One-Punch Man, Vol. 1

One Punch Man Vol A manga series that packs quite the punch Nothing about Saitama passes the eyeball test when it comes to superheroes from his lifeless expression to his bald head to his unimpressive physique However

  • Title: One-Punch Man, Vol. 1
  • Author: ONE Yusuke Murata John Werry
  • ISBN: 9781421585642
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • A manga series that packs quite the punch Nothing about Saitama passes the eyeball test when it comes to superheroes, from his lifeless expression to his bald head to his unimpressive physique However, this average looking guy has a not so average problem he just can t seem to find an opponent strong enough to take on Every time a promising villain appears, he beats theA manga series that packs quite the punch Nothing about Saitama passes the eyeball test when it comes to superheroes, from his lifeless expression to his bald head to his unimpressive physique However, this average looking guy has a not so average problem he just can t seem to find an opponent strong enough to take on Every time a promising villain appears, he beats the snot out of em with one punch Can Saitama finally find an opponent who can go toe to toe with him and give his life some meaning Or is he doomed to a life of superpowered boredom

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    1. Un manga asqueroso, muy previsible porque "one-punch man" gana a todos los malos de un solo puñetazo, todos los combates son iguales, solo me gusta Blizzard-sama.Manga bastante fácil de distinguir a los idiotas ya que escriben algo similar a lo de arriba.Advertir que esta serie es un Seinen parodia de los shonens y los superheroes, y tiene un humor que una persona que no tenga una mentalidad adulta probablemente no sea capaz de entender.Antes de explicar lo del primer parágrafo, os voy a deja [...]

    2. It's been years since I last read a manga. Nothing really enticed me enough to pick one up, but as everyone knows, One-Punch Man has been receiving a huge amount of buzz these past few weeks. People are begging me to watch it, but it's my exam week so I decided to read a chapter of the manga instead. The one chapter plan didn't work because I ended up finishing the first volume despite having a huge Hematology exam tomorrow. The series is that addicting!I like anime/mangas with a lot of action. [...]

    3. Volume 1 of One-punch Man is unbelievably funny and refreshing, if you wanted some good laugh, go for it!Our main character is a Japanese young man whose hobby/wish/dream is become a superhero in order to defeat bad guys. And after 3 years of tough traininghe trained himself into having superhuman power at the age of 25 (he's later called the One-punch Man because he can defeat super-villains with one single punch)but during the progress, he also lost all of his hair.There are more and more supe [...]

    4. One Punch-Man is about a superhero who can, yes, defeat enemies with one punch. It’s also intended to be that stupid because it’s a parody of martial arts manga like Dragon Ball, etc.The pretentiously-named writer “One” immediately sets the tongue-in-cheek tone right from the start: a Piccolo-lookalike begins destroying “City A” but stops in front of a crying schoolchild literally labelled “School Child”. Then One Punch-Man arrives - he’s a hero for fun, that’s his whole orig [...]

    5. A parody of the shonen and superhero genres, targeted at the fans of these genres. I am not a fan, so most references either went right over my head or did not feel particularly noteworthy to me. The detailed, elaborately choreographed, Otomo-inspired action scenes are impressive, though.

    6. This was awesome! I think it was a little over-hyped for me, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I'll grow to love the characters, Genos and Saitama, even more as the series progresses. Saitama is already hilariously amazing though. The art was fantastic, I think. And it definitely felt like a mix of a manga and comic book with all the BOOM and WHAM's.

    7. Malik despierta su lado heterosexual y masculino con esta historia jejejeje. Me paso algo curioso con esta historia, yo no soy mucho de leer historia de super heroes, peleas y todo lo relevante a este género, llegó a mis manos este libro y dije vamos a darle una oportunidad, y me termino agradando bastante por las siguientes razones:¿Para qué leer one punch man 1?1. En un principio por que el arte de los monstruos y personajes esta muy bien hecho, tanto las facciones como las armaduras son e [...]

    8. Saitama, aka the One-Punch man literary beats his opponents with just one punch! This is how strong our hero is. Already laid-back even before he became the world's strongest hero, eventually he got too bored because no monster has ever posed a real threat to him. Saitama has all the strength of Fist of the North Star's Kenshiro who is always nonchalant like Naruto's Shikamaru.Plus, he's bald.One thing very noticeable with One-punch man is that it does away with lengthy back stories and complica [...]

    9. The next best thing after Attack on Titan. This manga is hilarious! the art style is great, the characters! You will fall in love with saitama! this manga is a parody of all the shounen-action manga cliches. but it still has a foot hold of its own. and it pays homage to shounen demographic while making fun of it.

    10. Considering the hype going amongst my guy friends on this manga. Yeah why not give it a try, I told myself. All in all it's a great & funny manga. Unlike any typical super hero we've seen, he is so simple. Yeah Read it.

    11. A great start, with some fun monster-of-the-week-type conflicts. Art is on point, and Saitama is an instantly likeable (and really funny) protagonist. Really keen to see where this goes.

    12. I skim-read this to see if it's like the anime and it's literally the same thing. The anime is an exact adaptation. I'm enjoying this series a lot because it's a new take in the superhero genre. It's funny, action-packed, and focuses on twisting the stories we already know. I'm going to continue skim-reading the manga until I get to the point where the first season of the anime stops and the manga continues.So far only one woman has been represented (a villain of the week) and I'm not fond of he [...]

    13. Jadi suatu hari aku membuka Tumblr.Lalu aku melihat ini:(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]lalu ini:(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]lalu ini:(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]lalu ini:(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]lalu aku membaca komik inilu aku pergi ke sini:lalu kembali ke sini:Hahaha.Aku senang telah lahir di dunia ini.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>[" [...]

    14. I have to admit that it's been awhile since I have read any manga. So I guess the highest compliment I can give this series is that it sucked me right back into the world of backwards, black and white comic books. OrMangaif you will.Ive always been an avid anime watcher, and when I heard about the premise of the upcoming One-Punch Man anime coming this fall I was immediately intrigued. A 'hero for fun' who can destroy his enemies in one single punch? Color me interested! So while waiting for its [...]

    15. Okay, okay! Let me just say that I'm a giant fan of the OPM anime and I finally got my hands on the first four volumes of the manga. And I'm so happy that I FINALLY bought them, because this series is an absolute blessing! The art is fantastic, and I adore the humor. Just everything about this series makes me giddy and extremely happy no matter what mood I'm in! I can't wait till Sonic is introduced into the manga (I've gotta see those hips) and my favourite, Mumen RiderThis has been one of my b [...]

    16. This is soooo much fun !!! Saitama is hilarious ! Everything about this manga is funny and I just can't get enough of it.I watched the anime first and loved it (obviously!) and wanted to, also, read the manga and I was really happy to see saitama and GENOS again.You should definitely check this out !!!

    17. I just love how this makes fun of all the common super hero clichés! Also, the fight scenes are real eye-candy. A fast and fun read.

    18. Amazing book for old school and new school fans of manga.Funny and over the top action mixed with some of the best art in a manga this decade.

    19. ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH!! Ahem. Just had to get the formalities out of the way.I wanted to buy these volumes ever since the anime rocked my socks off, but I just never got around to it. And now there's like a million volumes out and it's too much of a hasstle to go buy them all. So! I read this from my library. Though I did kind of want to collect the volumes since the covers are so fricken gorgeous.Anyway! The anime stayed pretty close to the source material, but, could I dare say, t [...]

    20. One Punch Man, hobi olarak süper kahramanlık yapan Saitama‘nın hikayesini anlatıyor. Şehirlerin A, B, C şeklinde harflerle adlandırıldığı bir dünyada, süper kahramanlar ve haliyle süper kötüler de pıtrak gibi ortalıkta geziniyor. Hobi olarak kahramanlık yapmak size garip gelmiş olabilir, ancak bu Saitama’nın kendi tanımı ve bunu sık sık vurgulamaktan da çekinmiyor. Okulunu bitirdikten sonra iş bulamadığı için süper kahramanlığa soyunan Saitama, o kadar sık [...]

    21. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNEDI love how the plot is not just about every superhero's powers or the society's hypocrisy but also on the lessons that can be taken and learned from it. It is as if I'm reading Hector and the Search for Happiness by Francois Lelord all over again, which is a good thing because I love that book. It is in fact about Genos and his quest to find the reason behind Saitama's strength. The story's told in Genos' viewpoint and he's the one taking notes on how to be powerful as Saitam [...]

    22. Volume 1 - classicvolume 2 - Genos is pretty fabvolume 3 - tbh a little repetitive but Sonic is hellavolume 4 - not sure how I feel about the prisoner dude?overall, entertaining so far

    23. I love One-Punch!!! I've read chapters of it here and there in Weekly Shonen Jump and have really wanted to get in on the manga from the beginning. What is there not to love about One-Punch? I think he's so adorable. This is probably first and foremost satire of the shonen genre, but it's done so well it's a great one harkening back to the days of the greats. It's got comedy, action, battles and more battles. We get Saitama's backstory and a wide range of emotions along with his adoring sidekick [...]

    24. I promised to read less books this year (while school work is needing to be done) but WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT MANGA?! I've been meaning to read this series for a while as it was recommended by several people who are a little jaded by manga and so I knew it must be something different. When I visited a manga store on Vancouver the assistant said if I was to read one manage right now it should be this one. The story is wonderfully self-deprecating of itself, manga and the genre of superheroes yet [...]

    25. A superhero who has trained himself to such a high level that he defeats every enemy with one punch!Okay, it's a fairly simple concept, and it doesn't go a lot of places. But it takes all of 15 minutes to read, and it's totally worth it. I'll admit, I was fooled by the cover into thinking that this was a serious-ass manga, but it's most certainly a comedy. But it didn't take too long to figure out, and once I was there, it was a good ride.Oh, also, great art of what it looks like when someone pu [...]

    26. Not the most serious review I've written on this year butis one was definitely fun. I read Manga occasionally, having gotten into them thanks to a challenge from my students(for every chapter of Treasure Island they read I read a Bleach Manga. Turned out I actually liked the format and the story quite a bit). I picked this one up on a whim, intrigued by the premise. Lots of sarcastic ironic fun. Felt a bit like David Foster Wallace had written a Manga.

    27. Uzun zamandır okuduğum en saçma şeydi ve bu güldürdü. :D Neredeyse her yerde sanki karakterler çizgi romanlardan çakmaymış izlenimi verdi, bilmiyorum buna biraz sinir oldum. Bunun dışında eğlenceliydi.

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