Lantern City #2

Lantern City Sander has successfully infiltrated the Airborne division of the Guard the best and most dangerous branch Posing as a Captain Sander will have to act like a leader of his unit despite having no ide

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  • Title: Lantern City #2
  • Author: Matthew Daley Carlos Magno
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sander has successfully infiltrated the Airborne division of the Guard, the best and most dangerous branch Posing as a Captain, Sander will have to act like a leader of his unit, despite having no idea what Guard life is like beyond the public eye His very life depends on it.

    One thought on “Lantern City #2”

    1. The action's getting a bit better now. Sander has to blend in with the other soldiers and avoid people becoming suspicious of him. It's okay. Some of the art is nice. I like the steampunk feel, and the world is kind of interesting. That said, I'm not intrigued enough by it to keep reading it in single issue. Maybe I'll pick up the trade paperback (probably not) It's just not clicking with me.

    2. If a revolution has any chance of succeeding, than a person must choose between what he wants and what is needed. Sander, a worker class peon and unwitting revolutionary, faces this decision when he is forced to abandon his family in order to save his life and maintain the ruse that he is a Guard. Driven by forces larger than himself, Sander must now convince his superiors and the other Guards that he is one of their own. Not an easy task for someone with no Guard training or first-hand knowledg [...]

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