This Kid Can Fly: It's About Ability (NOT Disability)

This Kid Can Fly It s About Ability NOT Disability In this incredibly moving and inspiring memoir Aaron Philip a fourteen year old with cerebral palsy shows how he isn t defined so much by his disability as he is by his abilities Aaron Philip is no

  • Title: This Kid Can Fly: It's About Ability (NOT Disability)
  • Author: Aaron Philip
  • ISBN: 9780062403544
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this incredibly moving and inspiring memoir, Aaron Philip, a fourteen year old with cerebral palsy, shows how he isn t defined so much by his disability as he is by his abilities.Aaron Philip is no ordinary kid.He started his own Tumblr, Aaronverse.He s hung out with the guy who created the cartoon Adventure Time.He s appeared in a documentary film.He s a disability actIn this incredibly moving and inspiring memoir, Aaron Philip, a fourteen year old with cerebral palsy, shows how he isn t defined so much by his disability as he is by his abilities.Aaron Philip is no ordinary kid.He started his own Tumblr, Aaronverse.He s hung out with the guy who created the cartoon Adventure Time.He s appeared in a documentary film.He s a disability activist who s been on television.He s a kawaii dude who loves anime.And he s a fourteen year old boy with cerebral palsy.This kid can t walk, but he can fly.Aaron Philip s memoir chronicles his extraordinary journey from happy baby in Antigua to confident teen artist in New York City His honest, often funny stories of triumph despite physical difficulties, poverty, and other challenges are as inspiring as they are eye opening.

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    1. Originally reviewed for YA Books Central: yabookscentral/yanonfi“This Ability, Not Disability.”Fourteen-year-old Aaron Philip was born on the Caribbean island of Antigua, but the lack of resources for combating his cerebral palsy resulted in a move to New York City—and his family spending years torn between two nations. Written with loquacious simplicity, Aaron conveys a touching personal account of his numerous surgeries, therapies, and the extreme hardships endured by his family in the n [...]

    2. Aaron Phillip will inspire anyone to follow their dreams no matter what their challenges. Readers' eyes are opened to what life is like for individuals with Cerebral Palsy and their families. But they will also read about the power of hope, love and an iron will to persevere and to "go for it" when opportunity knocks. It reads easy as if you were listening to his story as in a casual conversation, although he's very expressive and funny too! I recommend this book to anyone but especially someone [...]

    3. This is the memoir of Aaron Philip, a young man with cerebral palsy who lives in New York City. I was moved by his honesty about his condition as well as the poverty that his family has lived with and how that has affected him. It's reminded me to really look at people, to remember that we are all human, we all have hopes and dreams and stories.

    4. Title: This Kid Can FlyAuthor: Aaron PhilipsIllustrator: n/aGenre: Autobiography (3-5)Theme(s): Disability and Ability, Family, Acceptance, PerseveranceOpening line/sentence: “So you’re probably wondering: Who is this kid writing his memoir?”Brief Book Summary: This Kid Can Fly is an autobiography by a teenage boy who tells his story of his life with Cerebral Palsy. Aaron Philips writes about how he has been separated from his family, pushed into poverty, and excluded from the world around [...]

    5. This middle grade autobiography is a great read for children, tweens, and teens. Aaron has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. He shares his life, from immigrating to New York City with his mother, who then had to go back to Antigua to raise her younger son. Aaron’s father came to take care of him, so the family lives in two very different places, keeping in touch with Skype and occasional visits. Aaron started a Tumblr and found his own online community to help him as he deals with the str [...]

    6. Aaron Philips and his family are from Antigua in the Caribbean. When his parents found out that he had cerebral palsy they had tough choices to make. These choices led his mother to bring him to New York in order to receive better care, and soon his mother and father switched places, with his father becoming his main caregiver. In his memoir Aaron outlines how hard it has been for him and his family physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. In addition to this though, He highlights all [...]

    7. This Kid Can FlyAaron PhilipI would rate this book Young adultAaron Philip had found a way to keep confident and keep moving forward.Even thought it was hard in some places like his mother's work didn't have a elevator and she had to punch him up 10 flights of stairs.But they have kept positive and got their jobs done.It was kinda sad when in some ways you look at his shoes.I started to feel bad for Aaron because he kept on not caring about what ever any one thinks of him.So when Aaron went to h [...]

    8. This is an easy-to-read book written with heart. My only problem was the use of CP, OT, and PT without the defining words to go along with the acronyms. I think that would be helpful for younger readers who are not familiar with those terms. Otherwise, the book was put together well and has an important story to tell.Book Description:"At once beautiful and heartbreaking, Aaron Philip found a way to make me laugh even as I choked up, found a way to bring on my empathy without ever allowing me to [...]

    9. I was very excited to see this book come into my library and through reading it I gained some insight into what it's like having cerebral palsy, what it's like to navigate the world with a wheelchair and what it must be like to parent a child with different needs.When reading the book, I did wonder how much Aaron wrote and how much his co-author wrote trying to write in his voice. I thought it was written by an adult trying to inhabit a younger voice which felt odd to me. At times it felt like r [...]

    10. This is a moving and inspirational memoir from a young teenager who has persevered through more than some people go through in a lifetime. His story is amazing, and his personality shines throughout his book. Aaron might have cerebral palsy, but he wants what nearly every person wants - friendships and relationships. This is a wonderful book for kids (and adults) to read with so many great takeaways for life particularly about overcoming obstacles, the power of support systems, and talking with [...]

    11. This book is both optimistic and realistic about life with CP for one kid named Aaron, living in NYC. There are a lot of challenges but Aaron's family and excitement about life really help him live his life to the fullest. I read an ARC so would love to see the finished copy with all the photos. Also, I wonder if some of the acronyms like OT/PT that some might not be familiar with are better spelled out in the final copy. This book was written with Tonya Bolden, and it's quite well-written with [...]

    12. When you really think about it, everyone has a disability of some kind. Some disabilities are just easier to see than others and can be harder to deal with. Aaron Philip shares his story of dealing with CP, poverty, and life in a new country. Just one of those challenges would be difficult. Aaron tells his story honestly but with hope. With a sister and mother who live with disabilities and depend on wheelchairs and assistance, I appreciated a book that tells of the challenges of this life, but [...]

    13. Wow. This book is amazing! Aaron Philip has many things - a loving family, an incredible support system, a great sense of humor, a positive outlook on life, a love of art and anime, oh yeah, and cerebral palsy. This is the story of his life so far. His parents came to the US to gain access to the healthcare Aaron needs but their journey has been long and extremely difficult. It has only been through the generosity and kindness of many individuals - Angels, Aaron calls them - that he has been abl [...]

    14. This was an empathy building book for me. Aaron does a great job educating readers on what a teenagers' life with a physical disability, like CP, might be like. And, Aaron is a great example of how, even if you're young, you can do impressive things (presenting at tumblr, making a movie and book, being an advocate for something you care about, etc).The book reads like it has been written with a teenager - the voice sounds very authentic.Aaron's feelings of being an outsider and his love of anime [...]

    15. Aaron Philip is a fourteen year old who has cerebral palsy but he does not let this prevent him from living a full life. In his memoir, Aaron tells the story of how part of his family came to America from Antigua so that he could receive better healthcare and educational opportunities. Aaron had some real struggles but tells how he was blessed with people who acted as angels in his life. This story will inspire youth with disabilities and bring awareness to nondisabled youth on the realities of [...]

    16. A memoir by 14 year old Aaron Philip, who shares am amazing story about his life growing up with cerebral palsy. Aaron is an artist and self-published his first graphic novel, Tanda. His Tumblr blog Aaronverse has allowed him to share his experiences living in a wheelchair and helped give voices to those with disabilities. The most moving aspect of this book was hearing about the mother and father who would go to any length and sacrifice anything to make sure Aaron got the care and services he n [...]

    17. An autobiography of a young boy named Aaron Philip who lives with Cerebral Palsy. His story is certainly one of love, courage, and much sacrifice - not only on his part but also on the part of his parents who set an example for us all with their never ending devotion to their son. I am so encouraged by Aaron's total focus on ability and what he can do, which is SO MUCH! He is going places for sure -

    18. Aaron Philip tells his story of having Cerebral Palsy, moving to the US, and his family's undying love and devotion to help him have the best life possible. Reading this book can be an eye-opener for someone who doesn't quite understand how expensive and taxing a disability can be on a person and a family. I learned a lot from Aaron in this book and can't wait to put it in the hands of students on campus. This would be a great book to push when we do our diversity week and Mix It Up Lunch.

    19. The narrator of this book is 14 years of age and he had cp (cerebral palsy).He over came his disability by going forward with his goals in life even though he had problems on his way of to completing his goals.His parents were supportive of his goals and did not let his disability interfere with his goals in life.

    20. I am always complaining that I don't see the kids I know in books. Aaron, (pronounced AY-ron), who lives for anime, who seeks community on Tumblr, and who has an amazing vocabulary to go along with his fantastically resilient spirit, is just like the kids I know. Thanks for writing this book, Aaron and Tonya!

    21. With so many biographies to choose from, I think it's great to have one about a kid - someone the reader may know or come across in their lives one day. In this world of always getting ahead, this book about empathy and ability, is a good one to put in the hands of a middle grade student.

    22. An inspirational read for middle schoolers-this biography shows that people with disabilities have many abilities to share and don't make excuses to not help themselves and others.

    23. Juvenile Biographies are the best, especially this kind--an empowered young person telling his story to empower other young people. Aaron Philip is someone to know about!

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