The Dog That Nino Didn't Have

The Dog That Nino Didn t Have A beautiful exploration of happiness and hope Nino doesn t have a dog but he likes to imagine that he does His imaginary dog chases squirrels and plays in the lake with him His imaginary dog licks th

  • Title: The Dog That Nino Didn't Have
  • Author: Edward van de Vendel Anton Van Hertbruggen
  • ISBN: 9780802854513
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A beautiful exploration of happiness and hope Nino doesn t have a dog, but he likes to imagine that he does His imaginary dog chases squirrels and plays in the lake with him His imaginary dog licks the tears off Nino s face and helps Nino feel less lonely while his dad is traveling But when Nino gets a real dog, it s not quite what he expected As he spends time wiA beautiful exploration of happiness and hope Nino doesn t have a dog, but he likes to imagine that he does His imaginary dog chases squirrels and plays in the lake with him His imaginary dog licks the tears off Nino s face and helps Nino feel less lonely while his dad is traveling But when Nino gets a real dog, it s not quite what he expected As he spends time with his dog, though, Nino learns how to be content with what he has, but that doesn t stop him from continuing to dream This award winning book beautifully depicts the art of finding a balance between imagination and reality.

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    1. Inventive and original. Beautifully written. Unusual visuals. I like it when I've never seen it (read it) before. Wow.

    2. I don't often review the picture books I read since I move through so many. I've only just started adding them to . The Dog That Nino Didn't Have is pretty peculiar. It's oddly moving and leaves--for me--a lingering melancholy. I'm not actually sure how I feel about this book, other than.d. I don't know to what audience I would read TDTNDH, what demographic of child, if any. But I know that it's left me buzzing and contemplative and that's a wonderful thing.

    3. Prachtig prentenboek met super mooie tekeningen. Het gaat over Nino en zijn fantasiehondje. Dit hondje durft en begrijpt alles. Dan krijgt Nino een echt hondje dat niet alles durft en begrijpt. En dus verzint Nino andere dieren zoals de zebra, de beer, giraffe. Nino is duidelijk erg eenzaam (zijn ouders hebben geen tijd voor hem) en heeft zijn fantasiedieren nodig als vriendjes. Ook de sfeervolle tekeningen ademen deze eenzaamheid. Zo mooi dit boek!

    4. Het verhaal is mooi. Erg bijzonder hoe de fantasie van kinderen omschreven wordt. De platen vind ik echter wat hysterisch.

    5. Nothing beats having an imaginary dog for a constant companion except for a real one. A charming, sensitive example how imagination can provide comfort.

    6. Nino has a dog, but it’s a dog he never had. It’s invisible to everyone else, but Nino can see it clearly. It’s a dog that climbs trees like a squirrel, loves deep water, and likes salty tears. But one day, that dog disappeared and a new dog took his place. It was a dog that everyone could see, one that had it’s own personality that is completely different from Nino’s other dog. Soon though, Nino is enjoying the new dog. But that doesn’t stop him from thinking up lots more animals th [...]

    7. The author and illustrator capture the essence of a boy. Of a boy's imagination and how he lives and acts out on his imagination. Of a boy's sadness over the distance or lack of involvement of his father in the boy's life.Nino wants a dog so his imagination conjures up the dog and he has adventures with chasing squirrels, swimming, and daring to jump in grandma's lap. Finally, this imaginary dog is no more and the reason is that Nino now has a real dog. At the end of the book, Nino is imagining [...]

    8. This fun book is about a child named Nino who has an active imagination. He has strong feelings of loneliness and to combat those feelings Nino creates an imaginary dog. His imaginary friend comforts, plays, and takes Nino on adventures. Nino's ideas and adventures begin to change when a new member enters his circle. Nino gets a real dog and at first Nino does not know how to feel about this. Eventually Nino learns to love the real dog but that does not stop Nino from creating other animal frien [...]

    9. 'Wat een bijzondere zin is dat!' zei mijn zoon van 10, toen hij het boek 'Het hondje dat Nino niet had' zag liggen op tafel. Dat vond ik eigenlijk ook. De voorkant van het prentenboek sprak mij niet meteen aan. Ik denk, dat ik het boek niet meteen zelf had uitgekozen, maar toen ik ging lezen was ik aangenaam verrast. Wat een prachtige zinnen en bijzondere platen. Een beetje filosofisch. Ik kan niet wachten om het boek in mijn groep voor te lezen. Ik ben heel benieuwd of ze het net zo mooi vinden [...]

    10. Ok, I'm giving this five stars, because *I* thought it was amazing, and *I* really loved the art, and *I* am now wondering how hard it would be to build an A-frame cabin on my parents' property in the mountains. But I am fifty years old. I think this book has limited kid appeal. Which, I've said before, I think is fine. Picture books for kids twelve and up, yes, that should totally be a thing. Many picture book masterpieces fit that market.But just in case someone's looking at this and thinking [...]

    11. Prachtig prentenboek, al lijkt het de doelgroep te ontstijgen. Het verhaal is namelijk niet enorm toegankelijk vanwege de poëtische aard. De illustraties zijn mijn favoriete deel van het werk en daar ben ik niet de enige in: de internationale pers spreekt lovend over het werk, maar voornamelijk de illustraties. Het beeld dat wordt geschetst doet bijna Amerikaans/Canadees aan: avonturen in donkere uitgestrekte dennenbossen, donkere sterrenhemels en auto's uit de 60s.That, I like .

    12. #loss #imaginary vivid illustrations of a young boy and his environment including an imaginary dog, references to an absent father, and a feared grandmother, a lot of yearning hidden in the images and text.

    13. Nino wants a dog so he imagines one. The dog that Nino didn’t have does fun things like playing with squirrels, jumping in Great Grandma’s lap and more until one day…when a box arrives for Nino. This is a fun picture book with a great text for anyone who’s ever wanted an animal and not been able to get it. I love how the pictures portray the north with all the pine trees. The color palette reminds me of a sunset with the dark greens and vibrant oranges.

    14. The story about Nino and the dog he didn't have was a short, but adorable read. The illustrations were AMAZING. I absolutely loved them. I went page to page just to admire the artwork after I finished reading the story. *Received a copy in exchange for a review*

    15. Zeer gestyleerde mixed media illustraties - die doen denken aan vroege zestiger jaren minimalistische films met grote auto's en het bos. Een wat treurig verhaal over fantasievriendjes/diertjes. Geschikt om voor te lezen vanaf 5 jaar staat op de flap - ik weet het niet

    16. A strange, strange book. Where does Nino live? It looks like he lives in the backwoods of Louisiana. I was not at all a fan of the illustration style, but to each their own! A heavy overtone of sadness in this book that the dog can't quite make all better.

    17. Oh my, my, my. These illustrations are beyond amazing. And I love the thoughtful, philosophical aspect of the storyline.

    18. The Dog Nino Didn't Haveby Edward van de Vendel is a story about Nino and his imaginary friend. They go on adventures through the woods together and area always together. The imaginary dog and Nino play in the lake together, and Nino imagines the dog giving him affection, such as licking his face. The imaginary dog also makes Nino feel better whenever his dad has to travel for work. Nino eventually gets a real dog. The real dog is not what Nino was expecting because it acts differently from what [...]

    19. This story focuses on a boy that has an imaginary dog who plays with him at all times. This comes about the fact that boy does not see his father and is lonely for the most part. Once he gets a real dog, he starts playing with this dog and also starts to imagine more animals to fill the void within him. The story has a very bland pace to it but the points are interesting enough to follow.The media of the book is colored pencil and it gives the pages a rough feeling to them. Even though there are [...]

    20. I loved the artwork and the visual composition of this book and the general idea of the story, but it's really clunky to read. It's almost a tongue twister.

    21. Et ma loen praegu nii vähe, siis panen siia kaks imeilusat lasteraamatut, mida ma lugesin loetud minutite, ent pika pildiimetlemisega.

    22. This exciting new picture book is the work of Dutch author Edward van de Vendel and from what I can tell his first to be published in English. Accompanying Vendel’s story is art from Antwerp based artist/illustrator Anton Van Hertbruggen who has produced some truly captivating images to bring this tale to life.When I first saw this book I wasn’t sure if I liked it. The art was so different and it contrasted heavily compared to any other picture book around. However, after I picked it up and [...]

    23. I enjoyed this story about a boy named Nino who wants a dog so badly, he creates an imaginary one. He loves his imaginary dog and has many adventures with his scruffy companion. Nino really misses his dad - who is far away - and his imaginary dog helps him cope with his sadness. But then one day - surprise! Nino is given a real dog - A dog that is "soft and sweet and obedient and naughty and small" -- and everyone can see it! His new dog does not behave the way his imaginary dog did - but they s [...]

    24. I have never read a story like this one. It’s a story that epitomizes “Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it!” it’s also a story of inspiration and adventure. The writing is also beautiful, in which it exaggerates and twists the usual sentence structure. It is about a little boy name Nino who seems pretty neglected, as he is depicted most of the time by himself. To keep himself company, he creates an imaginary dog, but soon that dog comes to life! This get Nino think [...]

    25. “The Dog That Nino Didn’t Have” is unsettling and odd. Nino (a boy of about seven) has an imaginary dog, depicted in sketchy lines over the landscape. The pet crawls alongside Nino as they stalk a scruffy cat, then he leaps on Great-Grandma’s lap. When Nino takes a rowboat out on the lake, the dog dives into the deep water. Nino’s father (a pilot) phones from faraway, and the dog hears what Nino hears, and loves “the taste of salt water” in the boy's tears. The mother and great-gra [...]

    26. I love Eerdman's books. They tend to publish beautiful, well-made books, whose stories can be just a tad quirky, or at least different in some way to your typical kid's picture book. This one is practically its own work of art, with unique and breath-taking artwork (it seems somehow childish to call them "illustrations") I'd be thrilled to put on my wall, let alone hold in my hands as I flip through a story that is both sad yet sweet, relatable and comforting yet foreign and strange.The concept, [...]

    27. The Dog That Nino Didn't Have is a book about a child named Nino. Nino escapes his reality of being lonely by creating an imaginary dog. He creates characteristics for the dog that are not exactly realistic. When he gets an actual dog his expectations are set too high so he doesn't know what to think about his new companion. He decides to be content because he can't change the characteristics of his real dog. Instead, he decides to have more imaginary animals to help him cope with his loneliness [...]

    28. In this import from Belgium, Nino has marvelous adventures with his imaginary dog. The canine doesn't always behave well, often doing outlandishly and doing the things that Nino might wish that he could do and providing comfort during his father's absences. When Nino finally has a dog of his own, that dog behaves quite differently than his imaginary dog, even being fearful of his great-grandmother just like Nino. When Nino sleeps, he dreams of all the other imaginary creatures that fill his mind [...]

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