Recess Is a Jungle!

Recess Is a Jungle This series is part of s early chapter book line called Branches which is aimed at newly independent readers With easy to read text high interest content fast paced plots and illustrations on ever

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  • Title: Recess Is a Jungle!
  • Author: Jack Chabert Sam Ricks
  • ISBN: 9780545873536
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This series is part of s early chapter book line called Branches, which is aimed at newly independent readers With easy to read text, high interest content, fast paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina Branches books help readers grow Sam, Antonio, and Lucy are passing around a soccer ball at recess wThis series is part of s early chapter book line called Branches, which is aimed at newly independent readers With easy to read text, high interest content, fast paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina Branches books help readers grow Sam, Antonio, and Lucy are passing around a soccer ball at recess when something strange happens They soon find themselves in a fog filled jungle The grass and trees have come alive, growing high into the sky And the friends discover that it s not just the school itself that s alive it s everything on the school grounds Sam, Antonio, and Lucy must find their way out of a monstrous hedge maze in time to rescue the rest of the students

    One thought on “Recess Is a Jungle!”

    1. I enjoyed this book because I like Eerie Elementary books. I did not like this book because I do not like jungles.

    2. Great book!My seven year old grandson laughs out loud a parts of this book. He is enjoying this series so much!

    3. Sam and his friends Lucy and Antonio are still at work protecting the other students at Eerie Elementary. They have learned that Orson Eerie built the school a hundred years ago, and that he found a way to become the school and live forever. Now he wants to swallow up the students of the school, but he has to contend with Sam, the school's hall monitor, and his friends and assistants. When a soccer ball rolls through a gap in the fence, they think nothing of going to retrieve it. After all, Orso [...]

    4. For a beginning chapter book series, I really enjoyed this book and I have not even read the first two books in this series. The story was intriguing and fast paced even for an adult.

    5. Interest and Energy Levels Remain HighThis is the third book in the Eerie Elementary series and it didn't show me any signs of flagging. If you're new to the series it might be wise to start with Book One, "The School Is Alive", just because it sets up the premise that, you know, the school is alive. It also shows us how our hero, Sam, became the school's hall monitor/student protector. But, the set up is simple enough, and the author does an efficient enough job of recapping, that you can start [...]

    6. 3.5 stars, aka rating early reader CBs is hard.A friend lent me a literal duffle bag of middle grade books (early to upper) since I'm taking a class on Chapter Book + Middle Grade novel writing at the moment, and this book happened to be among them. I hadn't read the first two books in the series, but this book did a brief recap within the first couple chapters so I didn't feel like I was missing anything.There was a horror element that I think kids might respond positively to, written in a way [...]

    7. Once again the school is out to get them. This time the friends have to venture into the swampy area behind the school but it might not be what it seems. Can the friend save the day?This series is very cute. Great for kids start to read chapter books. This will keep them reading. Highly recommend.

    8. 90 pages. I read four chapters and it was a very weird book. It was also boring. A mad scientist built the school and now IS the school. It is trying to eat kids who attend there. This is a BAD idea for a book. Skip this one. Reading level is Gr. 1-3 but I do not recommend it.

    9. My kids enjoyed this one. They try to guess what's going to happen next and are always surprised by where the story goes. I love seeing my kids so excited while reading.

    10. From my young reader: I really like these books, and have ordered the 4th and 5th. I love them so much! They're my favorite books. I love them because the school is alive. Make more!

    11. This is a cute book appropriate for grades 2-3. Children will be intrigued when they learn that their playground equipment can come to life.

    12. I was so happy once I finished Recess is a Jungle. I had found a new kids horror author to follow! And then in the process of writing the review, I found out that Jack Chabert doesn’t exist. It’s actually the pen name for another kids horror author that I’ve come to respect. Max Brallier. Max Brallier and Sam Ricks make a great team in this early chapter reader from . Clear, nice-sized font and illustrations that perfectly tell readers that might be struggling with some words what is going [...]

    13. My Thoughts – It is once again up to Sam, Antonio, and Lucy to save the school and all the students within the doors. In this book they are playing with a soccer ball that ends up going between the fence outside of the school all on it’s own. The three of them find this odd and argue amongst each other about whether or not they should go after it. In the end they decide to go chasing after the ball. They end up in a full blown jungle that they are certain was never there before.Lucy pulls [...]

    14. Clearly I was not the target (6-9 year old) audience, but still there are plenty of good reads targeted at younger audiences that can pull double-duty and entertain the parents, as well. Not so much with them. I would rather read about Jack and Annie in their Magic Treehouse, than another one with Sam, Lucy, and Antonio. I'm sure the lower elementary kids will like it. It's got suspense as the school appears to have been embodied by Orson Eerie and so there are jungle gyms that try and eat stude [...]

    15. Sam knows that his school, Eerie Elementary, is not normal. In fact, it is alive and is down right menacing to all its students. Sam is the chosen school hall monitor and Eerie’s protector, and fears that the students are in great danger. With the help of his friends, Lucy and Antonio, he must safeguard the other students. Chabert’s continued fast pace in this third installment of the Eerie Elementary series promises to keep readers from putting down this Monster House-esque book. His mix of [...]

    16. This is a book that students will probably enjoy. I found it lacking in detail, but loved the premise of the school being alive. Sam, Antonio, and Lucy head into the words around the school to retrieve a ball and they are confronted with many trials and almost don't make it back. The illustrations are in black and white and scattered around on each page. They are a great support for the narrative and the fact they are different sizes and in different places adds to the eerie tone of the tale. Th [...]

    17. Who knows how far Orson Eerie's power extends? That is the questions that Sam, Lucy and Antonio must discover in this third book of the series. When a soccer ball gets away from the playground, the three go to retrieve it. Suddenly dense fog separates the trio and a jungle comes alive. Somehow, they must their way back to the school before it is too late.Should be another winner for early readers.

    18. Um, let's just say that I thought this was book 2's not. *oh the humanity*A hedge maze of monsterious playground equipment is probably actually pretty scary in real life, but the kids at Eerie and The Kid that lives in my house seemed to take it all in stride.I am amazed at the creepy stuff my kid reads and likes, and laughs ats, I said laughs.

    19. This series is so much fun--in this entry, the school chases Sam and friends into a swamp that is newly (mysteriously) adjacent to Eerie Elementary and keep them busy long enough for some suspiciously animate playground equipment to ambush the school.

    20. Much better than the previous two books in the series. Now I'm looking forward to the next one almost as much as my son is.

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