perfect protagonists that Danielle Steele is famous for (and who happen to bug the heck out of me) [...]

    2. I could see why some might like this. Sometimes you're in the mood for a long trashy wallow, and this could deliver it. Here you have nearly 700 pages of eye-straining small font about a Polish Jew, Anna, who comes to America not long after the turn of the 20th Century in the years before World War I. She starts out living with her cousin on Hester street, and I imagine many might have seen the stories of their own grandmothers and great-grandmothers in Anna when this was published. I can unders [...]

    3. There are books that may not be written with great 'literary' style, but which are nevertheless written with a talent for good, sincere storytelling. EVERGREEN is one such novel, and it belongs on a shelf with similar novels such as Colleen McCullough's THE THORN BIRDS and Rosamund Pilcher's THE SHELL SEEKERS, wonderfully entertaining family sagas spanning generations and often continents as well, peopled with colorful characters and chronicling the universal joys and sorrows of life.There are t [...]

    4. EVERGREENBelva PlainI'm not quite sure how I become obsessed with reviewing the "Golden Oldies"! But, I'm definitely hooked, so you can bear with me or ignore me.EVERGREEN is a modern classic saga of the courageous immigrants who faced gigantic odds and came to America. Anna Friedman transfixes us with her passion, determination and passion. She and her family survive war, tragedy, secrets and forbidden love, bittersweet and evergreen.A beautifully written book with a magnificent story that swee [...]

    5. ****One of the best books I've ever read.****This is the book I've been looking for. Following one character through their entire lives, 705 pages, and the story never dragging. Secondary characters so powerful in their own right, they feel like people you know. History woven effortlessly into the fiction. This book hit all the right notes.I'm sorry it's over. It is the first in a series though and I own the next book, so that tempers my book hangover.If you're even slightly interested in a book [...]

    6. I just loved this book. The characters were so real to me and getting to know each of them made me want to know more about them. Anna, yearning for a more and better life, flees Poland to go to America. She comes to New York and moves in to live with cousin Ruth and husband, Solly Levinson, 4 children and 6 boarders. She worked sewing to make a living. She went to a school to learn more and met a wonderful teacher, Ms. Thorne. Becoming restless with sewing, Anna found a job as a maid in the home [...]

    7. I started reading this book because I got the book "Complete Idiot's Guide The Ultimate Reading List". It was the first book on the Popular fiction list. I vaguely remembered seeing it before but it looked like my kind of book - big, juicy, multi-generational saga.It is. Following Anna as she grows up in Europe, comes to America, and has the whole immigrant experience. Living in the poor Jewish section of New York, going to work as a maid in a wealthy household (attracting the attention of the s [...]

    8. This is a beautiful story about family and generations of family, of loss of life and bringing new life to the world. It's romance, historical, literary, and all of the above, all wrapped up in this long book, which took me 2 1/2 days. A great read! I believe I saw the TV mini-series of this long time ago.

    9. 3.5 stars. This 700 page saga started off great. We learn of Anna who is Polish and who has heard of America (yeah i know, the age old tale of the last 100 years) and after losing both her parents and a couple of siblings she does make it there. She stays with a cousin and works for a rich family and meets Paul. But at the same time she's also dating a guy named Joseph. She marries Joseph and starts a family but had a definite thing for Paul. She runs into him when she went to ask to borrow mone [...]

    10. Belva Plain has been one of my favorite authors since my teenage years. After reading this book againI remembered why Belva Plain is one of my favorite authors. I HAD to get her ENTIRE collection, and read them all again, start to finish.This one starts Anna's life/journey. Her parents migrate to the USA for a better life. The book follows her throughout her life. Her love and family bond is the most important thing to her. She'll do ANYTHING to protect it. She falls in love with a rich man, and [...]

    11. One of my all-time favorite family sagas!!We follow Anna as young girl in Poland to the US and through her long life. As time passes, you meet many different family members and get to live their experiences as well. I didn't always agree with their choices, but I thoroughly enjoyed the journey! Although this is a novel, it has some deep and insightful writing. I often found myself identifying with the thoughts and feelings of the characters. I've read this book several times, and each time I hav [...]

    12. I selected this book based on the recommendation as a Family Saga. Many things about this book are similar to The Thornbirds. I love sweeping stories that cover long periods of time, like And Ladies of the Club, Gone With the Wind, The Thornbirds, Roots, As the Crow Flies, and The House of the Spirits. While I definitely enjoyed this book, any of the aforementioned titles are more substantial and riveting reading along the same lines. Evergreen is easy to read, entertaining, but fairly forgetta [...]

    13. Okay, so when I first started this book I thought it would be an epic about the courage and spirit that comes shining through as people face the hardships that life has to offer. As it turned out it is not all that deep and has a real soap opera feel to it. Yuck, disappointment abounds. Slam! (that was the book closing in frustration) No I am not finishing it. It is a waste of time and there are good things to read all around. So it is onward for me.

    14. I remember sitting on a couch by the fire in a cabin up at Lake Tahoe reading this book, for I had been asked to come along with a family in order to baby-sit their children. It was a generational book that I picked up after reading “The Thorn Birds.” I loved it just as much, and that is all I recall, and I probably remember it because I also loved being in a cabin in the snow.

    15. This is one of my favorite books of all time. I stumbled upon this book as a teenager and stayed up many a nights to complete this book. It is one of those books that I come back to time & again. The characters are some that you end up caring about deeply ~ read this book - you will understand my stance!

    16. Evergreen is one of my favorite books I have read. It was made into a movie a few years ago. I will pick it up and read it every once in awhile.

    17. A multi-generational saga beginning with Anna who comes to the States as a 17yr old from a Polish village to live in NY city with relatives. She works for a while as a servant to a wealthy family before she marries Joseph Friedman, also from an immigrant family, and they begin their life together. Joseph works hard in order to rise out of poverty to the lifestyle of the wealthy. Together they raise two children, Maury and Iris, who both go on to marry with children of their own. Then down to the [...]

    18. I recall reading this book as a young teenager and I distinctly remember being captivated by it. Fast forward a few years (ahemcades) and I'm having a hard time seeing just what was so captivating about this story. I got about 1/2 or 2/3 through before this one landed in the "life's too short" category and I moved on to more interesting selections on my to-read list. I'm usually a real sucker for multigenerational sagas and Evergreen has a great, if slightly overdone, premise (of course, this wa [...]

    19. An amazing book that lets you relive your childhood and anticipate your old age. In shorts, it gives you a chance to live life once more. All characters are very distinct, profound and relatable many a times. The book shows the sufferings and strength of a very strong female protagonist, Anna, and her actions (certainly not as dramatic) are clearly at par with with the principal characters of A Doll's House and Antigone ( Jean Anouilh)

    20. Just as good as I remember it. The first time I read this book I was 20 years old. Now at 36, I'm seeing it through more mature eyes, and I'm learning new things. Belva Plain is a master of the family saga, and this book is everything I want from this genre. I can't wait to continue reading the Werner Family Saga books.

    21. Read this 25 or 30 years ago and have read it at least 3 times since. I love it and it is the book that got me hooked on Belva Plain. This book is exactly the kind of historical fiction that keeps me turning pages way past my bedtime.

    22. One of the best books I've read in quite some time. The story of an immigrant family's journey through the 20th century. Excellent!

    23. Did you ever have a book on your bookshelf for years--literally years--and not read it? This was that book for me. I bought this one more than 30 years ago and because it was 700 pages (with small print), I kept bypassing it. Finally, I decided to read it because I have a few books by author Belva Plain and figured if I liked this one, I might want to read the others. If I didn't like it, then I would pack all of them up and give them away. To my delight, I thoroughly enjoyed 'Evergreen'. It is [...]

    24. Meh. Not very impressed. It's enjoyable, but I, in particular, had a hard time enjoying it. The only positive is the Edith Wharton-era, New York setting. The detractors became more glaring, as the pages turned. The main issue was too many characters to keep track of. It felt like every chapter a new score of characters were being introduced. I struggled to keep track of them all, and none stood out enough for me to recognize them later in the story. The dialogue they weren't doing any saving. It [...]

    25. Love / hate relationship with this book, for sure! I struggled with the main character's (Anna's) decisions but in the end, I must have loved her because the story kept me up at night and I put off answering the phone and other boring day to day chores JUST to sneak away and find out what happened next. Evergreen is the story of a Jewish immigrant who came to America around WWI. The struggle with relationships, family, religion and money. She came from nothing and through the effort of her Ameri [...]

    26. One of my favorite books as a teenager. Read it several times. Occasionally I will go back and read something that I read when I was young, and I can't remember why it made such an impression. When I went back and re-read this, I still found myself caring about these people. It was made into a mini-series and I remember that Joan Allen played the daughter. She was amazing and a sign of how good she was going to be. I will be reading this again in the future.

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