Queen of Likes

Queen of Likes A tween social media queen is forced to give up her phone and learn that there s to life than likes in this M X novel from the author of The Hot List Karma Cooper is a seventh grader with thousands of

  • Title: Queen of Likes
  • Author: Hillary Homzie
  • ISBN: 9781481445214
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • A tween social media queen is forced to give up her phone and learn that there s to life than likes in this M X novel from the author of The Hot List.Karma Cooper is a seventh grader with thousands of followers on SnappyPic Before Karma became a social media celebrity, she wasn t part of the in crowd at Merton Middle School But thanks to one serendipitous photo, KarA tween social media queen is forced to give up her phone and learn that there s to life than likes in this M X novel from the author of The Hot List.Karma Cooper is a seventh grader with thousands of followers on SnappyPic Before Karma became a social media celebrity, she wasn t part of the in crowd at Merton Middle School But thanks to one serendipitous photo, Karma has become a very popular poster on SnappyPic Besides keeping up with all of her followers, like most kids at MMS, her smartphone a bejeweled pink number Karma nicknamed Floyd is like a body part she could never live without.But after breaking some basic phone rules, Karma s cruel, cruel parents take Floyd away, and for Karma, her world comes to a screeching halt Can Karma who can text, post photos, play soccer, and chew gum all at the same time learn to go cold turkey and live her life fully unplugged

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    1. Twelve-year-old Karma Cooper loves getting Likes on the photo-sharing app, Snappypic, and she goes online any opportunity she can get. She knows everything about her 12 thousand followers and all the tricks to get more Likes. She's so attached to her phone, that she's even given it (him) a name, Floyd. But disaster strikes when her mother takes Floyd away and cancels her Snappypic account as punishment for using it during Milton P. Daniels' bar mitzvah. What follows is an account of Karma's days [...]

    2. Mmmm, anti-technology cautionary tales.We have a girl names Karma who is obsessed with an Instagram-style clone. Her parents don't like her social media fame, she breaks a rule and loses access to the phone. She quickly Learns Her Lesson through volunteering and that there's more to life than just getting approval on social media. Everyone's happy.Argh, this book. Yes, there's more to life than technology and social media. No, that doesn't mean that we must treat our phones like cancer. No, this [...]

    3. Booktalk:Karma Cooper isn’t cool or wasn’t cool, before SnappyPic. On SnappyPic, Karma has thousands of followers and gets hundreds of likes just for taking great photos and writing captions. Karma’s social media celebrity has earned her some status with the Queen Bees of the school, who want to capitalize on her social media popularity to help promote Spirit Week. Truly she’ll have the chance to rise to popularity with these girls’ support.There’s only one problem…. Karma’s pare [...]

    4. 7th grader Karma is the Queen of social media. She has more followers on Snappypic than anyone she knows. It’s a lot of work posting pictures and managing her accounts. But when her mom finds her hiding in a restroom instead of attending her friend’s bar mitsvah, Karma loses her phone and her Snappypic account. Now she’s not only lost her followers, but she’s having a hard time being publicity chair of spirit week. Maintaining her standing with the popular crowd is almost impossible with [...]

    5. Seventh-grader Karma Cooper moves from almost invisible to celebrity status overnight when her SnappyPic photos go viral. She’s thrilled to be part of the popular crowd, but her dream life disappears when her parents decide on the worst punishment ever – taking her smartphone. How can a social media diva survive without her phone?Karma’s struggles to maintain her social status while living her life unplugged are both humorous and realistic. Anyone who can’t live without a smartphone can [...]

    6. Karma has a problem that will sound all too familiar to many readers. She spends far too much time on her phone. Her happiness is dictated by how many likes her social media photos get. When her parents take her phone away as punishment, she has to find new ways to validate herself. I loved this book. It has an important message disguised in an entertaining story, which is the best thing a middle grade book can do!

    7. Queen of Likes gets a definite "LIKE" from me! A wonderful and relevant read about the influence of social media in our lives, and finding an identity outside of cyberspace (with a good blend of humor and fun as well!). It's a perfect read for tweens or even anyone on social media. I loved it!!

    8. This book was good, not great, just good. First of all, Karma having thousands of followers on "SnappyPic", is highly unrealistic. By just posting that one photo which is a weird picture of some animal, there is NO way that could just get her that many followers. Am i overthinking this book? Probably. If the author will say Google in the book, i think she could have said Instagram. I wish in the end Karma went, "Hmm. Maybe i don't need my phone to be happy." Or, she wouldn't be as excited to get [...]

    9. This book had a really good plot and a very important moral: You always get caught. The only problems I had with the book were Karma's Snappypic deletion (kinda extreme) and the school phone usage. However, I understand why Karma's parents deleted the account. Don't get me wrong because I love using my phone too (when I should be sleeping or reading.) Seriously though, I think being on your phone in school or church is rude, unnecessary, and a misplace waiting to happen. As for the school phone [...]

    10. I liked this book because it was related to a school life and a very realistic life. I could see many readers getting into the book because many parts were realistic about school and home life. I hope you like this book as much as I did. Happy reading!

    11. This would be a great read for any tween struggling with social media addiction (even if she doesn't know it). When Karma's parent's take away her phone, she feels like they've taken her identity. She has to learn who she is without it and finds she is something more rather than less.

    12. Interesting writing technique, but I thought the plot was predictable. I thought that the characters and story would be relatable, unfortunately, everything was a bit exaggerated. I did however, like the message of not being addicted to your phone. Overall, not a must read, but an acceptable book.

    13. Homzie, Hillary. Queen of LikesApril 5th 2016 by AladdinE ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineKarma is addicted to her phone, and to posting things and commenting on other people's photos on SnappyPic. When she spends most of a Bar Mitzvah in the bathroom on her phone, her mother is outraged and takes it away from her, giving her a flip phone instead, since this isn't the first time Karma has run afoul of the rules. Karma is worried that she will lose all of her popularity-- she has a ton of fo [...]

    14. This is a great wee book for middle grade readers. It not only teaches a great lesson, but it is a fun and funny read, which they will love. I felt that the lesson taught, about the need to put electronics away and really enjoy life, it talks about making true friends, and how those on the Internet may be your friends, but they may not be able to be there when you need them and you could find that they aren't actually friends with you, but like you because of your social media following. It also [...]

    15. Karma Cooper has a handle on how to get friends and keep them--Just make sure you give the people what they want – cute shots that will easily garner a “Like”. That way, your friendship base will grow and in turn you will gain confidence. How else are you supposed to feel good about who you are?Well, that’s what she thought. Queen of Likes is an up to date coming of age story that touches on many of the hallmarks of teen development in a heartfelt story about friendship, self discovery a [...]

    16. An authentic, must-read for all ages, Hillary Homzie delivers on a very real problem, social media.The main character, Karma, is confident without sassiness, her view on the world has a tinge of humour, and she's refreshingly honest with herself, for example, "I feel a little plain, a little dumb, but I try not to think about it." Karma's parents are both fair and firm, as are her teachers when it comes to rules, a valuable reminder we should all be on the same page when it comes to societal val [...]

    17. Pitch-perfect, relevant, and fun novel for middle-schoolers. There are many things to love about this book. While the author focuses on a tween who is arguably addicted to her phone, she does not oversimplify the issue or suggest that all technology, or even social media, is in itself a bad thing. Also, I was happy to see that the tired "mean girl" trope didn't come into play here. All of the kids, popular or not, had their good points and their flaws. Overall, a fun, quick read that will provid [...]

    18. Readers will love watching what happens when Karma Cooper is forced to find validation from places other than her thousands of followers on Snappypic. Best of all, she learns to validate herself, explore her talents and act not based on what others might think, but on herself and her own values. Dynamic characters and a clever plot that didn't go where I initially thought it would. A really fun read!

    19. **SPOILER FREE**After reading this book I sat back and watch some young teen and young adults and realized just how real this book hit on the subject. I laughed. I felt like this story was really written about those around me. The plot is real! The characters real! And the story has moments of laughter and unbelievable realization It was a fun read!*Received for an honest review*

    20. Hillary Homzie's tween books consistently deliver a hilarious voice as well as the bittersweet realizations of young adults. Queen of Likes is a cautionary tale for kids - boys and girls - who get caught up in their online lives to the detriment of their real relationships. With warm, likable family members and realistic tween school settings, it's a great read for middle school kids.

    21. I received a copy of this book from Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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