Big Hero 6, Vol. 2

Big Hero Vol Hiro teams up with Baymax to resolve the mysterious disappearance of his brother and role model Tadashi With four reliable friends and an upgraded Baymax by his side Hiro finally confronts the maske

Big Hero film Big Hero is a American D computer animated superhero film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.Loosely based on the superhero team of the same name by Marvel Comics, the film is the th Disney animated feature film Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, the film tells the story of Hiro Hamada, a young robotics prodigy who forms a Big Hero Official Website Disney Movies Visit the official site for Disney s Big Hero to watch featured trailers and videos, play games, read the synopsis and browse images from the movie. Big Hero Big Hero is the Disney D animated comedy action film that centers on Hiro Hamada, a year old robotics prodigy, Baymax an inflatable health companion robot and an unlikely team of superheros. Big Hero Disney Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Big Hero is a American computer animated comedy superhero film created and produced at Walt Disney Animation Studios and based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name by Man of Action The film is directed by Don Hall co director of Winnie the Pooh and Chris Williams Big Hero Big Hero may refer to Big Hero , a team of superheroes appearing in IDW and Marvel Comics Big Hero , a computer animated superhero film based on the comics characters Big Hero The Series, an animated series based on the film Big Hero Big Hero Movie Review Common Sense Media Awesome origin story is action packed, deals with grief Read Common Sense Media s Big Hero review, age rating, and parents guide. Big Hero film Big Hero un film d animazione del diretto da Don Hall e Chris Williams, ispirato all omonimo fumetto Marvel. Classico Disney, il primo film basato su un franchise Marvel ad essere interamente prodotto dai Walt Disney Animation Studios e distribuito dalla Walt Disney Pictures in seguito all acquisizione della Marvel da parte della Disney nel . Big Hero Wikipdia, a enciclopdia livre Big Hero Big Hero Os Novos Heris POR ou Operao Big Hero BRA o quinquagsimo quarto longa metragem de animao da Walt Disney Pictures, lanado em .Inspirado no ttulo de quadrinhos homnimo da Marvel Comics, uma comdia de ao e aventura, que se passa na cidade de San Fransokyo, uma mistura de So Francisco e Tquio Big Hero foi um sucesso de pblico e Big Hero pelcula , la enciclopedia libre Big Hero Grandes hroes en Hispanoamrica es una pelcula animada de superhroes producida por Walt Disney Animation Studios basada en el cmic Big Hero de Marvel Comics. La pelcula est dirigida por Don Hall, co director de Winnie the Pooh, junto a Chris Williams, codirector de Bolt, producida por Roy Conli, productor de Enredados, El jorobado de Notre Dame y El planeta del tesoro. Big Hero The Series TV Series Created by Nicholas Filippi, Mark McCorkle, Robert Schooley With Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, Brooks Wheelan, Khary Payton As the new prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, Hiro now faces daunting academic challenges and the social trials of being the little man on campus Off campus, the stakes are raised for the high tech heroes as they must protect their city from an array of

  • Title: Big Hero 6, Vol. 2
  • Author: Haruki Ueno
  • ISBN: 9780316263900
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hiro teams up with Baymax to resolve the mysterious disappearance of his brother and role model, Tadashi With four reliable friends and an upgraded Baymax by his side, Hiro finally confronts the masked man, the one who holds the key to the truth Spurred by his desire for revenge, Hiro corners the masked man,but then something goes wrong with Baymax Read the wonderfullHiro teams up with Baymax to resolve the mysterious disappearance of his brother and role model, Tadashi With four reliable friends and an upgraded Baymax by his side, Hiro finally confronts the masked man, the one who holds the key to the truth Spurred by his desire for revenge, Hiro corners the masked man,but then something goes wrong with Baymax Read the wonderfully miraculous conclusion to the story of a boy and his kindhearted health care robot

    One thought on “Big Hero 6, Vol. 2”

    1. Awesome! Loved it! :D Like I had expected, it was way better than the first volume. Hiro seems to be more maturer, and much more in character. Also, I was happy to see more of Tadashi, and I loved the friendship between Hiro and Baymax. <3 It was aweeeeesome!!! Deserves five stars.

    2. I was desperate to find something originally written in a foreign language that I could read in 2 days. Answer: graphic novel! But I had to research for a while because there were plenty of those currently in my library that had absolutely no appeal to me. This book was checked in. I figured it was based on the movie, so I could go ahead with Vol. 2 and remember from the movie what would be in Vol. 1. If I hadn't seen the movie, all of those action sequences in the book would have confused me. A [...]

    3. The second and possibly last volume to the Big Hero 6 manga is the conclusion to the battle with Doctor Callaghan. The six heroes find out the reasoning behind Callaghan’s decisions and finally have the chance to save Tadashi. But do they? These books are great for a fan of the Big Hero 6 movie. If you are expecting it to be exactly like the movie you will be disappointed in that respect but it is perfect to add to the story. It has a few surprises throughout the story that will keep you at t [...]

    4. A fab retelling of Big Hero 6 in manga form. The main thread of the story follows the film, but with some fresh ideas and new twists to feel like something new. As in the film, this is Hiro's (and Baymax's) story, and the other Big Hero 4 get little to do, but the exploration of Hiro's social awkwardness and grief adds layers to his character.

    5. Just as much of a disappointment as volume 1 was. It lacked the heart that the movie had, and the characters all seemed flat compared to their movie counterparts. The plot progression was stilted at best, and rushed at its worst.

    6. This book picks up where volume one left off. Hiro and his friends learn of the masked man's true identity. After this, they learn of the reasons he was creating these portals, why Tadashi was determined to help this man, and why he told Hiro not to blame him for his death. I liked the way this book ended, and how everything was mostly answered and wrapped up, although it didn't have the same emotional factors as the first volume.

    7. This was a fun little manga. And though it didn't exactly follow the movie, it made it endearing in its own way.

    8. ~1.5/5(Contains Spoilers!)This volume brings this small series to a conclusion, and I’m just so disappointed.The big moment where Hiro’s revenge and sorrow grow to climax happens, but it’s not as powerful as the movie. The reveal about who is behind everything happens, as are his reasons, and it’s not powerful at all. There’s no more development with the side characters, little development with the villain, and even with Hiro.There’s one change from the movie—the villain’s daught [...]

    9. Big Hero 6 is rated All Ages but does deal with death (or possibly just someone just being lost in another dimension) so the main character boy genius Hiro can be motivated and grow just like in the Disney movie this was based on. However just like the first volume, this manga is only a loose interpretation of the movie so someone who is expecting an exact carbon copy in book form might be disappointed.After the cliffhanger at the end of volume 1 the heroes are already off to a rocky start and t [...]

    10. I dunno Just not feeling it as much as I did for the original movie.Things were changed, and while not necessarily for the worse, those changes didn't really add anything to the plot or characters or anything, really. It kind of felt like "change for the sake of change."I suppose, if I get all over-analyze-y on a children's manga, I could say that the change in the villain's motivations were to reflect how Japanese parents (especially dads) are always working and never seem to be around for the [...]

    11. I love this movie so, so much, and while the manga has great art, there are unnecessary changes to the story that leave it feeling more shallow and rushed than the movie felt. (For examplewhy would the professor use his daughter as the test subject if she was a child? It makes a certain amount of sense when she's an adult and can make her own decisions, but you wouldn't expose a kid to that sort of unnecessary risk.)I will confess, part of me really does like the fact that -spoiler!- the manga-k [...]

    12. Ce deuxième et dernier volet a été plutôt pas mal même l'action qui s'y déroule a été intéressante mais sans plus. Hiro sait ce qu'il veut et quand il découvre qui se cache derrière le masque du méchant, il veut comprendre.Malheureusement, ce fut trop rapide pour être vraiment captivant. Tout va vite sans vraiment nous laissé le temps de respirer. Les amis de Tadashi qui vont bien sur être ceux de Hiro vont manger de place car ils sont d'autant présents que l'est Baymax.Justement [...]

    13. This is a pretty standard manga that follows the Big Hero 6 movie fairly well. I don't think anything about it changed (except maybe Dr. Callaghan's daughter--she seemed a lot younger in this than I remember from the movie). There isn't anything wrong with it, just that as a fan of the movie, reading this was unnecessary.However, this would be a good way to introduce younger children to manga and its format (how it reads differently, the artwork, the panels, etc.). It isn't too long or wordy and [...]

    14. This was a very emotional read. If your coming to this duology looking for an identical story as the movie, stop right there. It's not that at all. Disney gave Haruko Ueno total freedom of creativity for this and he did a fantastic job. It made me smile but it also made me cry too. Especially near the end. It's got beautiful art and a story to match.So if you like BH6 like I do and wanted to see more of the world and the characters these manga volumes are for you. If you just want the same story [...]

    15. This manga was quite different than the movie, however that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The changes that were made were bold and some of them really added to the story. I admit that I was shocked to see things wrapped up so quickly and I really do hope that there are other volumes in the series, contrary to what the note at the end says. I just want more of it and wish it was longer is why this isn't five stars!

    16. Absolutely adored this book. Slightly different from the movie, but still just as heart wrenching and beautiful. I think Hiro'a character development, though predictable, is still really good and I'm glad he moved away from darkness and revenge. I mean, I love Tadashi so I get being angry about how unjust his death was, but I think the lesson of not seeking revenge and understanding people is a really great thing to teach. Just such a wonderful series. Love love love.

    17. The second half of the Big Hero 6 manga brings the story to a great conclusion, packing tall the emotional punch of the movie. The one negative is the book's pacing. It dispenses more backstory and in the middle of the action in a way that slow's the book's pacing down. Still, it's an enjoyable expansion of the movie with a couple twists thrown in.

    18. Part two, read them back to back.Same small nit picks mentioned in review of previous volume.The story just seems off for some reason. It could have been better, but the 2nd half here was more entertaining. I Hiro finally maturing made the volume bearable.

    19. After the mega cliffhanger in volume one, I was glad to see that the story was complete in this book (I couldn't handle the suspense anymore!). Again, this reads like an early draft of the movie, with a lot of similarities but significant differences as well. I really enjoyed it.

    20. 3.5/5I felt part 1 was drawn better. The illustrations in part 2 would have been served better by color at times. Story wise as well part 1 was more engaging. Nevertheless part 2 was decent, not that I am a manga expert.

    21. This was adorable. I love the family dynamic in Big Hero 6 and because of that, I may or may not have shed a tear. Loved the art, again so cute. Once again, if you're somewhat interested in this, definitely try it out.

    22. I enjoyed reading this manga due to the fact i saw the movie. This manga has a lot to it. A must read for any and all manga lovers everywhere.

    23. I was hoping the story would move beyond the movie and keep going I hope the story continues and the next volumes dot just follow the next movie

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