Adivina cuanto te quiero, aquí, alli y en todas partes

Adivina cuanto te quiero aqu alli y en todas partes Four new adventures of the Little Nutbrown Hare he climbs the tree hideout escapes from the mists in the Clouded Mountain and enters the Far Prado Throughout these stories you will discover exciting

  • Title: Adivina cuanto te quiero, aquí, alli y en todas partes
  • Author: Sam McBratney
  • ISBN: 9788492750771
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Four new adventures of the Little Nutbrown Hare he climbs the tree hideout, escapes from the mists in the Clouded Mountain and enters the Far Prado Throughout these stories you will discover exciting, amazing and a few dangerous places Finally Little Nutbrown Hare will realize that home is the best place in the world because Big Nutbrown Hare will always be there.

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    1. This is THE best bedtime story, in my opinion. It was a nightly ritual for my first daughter, and it holds a very special place in our hearts. When it says that the dad bunny leans down and kisses the little one's head, Leah would always lean down and kiss the picture. The page became a little scummy from kiddie goo, and it's PRECIOUS! I will forever cherish my little girl's kisses in the book.

    2. This is one of only three board books that continuously survive the purge because I simply can't bear to move it out. I see tiny, invisible handprints all over it, as it was a favorite of both of my children. I received this as a baby shower gift and have easily read it hundreds of times. That it is still occasionally requested at bedtime makes my heart happy. Beautifully illustrated, this story is so sweet that I have never been able to read the ending without a lump in my throat and a hitch in [...]

    3. Someone wanted a story before bed, but someone isn't listening. I wonder if that someone could be Indy boy? And I wonder if that was to put off going to bed?! Of course it is. This is a great little book. One that is a physical story as we do the actions along with the little hare, and the big hare. Our arms stretched wide or high, to show the love. This is a good little book for my son as he does not sit still for a story, but as it's about what 'we' do at home ie 'I love you to the moon and ba [...]

    4. Can't the parent just let the kid win one? Even after kid falls asleep, the parent has to one-up the frustrated, exhausted child. Go pick on someone your own size!

    5. One of the only books I can read to my daughter where the adult in the book is a male. Most of the books have no men or relegate the father to support-staff roles. Having said that, the book is really a testosterone-fueled look at the competitive indoctrination of little boys. Paraphrase of text:Kid: I love you as million.Dad: I love you a billion.Kid: Can't you let me win once?Dad: Only when you surpass my strength, then I will live vicariously through you. Despite this shortcoming, the illustr [...]

    6. Okay this is my favorite book in the whole wide world, so I was surprised to see the number of less than favorable reviews.To the guy that thinks (and I use that word liberally) that this book is a allegory for socialism, really? I mean really???? Really?????To everyone else that thinks this book is about a "game of one-upsmanship" or it has a "undercurrent of competition between the parent and the child", You guys could not be more wrong.Is upsmanship even really a word?This book is about the n [...]

    7. This may be my least favorite children's book that I've read to the kids. Even worse than the highly commercialized children's books devoid of any value which are made for nothing but the tie-ins to TV shows and toy sales. Guess How Much I Love You turns loving each other into a competition - and one where the child can never win against the parent. I like the idea of parent and child loving each other a lot, but this is so, so wrong of a way to communicate that theme. I found it unpleasant and [...]

    8. "I love you right up to the moon- and back."I remember reading this book with my mom when I was little. I found it on sale at my bookstore and bought to so I can read it to my future kids. <35/5 stars!

    9. Nice illustrations. But the tone of the book doesn't strike me as particularly nice. I've known people who always have to win, and they're generally not pleasant to be around. The father figure's need to get in the last word even after the son is asleep reminds me of those unpleasant people, and makes me want to avoid this book.

    10. InhaltDer kleine Hase hat den großen Hasen lieb – aber wie lieb eigentlich? Mit seinen Armen will er ihm zeigen, wie groß die Liebe sein kann, also streckt er sie weit von sich. Doch die Arme des großen Hasen reichen viel weiter. Wie weit kann man jemanden lieben?Meine BewertungFragt mich nicht, wieso, aber ich habe bei diesem Kinderbuch ernsthaft weinen müssen. Manchmal sind es die ganz simplen Geschichten, die das Herz berühren, und hier ist so eine niedliche Art von Freundschaft und Fa [...]

    11. Setiap ayah yang punya anak harus membaca buku ini! Sweet bahkan saat saya menceritakan inti cerita kepada ayah, sampai berkaca-kaca sendiri :pIntinya tentang percakapan anak kelinci yang ingin memamerkan dirinya kepada sang ayah betapa ia mencintainya. Sang anak melompat. Cintaku sebesar lompatanku! Ayah melompat lebih tinggi. Anak tidak kehilangan akal ia membentangkan tangannya, eh ternyata tangan ayah lebih panjang juga. Begitu terus sampai malam menjelang dan sang anak selalu kalah. Akhirny [...]

    12. At risk of offending, I kind of really hate this smug Daddy trying to compete with his son the whole time. Why is it so important to him to show his son that he's bigger and more powerful (at loving, I know, I know, but the point stands) all the time? Just let the kid love you big and give him right back atcha. How frustrated that little nutbrown hare must feel. I think this is a book for parents not for children. And it's fucking sappy. However, Anita Jeram's illustrations are absolutely lovely [...]

    13. A shot of insulin, please! Sam McBratney's Guess How Much I Love You has lots of saccharine in it—but not to a point it’s cloying, just something that a dreamland-bound kid would surely enjoy. See, there’s no plot of any kind, just a pair of adorable, furry hares (I think they’re father and son) engaging in an equally cute contest on who loves the other more. Anita Jeram’s illustrations are perfectly endearing. I heard there’s a collection of this, and kid or not—geez I just turned [...]

    14. OK--I don't get this book. I just picked it up at a thrift store, feeling like Jackson is probably missing out on a major rite of passage if he doesn't read this as a toddler, but I don't get it. So the big nutbrown hare has to outdo the little nutbrown hare every time? It's a competition, is it? Sure, it's pretty and all, but someone needs to explain to me why this is a classic. Is my Mom card going to be revoked for saying that?

    15. Maravilloso cuento para lectura nocturna. Sin duda, es mi favorito: el amor sencillo, sin condiciones, sin complicadas reglas, completamente desinteresado ¿Se puede puntuar con 7 estrellas? ;D

    16. This is a sweet story where the big bunny (maybe a daddy bunny?--nice touch as there are relatively few books with dads) and the little bunny try to express how much they love one another. The ending phrase seemed a bit trite but perhaps it's because I have heard the phrase so much now, on everything from t-shirts to wall art, that it seems cliche. Not sure if this book was the first one to use it?

    17. I HATE this book. What is the message? No matter what the little bunny tries to do, the father bunny has to one-better it. ARGH. I refuse to read this to my child anymore.

    18. How much is much? Little Nutbrown Hare (LNH) thinks he knows but when he relates to Big Nutbrown Hare (BNH) he falls short whatever he does!LNH is holding on to BNH's long ears as he is being taken to bed and LNH asks BNH if he knows how much he loves him. When BNH says that he couldn't guess how much, LNH stretches his arms out and shows him that the distance between the extremities of each is how much he loves him. Just to show how much he loves LNH, BNH stretches his arms out and says that is [...]

    19. The sinister tale of a dysfunctional father son relationship. In the intense family unit at the heart of this narrative, the natural bond of love between parent and offspring becomes twisted into a subject ripe for competition. This can only be described as a masterpiece of the misery memoir, meticulously detailing the pain of early childhood with narcissistic care givers.

    20. Guess How Much I Love You is a very simple and charming book. The illustrations are similar to Peter Rabbit and the short but sweet story is perfect for little babies who love a quick read. My little girl loves gazing at the illustrations!

    21. Although I understand this is supposed to be a sweet story, the overall effect is of an adult trying to out-do a child in a way that comes across as creepy to me.

    22. Andrea Thomas11/05/2017Text to the World ConnectionsText to Self ConnectionSo many children in the world do feel as if they aren't loved by their parents. Some of the children in which enters our home wonder why their parents don't love them enough to keep they and or why are they in foster care. This book is such a good read and as we get to know some of the younger ones in our home, I read this book to them to let them know what we do love you and we will always be here for you when ever you n [...]

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