Revolutions: A Bright Alliance Mystery

Revolutions A Bright Alliance Mystery Detective Sergeant Tarine Dominion of the RCMP is set to participate in the Intergalactic Bowling Congress competition on Earth when a dead body is found in the men s washroom at the Revolutions bow

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  • Title: Revolutions: A Bright Alliance Mystery
  • Author: Roxanne Barbour
  • ISBN: 9781633556
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • Detective Sergeant Tarine Dominion, of the RCMP, is set to participate in the Intergalactic Bowling Congress competition on Earth when a dead body is found in the men s washroom at the Revolutions bowling alley Her superior insists she take over the investigation and resign from the competition Much mayhem, murders, and intergalactic politics ensue.

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    1. Another solid book by Roxanne Barbour. I think it had a lot of similarities to the first book I read by her, A Way About, in that they are both mystery/ police procedurals set in the future. So it makes sense that I would enjoy them both.But this one is unique in that it is set in our very near future and looks at developments which might occur within my own lifetime (though I would be fairly old by then, anyway). This grounds it to the world we know a lot more than most SciFi as it is closer to [...]

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