Exploring ES6

Exploring ES An in depth book on ECMAScript for JavaScript programmers FREE ONLINE exploringjs es ml

  • Title: Exploring ES6
  • Author: Axel Rauschmayer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: ebook
  • An in depth book on ECMAScript 6, for JavaScript programmers FREE ONLINE exploringjs es6ml

    One thought on “Exploring ES6”

    1. Really good ES6 book, author answers a lot of "why" questions the reader might ask. Chapters are fully independent and can be used as a reference. Most of those books are dry and very technical but this one is pretty easy to read and understand.

    2. Great content, but the writing style is a bit tedious and repetitive. That said you really can't ask for more detail, and there are some nice practical examples, i.e. in the section on proxies.

    3. Very in-depth overview of ES6.I really like the writing style, full with easy-to-grasp examples and use cases.Obligatory read to all JavaScript developers who want to move forward to ES6.

    4. I lati positivi di questo libro sono che copre praticamente tutte le novità di ES6 (o ES2015, o Javascript 6, come si preferisce chiamarlo) e che, soprattutto nei capitoli finali, spiega qualche tecnica avanzata per usare le nuove caratteristiche del linguaggio.I lati negativi però sono diversi.Innanzitutto a volte sembra scritto al contrario. Inizia descrivendo una caratteristica a livello talmente astratto da non capire di cosa parla, per poi passare ai problemi nell'implementazione, quindi [...]

    5. Even if it's still in progress, most likely it's the best resource on ES6 you can get. Rich, deep (sometimes goes even a bit over the edge) while still very approachable. Keeping in mind its size, I was surprised that it covers only the new elements of ES6, not whole ESx since the beginning of humanity Very helpful & highly recommended for people interested in modern Web.

    6. Great overview of new ES6 features. I like author'sapproach. First is described feature and base use. Then some practical use examples. API details and last a deeper look into implementation details, reasons, and possible problems.I definitely recommend this book for every who want know JS language.

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