The Grand Tour: The Life and Music of George Jones

The Grand Tour The Life and Music of George Jones In the vein of the classic Johnny Cash The Life this groundbreaking work explores the wild life and extraordinary musical career of the definitive country singer of the last half century New York Tim

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  • Title: The Grand Tour: The Life and Music of George Jones
  • Author: Rich Kienzle
  • ISBN: 9780062309914
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the vein of the classic Johnny Cash The Life, this groundbreaking work explores the wild life and extraordinary musical career of the definitive country singer of the last half century New York Times , who influenced, among others, Bob Dylan, Buck Owens, Emmylou Harris, John Fogerty, George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Garth Brooks.In a masterful biography laden with nIn the vein of the classic Johnny Cash The Life, this groundbreaking work explores the wild life and extraordinary musical career of the definitive country singer of the last half century New York Times , who influenced, among others, Bob Dylan, Buck Owens, Emmylou Harris, John Fogerty, George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Garth Brooks.In a masterful biography laden with new revelations, veteran country music journalist historian Rich Kienzle offers a definitive, full bodied portrait of legendary country singer George Jones and the music that remains his legacy Kienzle meticulously sifted through archival material, government records, recollections by colleagues and admirers, interviewing many involved in Jones s life and career The result an evocative portrait of this enormously gifted, tragically tormented icon called the Keith Richards of country Kienzle chronicles Jones s impoverished East Texas childhood as the youngest son of a deeply religious mother and alcoholic, often abusive father He examines his three troubled marriages including his union with superstar Tammy Wynette and looks unsparingly at Jones s demons Alcohol and later cocaine nearly killed him until fourth wife Nancy helped him learn to love himself Kienzle also details Jones s remarkable musical journey from singing in violent Texas honky tonks to Grand Ole Opry star, hitmaker and master vocalist whose raw, emotionally powerful delivery remains the Gold Standard for country singers.The George Jones of this heartfelt biography lived hard before finding contentment until he died at eighty one a story filled with whiskey, women and drugs but always the saving grace of music.Illustrated with eight pages of photos.

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    1. I received an Advanced Reader Copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. As a huge traditional country music fan, I am an admirer of George Jones' music and the many singers following in his footsteps. I was very excited to read a biography about him. I thought this book had a ton of interesting information but lacked organization. It was a bit difficult to come up with an overlying theme. I think I might try Jones' autobiography and see what I can learn from the man himself.

    2. I’d guess that the most common word to pop up in George Jone’s biography is some form of the word “drink”. Throughout the first 2/3 of the book, Jones is a drinking fool. So much of the story takes place with Jones in an inebriated state that you wonder what he’d be like sober. You get a glimpse of that in the end of the book, but he’s older and more settled by the time that switch happens. You get the basics you would expect in a country music biography here: family background, grow [...]

    3. I enjoyed reading about the life of George Jones. Many of the anecdotes about his wild life were entertaining but I found his biographer's crude and haphazard, tangential writing style very distracting. I felt as if he inserted himself and his thoughts too much into Jones' story. George Jones was one of the immortals of country music. He deserves a biography with a bit more dignity, and a biographer that knows not to hog the limelight with his subject.

    4. Country singer George Jones lived such a colorful and public life that several biographies about him have been written in the past few years. I have three of those on my own bookshelves: George Jones: The Saga of an American Singer (Bob Allen - 1984), Ragged but Right: The Life & Times of George Jones (Dolly Carlisle – 1984), and George Jones: I Lived to Tell It All (George Jones & Tom Carter – 1996). Interestingly, both the first two books were published about the time that George r [...]

    5. George "Possum" Jones was perhaps the greatest country singer of all-time. He definitely did those heartbreak songs better than anyone--google "The Grand Tour" or "He Stopped Loving Her Today" and listen to those if you don't know his work. Every now and then, I love to listen to old-school, my heart has been ripped out and stomped on by a no-good woman, melancholy country song and when I doJones is always a good option. He was an amazing singer but away from the microphone? Not as amazing. Mult [...]

    6. I received this book as part of a Giveaway.I grew up hearing stories and tales about George Jones. My father's best friend was a cousin of George's (1st cousin?) and he passed along many tales of George's adventures growing up, so I really looked forward to reading this biography. I wasn't disappointed, tucked into this book were the stories of the people and songs I grew up listening to, it was like visiting old friends. No one can deny that George Jones was a hard partying man for much of his [...]

    7. I was lucky enough to see George Jones perform before he passed. He was not in good voice, telling the audience he had a cold, but I didn't much care about that. I just smiled the whole time, knowing I was experiencing something really special.I've never really learned how to mentally handle artists who are part angel and part demon. But I wanted to find out about this man in more detail, so I picked up this biography to lay things out for me. Kienzle does a serviceable job - this isn't an exhau [...]

    8. The Grand Tour: The Life and Music of George Jones by Rich Kienzle (Harper/Collin/Dey Street Books, March 2016, 288 Pages, $18.77/14.99) provides an excellent overview of the life and times of George Jones, called, by the New York Times, the “definitive country singer of last half century” and known for years in the industry as “no show Jones” for his propensity to be unable to make it to the stage because of his serious problems with drugs and alcohol. It may also echo the life and time [...]

    9. A story of the man behind the Country Music that lead the life that gave birth to those tragic songs. Many wives, boos and drugs flowed through his life and though unreliable enough at times to be known as No Show Jones his talent and realness drove a loyal following who loved the man no matter what. He was truly a giant of Country Music whose influence flows strong today in Country Music and beyond.

    10. The Grand Tour: The Life and Music of George Jones by Rich Kienzle (Dey Street Books 2016) (780.92). Country singer George Jones was known by various nicknames including “No-Show George” and “The Possum.” Remembered as a country music legend and a rounder par excellence, George Jones was once a king of country music. He was the most famed, flawed, and infuriating country singer of his day. His best remembered song was “He Stopped Loving Her Today” which was about his ex-wife and sing [...]

    11. This book reminded me of a lot of things about George Jones that I had forgotten, particularly his drug use/abuse. It was interesting, but not as good a music biography as (for example) Nick Tosches' book about Jerry Lee Lewis. At times it seemed to lurch from recording session to concert (or missed concert) and on to the next recording session. Despite its flaws, however, I enjoyed the book, and thought it did a good job of analyzing Jones' singing strengths and reporting on his relationships w [...]

    12. First sentence: Would he or wouldn't he show up?Premise/plot: The Grand Tour is a biography of George Jones that seeks to balance a focus on his life and on his music. The author takes on the role of music critic and biographer. In the prologue he explains his approach, "Jones's life and music are inseparable. The music often triumphed even during his worst personal moments. His evolution from twangy imitator to distinctive new voice, from influential vocalist to master of his craft, is as impor [...]

    13. A good book with a somewhat scattershot look at the life of George Jones. Written in chronological order its not filled with minutiae that sometimes can drag down biographies. Worth the read for any fans of music. Not filled with criticism just the basics of his life.

    14. Having been surrounded by all types of music all my life including the various country genres, George Jones seems to have passed me by. I knew good year for the roses through Costello and the race is on through Dave Edmunds but not much by the Possum. I knew he liked a drink and was highly respected by his peers but not a lot else. Now I know a whole lot. I listened to his music whilst reading the book which is in a basic chronological order. Woww I get it, a singer that lays all out on the line [...]

    15. About as complete a story as we're going to get, and it ain't pretty. But Kienzle does a good job of balancing life and music (he doesn't go too awfully deep) and digs up some good ones you might not know (stories and tunes). The book does follow the pattern of so many recent music bios: success, then the wallowing. Butat was the life, though Jones should have been deader than Keith Richards should have (but still isn't). Style: breezy. I still like Bob Allen's best.

    16. A decent biography, but soooo many names to keep track of. I checked it out from the library but also bought my dad a copy for his birthday. I have always been a fan of George Jones and saw him in concert, once, circa 1997-1998. We had tickets to see him for the farewell tour, but, um, he died before our show. "No show Jones" for real that time. He had a real gift and was so talented, but obviously had lots of demons with which he struggled. Rest in peace, Possum!

    17. Life and times, loves and losses, music and destruction of George Jones.Childhood experiences often are reflected in our adult lives.Quotes from other performers who were affected by his music.A career "on the road" does not make a close bond between parent and child; is hard on the best of marriages.Finally the woman who helped him see where he was and where he was going unless he decided to make changes in his life. But was it already too late?

    18. This book is about the legendary, George Jones, country music star. In this book we get to learn more about his life from those that were closest to him. The book has some behind the scenes information about his life and legacy. I enjoyed listening to his music growing up and it was fun to know the story behind the legend.

    19. A definitive biography of the country music icon known as "The Possum" or, more sadly, "No Show Jones" given his alcohol and cocaine fueled absences from scheduled concerts. The author brings encyclopedic knowledge to his subject, and gives us a book that's far more than just a catalog of bad behavior.

    20. Who needs to read another biography of an alcoholic? What I wanted as a focus on music. When he did that, it was fun and sent me scurrying to YouTube for another song to hear. The crappy life he lived made the non musical part of this painful.

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