Never Sleep

Never Sleep Thora Green had a life once upon a time But that ended the day her parents enrolled her in sleep clinic prison At the facility her chronic months long insomnia is observed by scads of doctors but sh

  • Title: Never Sleep
  • Author: Cady Vance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 232
  • Format: None
  • Thora Green had a life once upon a time But that ended the day her parents enrolled her in sleep clinic prison At the facility, her chronic months long insomnia is observed by scads of doctors, but she is never actually treated for her dire disease In a feat of desperation, Thora escapes from the CT sleep facility and heads straight for NYC Buried deep in the city s uThora Green had a life once upon a time But that ended the day her parents enrolled her in sleep clinic prison At the facility, her chronic months long insomnia is observed by scads of doctors, but she is never actually treated for her dire disease In a feat of desperation, Thora escapes from the CT sleep facility and heads straight for NYC Buried deep in the city s underbelly, there is rud to be a clinic called the Insomniacs Caf a secret haven where people like Thora can find relief But finding it is going to take a lot than a map app on an i phone.As Thora joins forces with Aiden and Florence, two fellow insomniacs, their search will take them from the dusty bookshelves of The Strand, to a quest for red velvet cupcakes at Magnolia, to countless taxi and subway rides Clues leading to their final destination are waiting for them at every turn But so are Sleepers a powerful core of sworn enemies to all Insomniacs who wish to see Thora and her friends destroyed at any cost.

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    1. This review and many more over at The Bibliophile Chronicles!What an absolutely stunning book.Thora has gone one hundred and twenty seven days without sleep. She has been forced to live in a sleep clinic, where each day she must live in a sleep clinic, and each day be subjected to the tests and therapy sessions. She suffers through these rituals night after night but the doctors never do anything to cure her disease. Desperate to find answers and a cure for her insomnia, Thora escapes the clinic [...]

    2. I would like to thank the author and Xpresso Book Tours for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review. Doing so does not sway my review in any way.A story that starts with two siblings, both severe insomniacs, escaping from the confines of The Clinic and ends many struggles later with a total twist and more understanding of the what's and how's. This story is full of non stop action, and question after question, along the way. A fundamentally unique st [...]

    3. (I won this from YA Spring Fling from the author herself)I enjoyed the whole premise of the book and I like that the plot is unique and fresh. It kinda reminded me of Delirium although the whole major disease here is insomnia.I absolutely love the cover and the flow of the story although I think the story is somewhat scattered but acceptable. My major problem is the love triangle. (view spoiler)[It is given in the very beginning that you should root for this guy but then the one you're rooting f [...]

    4. 'Never Sleep' is a gripping young adult science fiction novel that centers around the common problem of insomnia. Thora, our main character, suffers from chronic insomnia. Not knowing what else to do, her parents enrolled her in a sleep clinic - where the doctors said they could help treat Thora's insomnia. There are doctors at the clinic all right - lots of them - but all they seem to do is watch Thora and never do anything to treat her insomnia. Knowing that she can't stay at the clinic any lo [...]

    5. Insomnia is a very real affliction which can be debilitating and destructive. In Never Sleep, Cady Vance takes us a whole leap further into the world of Chronic Insomniacs, writing at a pace which constantly destabilizes the reader and forces us to share the character's paranoia and fear.We soon learn that nothing in Thora's world is as it seems and as her story unfolds she learns overwhelming truths, not only about her inability to sleep, but her identity too.Cady Vance builds Thora as a charac [...]

    6. A fast-paced, quick read.Thora Green's insomnia has lasted for months. She is staying at a Clinic where Doctors observe and experiment on her but never actually treat her. Desperate to get help Thora and her brother, who is also an insomniac staying at the Clinic, head to New York City in search of the Insomniac Café. There are clues around the city to lead them to the Café, but there are also Sleepers - enemies - who will try their best to keep them from reaching their destination.

    7. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book was not unique, it was bizarre. There is a slight, but important difference between the two, and in this case, it was sadly not the former that I would describe this book as. If the explanations for things had been given a bit more scientific sounding backup, perhaps I would have liked Never Sleep better; however, there were some other problems I had with the whole things, so maybe not. In this rare case, it's not exa [...]

    8. What I liked: This book is very different from others that I've read that fall under the Sci-Fi genre. It has more to do with genetics and a new type of insomnia, one that comes in stages. This idea was very new to me, and very interesting to follow as I read this book, reading Thora as she tried to find the elusive and secretive Insomniac Cafe. I found the writing to be so captivating that I could imagine the scenes playing out in my head, and it kept my attention the entire time that I read it [...]

    9. *I won the advanced ebook version in a giveaway on Booklikes.**This will also be posted on Booklikes. I don't really know how to describe this well enough. There's action, romance, experiments, humans that Collapse and need to be recharged because of their insomnia, a robot-human, and so much more. There's pretty much never a dull moment, and you never feel like it should be over already. In fact, I'm already craving the second book. I can't wait to see what happens to Thora and the others, espe [...]

    10. I won a copy of this from the YA Spring Fling, but this does not affect the honesty of my review.Never Sleep centres around a fresh idea of insomniacs, specifically those who suffer severely from insomnia such that they are unable to sleep for days. There were several plot twists in the book, which is a good thing, nothing better to keep readers thinking. Unfortunately, I guessed most of them hehehI liked the bits where Thora, Florence and Aiden were on a journey to hunt for clues to lead them t [...]

    11. Cover Thoughts-The cover really gives me an idea of what washed out irises look like from lack of sleep. The eyes pop out and pull me in. It was a really good choice for this novel.First Thought-I'm always looking for something different in Young Adult Fantasy so I was very excited to see what this novel has in store for me. The summary had me interested right away. It sounds like an adventure that I can feel like I am part of.Review-Right away I fell in love with Thora's attitude. I love her sa [...]

    12. I won this book in a giveaway on BookLikes.Oh wow. WOW! I don't even know where to start talking about this book. I so did not see that one coming! Okay *deep breath* So here's the thing. I was so surprised by this book. The idea of this book was so new to me. I've never read about insomniacs before.I liked the twists and turns, some of which I did not see coming at all. The pacing was fantastic. The author gives us tiny scenes from the past, to see how it is that Thora and her brother got to be [...]

    13. This book did not turn out how I expected it at all. I went into this book pretty blind and it surprised me as a consequence. This however was a good thing. A great thing. For those who seek to destroy, Destruction will find you.The love story in this was perhaps the greatest part of the book. Coming second only to her relationship with her brother and the friendships she makes along the way. There are so many twists and turns in the book I just couldn't put it down for fear of missing out on wh [...]

    14. This doesn't necessarily reflect the traditional science fiction. That being said, there are sci-fi elements highlighted in a biological sense, especially the closer to the climax.*thereadershollow received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*The premise is fascinating. Severe insomnia has had Thora awake for 127 days in a clinic. From here the conspiracies take root.I enjoyed the author's writing. There was some poetic whimsy which is much deserving of the teenage main characte [...]

    15. I liked this book a lot. It pulled me in right from the beginning. The idea of insomnia being a disease was intriguing and once they go on their way to find the Cafe, it was non-stop. Thora's character was so strong, despite being so weak physically, and she pushed herself to the limits and beyond to continue doing what was right for her and her friends. I loved Lucas, the mysterious boy who she met under awful circumstances, and Florence, the girl addicted to music who had a plethora of street [...]

    16. This was an extremely interesting and thrilling concept that was not predictable at all, it just wasn't written very well. I won the ebook directly from the author, which was cool, but it really needed a proofread.My main problem was the execution of the character of Lucas. As well as insta love (ugh) with Thora, he was described numerous times (ie excessively) as having a gorgeous British accent. Which of course wasn't specific enough for me and I was dying for more information. Anyway, it turn [...]

    17. /I received the book from the author through First Reads/The story pulled me in immediately: insomnia, a subject that still leaves so much to guess about! I liked the first person narration and the special atmosphere of «chasing a rabbit» around the city. In fact, New York becomes another character of a whole story but doesn't steal the protagonism from Thora.The explanation behind the clinics is consistent and the whole plot makes sense and keeps you on your toes to get all the answers. The o [...]

    18. I received this book from .Everyone else seems to think this book was amazing but I don't think it warranted five stars.Don't get me wrong, its a good book, but it has a lot of flaws. For me the worst offender was the plot twists. I didn't see them coming but they didn't make the slightest bit of sense and didn't even seem to belong to this book. Its like the author ripped pages from a different book and kid glued it onto Never Sleep. Then to read about fifty pages of the odd new situation that [...]

    19. This is a story about severe insomniacs that all have a shared past. Something in their pasts have caused them enough trauma to not only cause them to become insomniacs but also cost them their memories prior to the trauma. Many of these children ages ranging from 6 and up are sent off to live in the Clinic. This is supposed to feel like home but something is truly wrong and if they don’t find out what it is and escape it, it may cost them more than they can imagine. Good read, the end is left [...]

    20. I was not happy with this book. I tried to follow, Thora, on this journey through the world of insomnias but it did not keep in interest. A big group was out the get them all to study them at every stage. Thira was stage 4. I love the cover for this book and that is what made me decide to buy it but I was not impressed but the story line or how things progressed in the book. I was not happy with this book and could not finish it and for me this is a very rare occurrence.

    21. Thora Green has insomnia it has lasted for month's. She is now staying at a sleep clinic where the Dr's observe and experiment on her but never actually treat her. Desperate for help her and her brother who is also an insomniac head to New York in search of the insomniac cafe. There are clues around the city to help them find the cafe but the sleepers- enemies will try their best to keep them from finding it. A truly gripping y/a book I look forward to reading more books by Cady Vance

    22. I have to say that I really really really REALLY liked this book.One of the main reasons was that is reminded me of Mara DyerWe have dear ol LucasWe have dead ol OdinAnd the story is just fantasticI can't wait to read the next one :)

    23. Very interestingI loved the concept of a story about inSomnia, however; this story lacked a connecting sequence of events like there was too much going on at one time fire the reader to be able to follow the author.

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