Two Men for Two Brothers: A Velvet Glove Tale

Two Men for Two Brothers A Velvet Glove Tale Can two brothers and two damaged young men find a family in each other Kytan and Rivan love what they have but they know they need When two emotionally damaged young men find their way into Ky and Va

  • Title: Two Men for Two Brothers: A Velvet Glove Tale
  • Author: Sean Michael
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Can two brothers and two damaged young men find a family in each other Kytan and Rivan love what they have, but they know they need When two emotionally damaged young men find their way into Ky and Van s lives, they decide they ve found the perfect family Can they convince Hinton and Jewel they know what s best Originally published by Torquere Press.

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    1. "It is time we loved each other four on four": SM does brothercest (again).Rivan and Kytan are very *ahem* close brothers.Kytan is handpicked to rehabilitate Hinton; a man who has no BDSM experience, but who does have deep long-term psychological problems that lead him to cut himself."Malachi says you have someone for me?"Trip nodded. "I do. A colleague of mine referred a psychiatric patient to me."Ky arched an eyebrow. A psychiatric patient? Intriguing. "And my name came up because?"Malachi chu [...]

    2. I'm a big Sean Michael fan but the Velvet Glove series has been a bit hit and miss with me. I either love the stories or they don't work for me. I shouldn't have enjoyed this one - some taboos in place - but I did. It's very Sean Michael with extremely sensual characters who are all about feeling pleasure in the futuristic world of the Velvet Glove. Where this book is different is because it involves brothers and the subs they choose. The subs are very different so that adds some diversity into [...]

    3. ✰✰✰½Like every Sean Michael book I've read, there's lots of sexin' and this one is no exception.Two brothers, Kytan and Rivan search for and find new pets - Dove, aka Hinton and Jewel, Little Love and each have their work cut out for them. Both pets are damaged, Hinton is a cutter because he saw his family burn to death and Jewel is a drug-addicted prostitute. Ky and Van lead their new pets on a sensual journey to form their new family. There is a taboo element so if you don't like that, [...]

    4. Sean does damaged people best. It sounds awful saying that, but his empathy, his 'feels' is why i love him and 99% of what he writes. To be honest the only thing he does that gets a lower rating from me is when it isn't a full story. He has this annoying habit of giving us snippets of genius leaving us wondering where the rest of the book is.Yeah, you drive me nuts sometimes! So go back to rubbing your beautiful boys together and seeing what sparks, and I'll keep devouring them. Thank you for ma [...]

    5. 2015 Re-read:Well. Read as pure fantasy, this works.Still, there are things that make me squeamish if I allow myself to think about them. Not the fact that Rivan and Kytan are brothers; their relationship clearly is balanced and no one will get pregnant, so who cares that they’re related? The same cannot be said for the boys, though. (Except for the pregnancy bit, thank god.)The story does avoid non-consensual contact, but neither boy is really in a condition to give valid consent. And then th [...]

    6. Warning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 8/10 PROS: - This story essentially contains three romances: one between the twins, Rivan and Kytan, and then one between each twin and his boy. I liked all 3 of the relationships, and I actually believed at the end that their little family would work.- Kytan’s initial assignment with his boy, Hinton, is to prevent Hint from cutting himself to express his emotional pain. The way that Kytan does this, as well as his [...]

    7. This is actually a repub of the same book which has a whole bunch of reviews but a different cover. TBH, it's better than some of the Hammer books I've bought lately. Two brothers in an intimate relationship each find their own boy, one an emotionally damaged cutter, the other a drug addicted hooker. Of course through the use of bondage, spankings, with-holding drugs and a fair bit of sex, all is well and they all end up in bed together. If that's what you are in the mood for (the BDSM is very v [...]

    8. A shortish story from the Velvet Glove Series.Kytan and Rivan, 2 brothers, set out to find a sub each from themselves.Rivan takes Jewel, a street whote addicted to Risque and Kytan takes Hinton, a damaged young man who cuts himself.This has the makings of a good story which I would like more of.There is Brocest between Kytan and Rivan and then when their subs join them they become a foursome.

    9. Do you like brothers in love? Do you like stories with lots of sex? Do you like the hurt/comfort trope? Did I ask if you like lots of sex? If you answered yes to the above questions then this just might be the story for you. :)

    10. Wow this was incredible and now I don't know where to go from hereI certainly found a new kink. I wish it was so much longer but it was a really great read. This book has broken me.Highly recommend it a million times over!

    11. 2.5 stars (rounded up)Not a lot more than some hot smut. It was pretty sweet and pretty short for being split between two couples, but I needed to turn my brain off for a while and this was good for that. Plus, I mean, it's brothercest and I always love that!

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