僕のヒーローアカデミア 6 [Boku No Hero Academia 6]

Boku No Hero Academia Plus Ultra

  • Title: 僕のヒーローアカデミア 6 [Boku No Hero Academia 6]
  • Author: Kohei Horikoshi 堀越耕平
  • ISBN: 9784088804880
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Paperback
  • Plus Ultra

    One thought on “僕のヒーローアカデミア 6 [Boku No Hero Academia 6]”

    1. So I stopped reading this series for a couple of hours to watch tv and play some video games but now I'm laying in bed and whoops, read another volume. I have a feeling I'm gonna binge the rest of what's available tomorrow. The high quality of each volume's story is a rare thing to come across. Especially with a shounen title.

    2. Prica usporava, dobijamo par klisea vise u formi novog ucitelja. Ali manje vise opet drzi paznju i prica je malo usporila da bi likovi imali vremena da se malo razviju sto je uvek plus.

    3. Once again, another brilliant addition to the BNHA manga series. It just continues to get better and better and I LOVE IT. Things I learnt from this volume: -Manga Hero Killer is a lot creepier looking than anime Hero Killer? -Todoroki is precious and he FINALLY has some friends, I'm proud of my son.-Midoriya is officially one of my favourite main characters of all time. -Gran Torino is literally Yoda. -I want to protect Ida with every fibre of my being. Volume 7, here I come! PLUS ULTRA!

    4. Epic. Same goodness as always. Really cool fights going on here. I will now go back to being depressed about not having the next volume QnQ.I'm going to now talk about my thoughts on specific things since everything about the story has already been said in my past reviews.I remember that in the fourth volume (or whichever volume it was where we started learning more about Todoroki) I didn't really like him that much. But then in the last volume he wasn't bad at all so I had an acceptance of him, [...]

    5. iida is my son and this volume wrenched my heart so much. + the todoiideku teamwork!!! love these kids so much. tho i hate stain full offense

    6. This chapter includes the choosing of hero names, beginning of internships, and the first half of the fight against Stain.Generally solid, but more of a segue to more interesting things.

    7. Para calon hero dikirim kerja praktek, magang kepada hero-hero senior. Siapa pro hero yg mengambil Izuku? Seorang yang sdh senior sekali bernama Yoda Grand Turino. Dia ini adalah sahabat dari guru All Might, jd bisa dibilang kakek guru Izuku. Ku makin suka Todoroki!!Iida yg dr tankubon sblmnya sdh kelihatan bgt mo balas dendam, kesampaian bertemu dgn hero killer stain. Tapi keadaan jadi runyam

    8. and the volume opens with Iida setting a humorous toneHero names timeeta'ing to add the above Todoroki for the lol factor, ty to juuhachi!!!!!well fuckcharacter grooowthlearning what we do about Noumu in earlier chapters from a conversation between All Might and Tsukauchi-san and now to learn the first Noumu was only one of many and to know some of what happens with Kacchan later *deep inhale* No. Nononooooooo I am not ok with this NO!!! Fuck you Shigaraki, go die! DO NOT LET THIS MEAN WHAT I TH [...]

    9. Buko No Hero Academia vol.6 after the sports festival now it's time for some field training. adding some old-sour-man into the storyline is always a great idea, Gran Torino the one who trained and taught All Might in the first place is now training Deku  " Midoriya " . the encounter between these two and the process of training Midoriya was as funny as it can be . with the action at the end of the volume , with confronting The Hero Killer with Iida and then advancing to something much bigger, i [...]

    10. Meu Deus, cara O Grantorino é um puta personagem foda. Basicamente todo momento com ele foi incrível e divertido de se ler. As partes com o matador de heróis e a luta final foi perfeita demais também.

    11. 45-46 La elección de nombres es un capítulo divertido, seguido de prepararse para ir de prácticas con otros héroes. Bueno. 347-mmm 248-Progreso en las prácticas y Gran Torino siendo un viejo raruno. No acabo de entender la gracia del personaje, aunque está resultando un buen profesor para Deku. 349-Entrenamiento, meh. 2.550-Este capítulo si que tiene buenos puntos a la hora de discutir la moralidad de los héroes y como la palabra ya no significa lo mismo. Los héroes ya no son altruistas [...]

    12. I swear, this series continues to increase in awesomeness with each new volume.Highlights:- The hero name choosing was pretty funny. (Gotta love Bakugo. Lol.) - I enjoy Izuku's thought process; how he takes in information and the small things people say and through that comes to important conclusions.- Izuku applying the things he learns from the before stated conclusions is lit as well. - Stain. I though I wasn't going to enjoy his character (despite his wicked design), but he's not so bland af [...]

    13. We're starting to get a real sense of what type of villains exist in this universe, and Stain's ideology is not hard to support. Even though he is a blood thirsty killer, his mantra that heroes are now shams and just after money could easily be believed. As a reader we have already been exposed to characters whose ambitions are just to earn money through the job as "hero." Stain also points out Ida's own selfish desires at revenge, which is not a new theme in anime. (Again, Naruto anyone?) Howev [...]

    14. What an exciting volume! As Midoriya's hero training heats up with Gran Torino, we see his abilities increase in a way that sets up interesting opportunities for action and combat in the manga's future. Beyond hero training, though, we get wonderful development for both Iida and Todoroki. Iida is really the star of this volume, dealing with the fallout from his brother's, Ingenium, injuries at the hands of Stain the Hero Killer. Then, of course, we get an incredible battle with Iida, Midoriya, a [...]

    15. Ugh, I just love this part of the story! Everything is getting so GOOD! I love how the author is able to present deep, philosophical ideas about what it means to be a hero or a villain while at the very same time putting on a fantastic show in the form of a kickass backstreet quirk brawl! If I may say soilosophically, I believe in Stain's ideology. I don't believe in his methods, butI have always thought that extremists are necessary to facilitate change in a stagnant societydamn this story make [...]

    16. An absolutely amazing volume that explores a little more character growth. Midoriya's internship provides another new experience for him and his quirk under the supervision of Gran Torino. Gran Torino is a tutor "emitting a degobah" feeling; it is an obvious reference to Yoda. Though, it makes him all the better.The second part is Ida's revenge against Stain for injuring his brother. We get to see Ida in the spotlight, similarly to Todoroki. The volume stresses a deep parallel between Midoriya, [...]

    17. Currently screaming at 3am over this seriesDon't get me wrong, I've seen both seasons of the anime. I know what's going to happen, but reading it vs giving it half of your attention on TV screen are two different things so while I know what's going yo happen now doesn't mean I can't still be Shook™ when reading it for the first time. Currently pleaded that I got the first ten volumes from my public library so I can binge read everything.

    18. June 2017: 5 StarsI had my doubts about Gran Torino, but he's turning out to be very interesting. I like that he has a lot of information about All Might's past, which he'll hopefully disclose in the future.Now. Hero Killer Stain. He's creepy as hell, but I feel like we'll find his one huge weakness in the next volume. I feel like Kirishima or Tetsutetsu would be good matchups to counter his quirk. I wonder what will happen next!!

    19. (I rated this volume 5 stars).Awesome character development for Midoriya, Todoroki, and Iida in this volume, as well as the formal introduction of Stain and his warped but interesting ideology that acts as a catalyst for many events to come. Just a really important, amazingly executed volume as always.

    20. The good:-Great new characters.-Midoriya is a good character as always.-Great moments with lots of feelings, as the ones with Iida.-Great action.-The motivations of the villains are revealed and they are interesting.-The story develops it self very organically.-Great art, the fight scenes are much clearer.The bad:-Couldn't find anything bad. :O

    21. Great art, with a pretty shounenesque and simple feel but just enough different and new style to keep it fresh. I’m looking forward to reading some more when next volume comes out in my country. Also Iida is probably my favorite character so yea

    22. Todo muy intenso!Deku aprendiendo a controlar sus poderes!! <3 Amor eterno. Crecen tan rápido :')-----Super intense.And Deku learning to control his powers makes me so damn proud. My baby is growing so fast <3

    23. *reading past the anime for the first time* *sees what's happening in the next upcoming episode or two* *SCREAMS INTERNALLY* *PTERODACTYL NOISES*

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