The Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn

The Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn An alchemist peddles a new magical invention and the key that could unlock Lettie Peppercorn s family secrets in this quirky tale of self discovery family and friendship The Independent Lettie Peppe

  • Title: The Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn
  • Author: Sam Gayton Poly Bernatene
  • ISBN: 9781481447690
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An alchemist peddles a new magical invention and the key that could unlock Lettie Peppercorn s family secrets in this quirky tale of self discovery, family, and friendship The Independent.Lettie Peppercorn cannot go outside Ma told her so right before Ma disappeared forever So Lettie s house is on stilts, and she is stuck with only the wind and a pigeon for a friend NAn alchemist peddles a new magical invention and the key that could unlock Lettie Peppercorn s family secrets in this quirky tale of self discovery, family, and friendship The Independent.Lettie Peppercorn cannot go outside Ma told her so right before Ma disappeared forever So Lettie s house is on stilts, and she is stuck with only the wind and a pigeon for a friend Nothing exciting has ever happened to her until the night a strange merchant appears.He claims to be an alchemist the greatest that ever lived and he is here to sell Lettie his newest invention It s an invention that could change Lettie s life and the world forever An invention called snow But snow is not the only secret he holds The alchemist knows where Lettie s Ma is And Lettie will do anything to get Ma back even if it means risking her own life.Join the brilliant and resourceful Lettie Peppercorn as she sails across the world to reunite her family and discover the truth about herself.

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    1. Look at that cover. Seriously, look at it. Doesn't it scream "Pick me up and read me?!"The ideas in this book seemed refreshingly new to me. When it comes to a Children's- or Middle-Grade book, it's very important to come up with something that hasn't already been done before. Imagination is the key! And there's absolutely nothing wrong with the imagination level in the Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn. For example, there's a boat which used to be a physical part of someone's grandmother. How co [...]

    2. The story moves along quickly with fantastical situations; it's truly for the fantasy adventure reader. The best part of the book is the strong, courageous young girl who drives the story.

    3. Interesting British import that involves alchemy and weird quasi-Victorian escapades. Just don't have the readers for this in my library.

    4. My youngest son won this book at a school bingo night. I read a little of this book to my kids (8-13) every night before bed. They really enjoyed it and it was a fun story to read aloud. There's plenty of adventure and fantasy to keep everyone interested.

    5. Gayton, Sam The Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn, 293 pgs. Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2011 (text) 2016 (illustrations). $16.99. Language, Mature Content, Violence: G; As the landlady of the White Horse Inn, Lettie Peppercorn’s young life was chosen for her, or so she thought. Abandoned by her mother and neglected by her father, Lettie was left to keep the tiny inn afloat with only the companionship of her favorite pigeon Periwinkle, who mysteriously was turning to stone. One night, when Letti [...]

    6. A "Girl's Own" Magical Fairy Tale AdventureFirst, some housekeeping. This book was published in the United Kingdom a few years ago as "The Snow Merchant". It was reissued a few times, each time with a different illustrator, although the most common edition was illustrated by the very popular Chris Riddell. It has now been released in a new edition with the title "The Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn". This "Adventures" book is not, sadly, a sequel. While it would be great to have two Lettie Peppe [...]

    7. The Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn introduces readers to a world where anything can happen. Well, anything can happen to anyone besides Lettie herself, who has been forbidden to step foot on the ground in a mysterious note her mother left when she disappeared. At least Lettie's family owns an inn, where occasionally interesting people come to her. However, all that changes when a man comes to the inn who claims to sell something called "snow." Oh, and he knows something about Lettie's mother. S [...]

    8. Lettie Peppercorn ist so ziemlich auf sich allein gestellt. Ihr Vater verspielt und vertrinkt das gesamte Geld und überlässt es seiner Tochter sich um das Gasthaus zu kümmern. So hat die 12jährige Lettie allerhand zutun, bis eines kalten Wintertages ein geheimnisvoller Alchemist um ein Zimmer bittet, der sich selbst als Schneehändler bezeichnet. Von diesem Tag an wird nichts mehr so sein wie es einmal war und Lettie landet in einem turbulenten Abenteuer. Zusammen mit dem Jungen Noah begibt [...]

    9. Lettie Peppercorn is a 12 year old landlady of the White Horse Inn who has never stepped foot outside of her house. Her Ma, who disappeared when she was a baby, told her not to in a note flown in by her current best friend, Periwinkle the pigeon. Her only other friend is the Wind. Her Da spends all his time in taverns drinking and gambling away the inn's earnings. And so Lettie lives a rather uneventful life making tea for her room renters until the day an alchemist comes to the inn and tries to [...]

    10. Lettie Peppercorn is 12 years old, and is the landlady of the White Horse Inn. It would be more appropriate to be the landlord's daughter, but Lettie's Da spends his days gambling and drinking at the pub. Of course Da didn't use to be like that. He changed the day he lost hope in Ma coming back. Lettie's Ma was an alchemist. Not the boring kind of alchemist who turns steel into gold, but the type who turns stones into pigeons. Ten years ago Ma vanished leaving a note for Lettie behind. In the no [...]

    11. Twelve-year-old Lettie Peppercorn would love to have an adventure. But when her ma disappeared many years ago she left a note warning Lettie to never leave their home. Now she watches over her family seaside inn while her da drowns his sorrows at the pub. But one day the wind blows in a mysterious man who claims to be an alchemist who can make something new: snow. And while he is soon exposed as a fraud, he claims to know her ma.In the blink of an eye Lettie is off on a true adventure. Aided by [...]

    12. 3.5/5 stars*Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*The Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn was a cute and whimsical story. It's rating is comparative to other middle grade books. Middle grade books tend to do a good job of being readable but leave holes here and there. For instance it's not always clear why the bad guy is bad at this age range, but they don't get as much flak for it as adult fiction would. It makes sense of course, kids don't over- [...]

    13. Amazing! If only there were more stars to give. This story, featuring alchemy, mystery, adventure, and a liberal dash of hope and love will work its magic on your heart. Lettie Peppercorn is a young girl who lives out her days in her house on stilts in a harbor town. She cannot go outside, her Ma has told her so in a letter carried to her by pigeon from afar. Right before her Ma disappears forever. Thus our story opens. Plagued by the drab life of "landlady", acting in her father's stead while h [...]

    14. If you are someone who has said, "They don't write children's books like they used to", this is the book for you! This is a marvelous, magical story that takes you from a house on stilts over the ocean to an iceberg and back. Lettie Peppercorn is the most unique main character I've met in a long time. Lettie is a 12 year old landlady who cooks and cleans and tries to keep her Da in line. She is not allowed to leave the house. When her Ma disappeared she left Lettie a note with instructions not t [...]

    15. This book was just too strange. A person made from rock? Another with things growing out of his shoulder? A huge deal made over snow? A mother who has been missing for over a decade because she is captured in ice? huh? I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but I did finish it.Lettie Peppercorn cannot go outside because she cannot touch the ground. Her father Da can, and he does - to drink. Her mother disappeared when Lettie was just small. Now a strange and magical man Blustav has appeared and he b [...]

    16. This is about a young girl called Lettie who will discover just how special she really is. And it all begins one day when a snow merchant presents himself at Lettie's inn and declares he is there because she and only she is the right customer for his wares. What the snowflakes set into motion is the adventure of a lifetime as Lettie sets out to find her missing mother and uncovers a story years in the making which will reveal a story about the powers of love and the destruction of jealousy set i [...]

    17. Lettie Peppercorn lost her mother years ago, yet this 12-year-old is the landlady of the White Horse Inn, running it all by herself while her father drinks and bets their money away. The town of Albion is dangerous for Lettie, according to a note her mother wrote before she mysteriously disappeared, she is forbidden from leaving the inn until her mother's return. When a wicked Snow Merchant visits the White House Inn, and displays his feats of alchemy, trouble brews. Lettie must decide whether s [...]

    18. Meet Lettie Peppercorn. She cannot go outside. Her mother told her so, right before she disappeared forever. Lettie lives in a house on stilts, so she is stuck with only the wind and a pigeon for friends. One night a man with an icicle beard comes to her door. He claims to be an alchemist and is there to sell Lettie his newest invention, something that will change her life forever. Something called "snow"! But snow is not the only thing the alchemist is there to discuss. He claims he knows where [...]

    19. A very creative book with a fun lead character. I loved the tone of the book and the setting as well. Part fantasy, part Victorian England. It does remind me of Philip Pullman, especially his books with the English heroine that I can't remember right now. But simpler, and cleaner somehow. A great book for children. The cover is very well made. If you like the cover you are pretty likely to really enjoy the book, in my opinion.

    20. Full review coming on 2/2, but in the meantime The Adventures of Lettie Peppercorn is an absolutely amazing book. At the end of each chapter, my daughter looked up at me with big eyes and asked if we could read more. She gasped with indignation at pivotal moments, or called out excitedly as she guessed what would happen next. I can confidently say that this book was a big hit with our family.

    21. The things I liked about this book: it's a truly fantastical adventure, and wildly imaginative. Lettie and her friends are kind and careful. However, the wildly imaginative part makes the plot hang together poorly -- it's kind of a crazy trip into wonderland, without much in the way of believable motivations, and the characters also lack depth. Advanced reader copy provided by edelweiss.

    22. The ending, while true to the story, left something to be desired.It's a great middle grade tale of fantasy, adventure, and courage, but it's quite predictable and something about it isn't quite fulfilling. I would have enjoyed it more if the world had been a bit more fleshed out and the ending had more of a resolution to it.

    23. Lettie Peppercorn is left a note by her absent mother warning her not to set foot outside her home. That all changes the night the snow merchant and his ride, Noah, show up. Soon Lettie is on an adventure following the wind to save herself, her best friend Peri, and her father, from two women in pursuit of the diamonds of snow as seen by the alchemical cheat who was once her mother's tutor.

    24. *I received an eARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley*I absolutely adored this book. I was hooked from the very first line. A quirky, fun fantasy for middle grade readers, with a wonderful heroine, nasty villains, and lovely supporting characters. I'm afraid the title might make it a hard sell to my students, but I'll try my best.

    25. Fantastic writing, wonderfully creative and full of the unexpected. I wish there could have been a resolution without a big battle scene, I always get bored during those (both in books and movies). Otherwise wonderful and I hope this will be the start of a series.

    26. I read this to my 9-year-old. She would've given it 5 stars. For me it was just a story. There was some cleverness and some creativity. I tire of the stories that make Dad either weak/buffoonish or bad. In this book, it's the former. But my daughter loved the adventure.

    27. Fun story of a girl on a mission to find her mom who disappeared many years ago. Alchemy, a boy who has a tree growing out of his shoulder, potions that turn people into their last meal, and many other imaginative adventures in this fun story. Recommend for reading to ages 8 to 11

    28. Read this aloud with my 8 yr old daughter. The imagination of the story was great for her age, but a bit weird for our taste. She enjoyed listening to it, but wasn't by any means so drawn into it that we couldn't put it down.

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