Thomas Murphy

Thomas Murphy The acclaimed award winning essayist and memoirist returns to fiction with this reflective bittersweet tale that introduces the irrepressible aging poet Thomas Murphy a paean to the mystery tragedy

  • Title: Thomas Murphy
  • Author: Roger Rosenblatt
  • ISBN: 9780062394583
  • Page: 284
  • Format: ebook
  • The acclaimed, award winning essayist and memoirist returns to fiction with this reflective, bittersweet tale that introduces the irrepressible aging poet Thomas Murphy a paean to the mystery, tragedy and wonder of life.Trying his best to weasel out of an appointment with the neurologist his only child, M ire, has cornered him into, the poet Thomas Murphy singer of the oldThe acclaimed, award winning essayist and memoirist returns to fiction with this reflective, bittersweet tale that introduces the irrepressible aging poet Thomas Murphy a paean to the mystery, tragedy and wonder of life.Trying his best to weasel out of an appointment with the neurologist his only child, M ire, has cornered him into, the poet Thomas Murphy singer of the oldies, friend of the down and out, card sharp, raconteur, piano bar player, bon vivant, tough and honest and all around good guy contemplates his sunset years M ire worries that Murph is losing his memory Murph wonders what to do with the rest of his life The older mind is at issue, and Murph s jumps from fact to memory to fancy, conjuring the islands that have shaped him Inishmaan, a rocky gumdrop off the Irish coast where he was born, and New York, his longtime home He muses on the living, his daughter and precocious grandson William, and on the dead, his dear wife Oona, and Greenberg, his best friend Now, into Murphy s world comes the lovely Sarah, a blind woman less than half his age, who sees into his heart, as he sees into hers Brought together under the most unlikely circumstance, Murph and Sarah begin in friendship and wind up in impossible possible love.An Irishman, a dreamer, a poet, Murph, like Whitman, sings lustily of himself and of everyone Through his often extravagant behavior and observations, both hilarious and profound, we see the world in all its strange glory, equally beautiful and ridiculous With memory at the center of his thoughts, he contemplates its power and accuracy and meaning Our life begins in dreams, but does not stay with them, Murph reminds us What use shall we make of the past Ultimately, he asks, are relationships our noblest reason for living Behold the charming, wistful, vibrant, aging Thomas Murphy, whose story celebrates the ageless confusion that is this dreadful, gorgeous life.

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    1. Dear Murph, It occurs to me—your brooding mind being what it is—that you may think I’m trying to lock you up in the loony bin. I’m not. You probably ought to be locked up in the loony bin, but that condition long preceded your recent shenanigans. I’m concerned that you’ll harm yourself. It’s that simple. Your dutiful and loving daughter,MáireDear Dutiful and Loving, I’m sorry, but I never had a daughter, and I don’t know anyone named Máire. My friend Greenberg used to sing ab [...]

    2. I didn't want this book to end. I could have read Thomas Murphy's thoughts on loss, life, death , aging , memory and love for at least a couple of hundred pages or more . I had a feeling from the beginning that this was my kind of book . I was right. I found writing that's poetic and characters that I wanted to know. If your looking for a lot to happen, you should read something else. This is a quiet book , a thoughtful and introspective book about a man's life. Immediately, the story is about a [...]

    3. Thomas Murphy has thoughts and opinions on many things, many, many things. Though he has lived in Manhattan for a long time he is originally from Ireland. He thinks of himself as a sentimental Irishman turned old fart as he is now seventy. His best friend is his young grandson William and he mourns the death of his wife and best friend. He is a poet, a singer and a teller of some awesome stories.Quiet, introspective, tender and funny, Murphy's thoughts, meanderings and opinions are a wonder to b [...]

    4. 3.5 StarsI've been pondering over what to say about THOMAS MURPHY for a few weeks now wondering why his touching story did not blow me away or hold my attention like others of its kind.Perhaps it's bc of the rather strange beginning or that it really doesn't have much of a plot or that I found it a bit wordyI'm not sure.What I remember about THOMAS MURPHY is thishe is 73 years old and a poet who is trying to figure out what to do with the rest of his life after losing his beloved wife OONAhe lov [...]

    5. Oh Murph what a character you are!! Had me laughing out loud at his conversations with his daughter and grandson. Murph shares his feelings on life, memory, imaginationI really liked this book!

    6. Roger Rosenblatt’s newest novel “Thomas Murphy,” tells the story of Thomas, who is a somewhat aging Irish poet born in Inishmaan, as he comes to terms with his daughter Máire’s concerns with his lapses of memory. Now living in New York, Murphy is a strong, sweet, tender, lovable character, with a strong connection to his grandson William. Murphy charms everyone he meets, old friends and new ones alike, and will undoubtedly charm you, as well.

    7. 4.49 on 12/22/17I laughed, I cried and I fell in love with Murph. ❤️ My emotions were all over the place. Beautiful read. Hey, less than 2 weeks into 2018 and I already have a favorite book, not bad. Thanks Will Byrnes for the recommendation.

    8. I can't rate this one because I gave up about halfway through. This is not to say the writing wasn't good or that the main character was unappealing. It's just that the stream-0f-conciousness style was too exhausting. I enjoyed the imagery and the humor but I'm just not in a mental place where I want to do this much work. Reading is my escape and this one , though worthy I'm sure, is not for me right now.

    9. Inventive, lyrical, poignant novel about an aging Irish poet, Thomas Murphy, battling grief, loss of memory, and a gradual decline in his mental health. We follow his non-sequential ruminations, sometimes veering into the realm of fantasy, as he reminisces about the past, comments on the present, and wonders about a tenuous future. His thoughts do not always “make sense” in terms of logic, but they reveal his mental state. Some might call him an unreliable narrator, as we do not know for sur [...]

    10. Wasn't that the most perfect gem of a book to read at just the right time? Thomas Murphy turned out to be a wee, slight book, coming in at just over 200 pages and is a little book to hold in your hands. But it is filled with awesomeness. Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a real sucker for reading about an old man that talks to, writes to and thinks about his dearly departed wife, lamenting the sadness he experiences without her. (I still think fondly about that old fart Angus in The Best Laid Plan [...]

    11. This was the first novel by Rosenblatt that I've read, but I won't make that mistake again. This will be on my personal list of Top 5 books this year. *Thomas Murphy* is a stream-of-consciousness narrative by Thomas Murphy, an aging, bestselling Irish poet who may or may not be suffering from Alzheimer's. It is hilarious, it is bittersweet, it is loving, it is sad; I was never sure what emotion I'd be feeling next. His wife, Oona, passed away a few years before the novel, and he's making the bes [...]

    12. This little novel didn't hold up till the end. From what I'd read about this, I'd expected the character Thomas Murphy to be one of those irrepressible guys who exudes vaulting confidence as he butts heads with convention and battles with life's situations. I thought Thomas as shell-shocked and confused as the rest of us. And I thought the novel a little predictable, too.

    13. Absolutely wonderful.For those who think Murph is Roger Rosenblatt I offer this.During an interview with the New York Times,Roger was asked-"Whom would you like to write your life story?"He answered "Jennifer Lawrence.I don't know how she writes,but I'd sure like to meet her."Roger can do no wrong in my opinion.His characters are beautifully drawn.Murphy is my new role model.Six stars.

    14. It took me a long time to finish this book because the narrative is not linear. This is the story of Thomas Murphy, an aging poet, who lives in NYC and is musing about the death of his wife, his childhood home in Inishmaan, his dreams, his forgetfulness, his daughter and her son, William, and his resistance to his daughter's request to see a neurologist. The language is beautiful at times and humorous at others. I had trouble though establishing the main character's thoughts as fact or fiction a [...]

    15. There's hardly any plot, not much dialog. Instead there are the musings, the dreams and the fictions of the wonderful character Murph, an elderly poet with a wicked sense of humor, a fabulous sense of the absurd and a huge dose of creativity. How will Murph live on after his beloved wife dies and so does his best friend Greenberg? The book is Murph's musings on life, old age, parenting, having parents, Ireland's relationship to England, what it means to be Irish and much more. I loved Murph's pr [...]

    16. Great concept but I found the smart aleck tone grating. It is sort of Kurt Vonnegut for the on the verge of dementia set (which I am uncomfortably close to).I enjoyed the musings on life, art, etc. interesting but would have preferred something a bit more straightforward.

    17. I read all of Roger Rosenblatt's books because I am fortunate enough to see him in person in the summer at the Chautauqua Institute. He has a dry wit and is very entertaining when he interviews other authors and talks about their works and his own. This latest novel is seemed somewhat autobiographical. He relates the story about an aging NYC poet and the meaning of the rest of his life now that his wife is gone. It is charming, hilarious, sometimes almost stream of consciousness, and lovable. I [...]

    18. Roger Rosenblatt's "Thomas Murphy," is a delightful short novel chronicling the mental decline of an Irish-American poet. Concerned with memory, love, loss and Irish lyricism, the novel's chief goal is to champion living at full tilt with no regrets. Moving back and forth in time and place, "Thomas Murphy," revels in an eternal now suffused with the ghosts and sensations of the past. As it moves forward and the poet's hold on his knowing slips more and more, the poet becomes more and more human, [...]

    19. Articulate, brilliant ramblings and musings of an aging man. Rosenblatt's writing is awesome! It seriously blows my mind. I love the rhythm of his words, his dry irreverent sense of humor and his profound observations on life. Truly an amazing book. I do believe that the character of Thomas Murphy is Roger Rosenblatt in disguise.

    20. It is witty and playful. It's a memoir about a man's life and the love he won and lost. This man, Mr. Murphy, is a poet who in his sunset years reflects on his life in Ireland as a child and his life as an adult in New York. He makes lite of his recent struggle with his lucidity and this will make you laugh.

    21. Poetic Irish melancholy, dementia and crankiness. The book is both funny and bittersweet, maybe a little too sweet in the end, but it is worth reading just for the "How to Live Old" section near the end.

    22. I had a hard time understanding the direction of this book about an aging Irish poet living in New York City for almost half the book. Eventually, the book came together for me and the last part of the book is quite touching.

    23. I just couldn't get myself to continue reading this book. It felt like it should be a great book. But it wasn't going anywhere and I felt a lack of plot or action. Maybe another time I would stay engrossed but not now.

    24. Quirky little book. Being Irish, I had to laugh out loud at times. Lots to think about after reading it. I plan on sharing it with someone in my book club who loves poetry. I think she will really enjoy this book.

    25. "Somewhere Dean Martin is singing, 'What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life' " That's a line from this essentially comic novel about Thomas Murphy, a 72 year old Irishman who indeed wonders how he is going to spend the rest of his life, 10 years, maybe 20, if he's lucky. He's widowed, father of a daughter and a grandson, and says of himself in a mock obituary, "Thomas James Murphy, the celebrated poet, genius, cardsharp, pop singer, piano bar player, raconteur, bon vivant, and all-around good g [...]

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