文豪ストレイドッグス 5 [Bungō Stray Dogs 5]

Bung Stray Dogs

  • Title: 文豪ストレイドッグス 5 [Bungō Stray Dogs 5]
  • Author: Kafka Asagiri Sango Harukawa 朝霧 カフカ 春河 35
  • ISBN: 9784041015391
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “文豪ストレイドッグス 5 [Bungō Stray Dogs 5]”

    1. H.P. Lovecraft, huh? That should be interesting (there better be a Cthulhu attack somewhere.) I'm kind of in love with the Detective Agency and this series as a whole.:3Also, random aside: there's mention of Rocinante in this since Steinbeck shows up briefly, and I just read the first issue of The Expanse graphic novel (and I've been telling myself I'll finish the first novel soon.) Just kind of an odd coincidence for this to come up twice on the same day!

    2. this series is as fluffy as cotton candy and just as insubstantial. but at least it makes you realize just how readily certain literary titles lend themselves to superpower names - EX. "gone with the wind" (i loled), "grapes of wrath" (i loled even more), etc. the constant conflation of author with protagonist is starting to bug me but it does lead to some funny character profile jokes. here's the one for ozaki koyo (whose superpower is "konjiki yasha," OF COURSE):年齢 26歳誕生日  [...]

    3. Nathaniel Hawthorne is so into Margaret Mitchell, I'm calling it!Si el conflicto entre la Armed Detective Agency y la Port Mafia es de por sí bastante peligroso, añadir The Guild a la ecuación es como una receta de destrucción con triple conflicto. ¡Es un gran "todos contra todos"! Los nuevos personajes me hacen fangirlear demasiado (Lovecraft, Hawthorne, Fitzgerald) y muero por ver lo que Soukoku y Shin Soukoku pueden hacer en los próximos volúmenes.

    4. Ooo this is getting exciting!! Things are really starting to move along with this series. I loved the introduction of the Guild and all the new authors we get to experience. I'm so ready for Lovecraft. I loved his writing and can't wait to see how this is going to translate across to his character. I really enjoyed getting to see a little more behind the scenes of the Port Mafia, we haven't explored them too much yet so I'm definitely hoping for more. Which leads to Kouyou. Even though she was j [...]

    5. L’affrontement entre la Guilde, la Mafia Portuaire et l’Agence des Détectives armés se profile à l’horizon mais le début du tome se focalise sur l’opposition la plus ancienne puisque la Mafia veut récupérer Kyôka Izumi en faisant intervenir Kôyô Ozaki, un de leur lieutenant.J’ai peu d’attachement pour Kyôka, que j’ai toujours trouvée beaucoup trop froide (ce qui se comprend vu son passé), mais sa relation avec Atsushi a toujours été réussi et j’ai aimé la voir con [...]

    6. Okaaaaaaay, it's time for Kyouka's first job as we start this volume! Unfortunately it doesn't go entirely to plan, she does have a rather.special set of skills after all! We get a new character in the form of Kouyou a Port Mafia leader and she makes quite the entrance. It would seem war is about to break out between the Detective Agency and the Mafia, but we've known this was coming for a while as we've been building up to it! Poor old Kyouka is somewhat caught in the middle but determined not [...]

    7. Un volume molto interessante: conosciamo nuovi appartenenti alla Gilda, l'organizzazione oltreoceano che si intromette nella già difficile relazione tra la Port Mafia e l'Agenzia: sarà una guerra a tre senza esclusione di colpi. La prima parte del volume però è dedicata a Kyoka ed è molto bello il suo rapporto con Atsushi. Poi compare la Gilda e adoro i personaggi, cioè davvero è fantastico che abbiano nomi di scrittori e anche i loro poteri siano legati ai loro romanzi. Poi beh, il ritor [...]

    8. kyouka is such a great character i love her and am rooting for her. fukuzawa is seriously badass i didn't expect that, and he really cares about his subordinates. instant fave. akutagawa showed up and i was glad, i've missed him. i loved this :')))))

    9. in questo volume, ne succedono veramente di tutti i colori! nonostante io sappia già la storia, avendo già visto le due serie animate, questo volume, non mi ha annoiata. Non riesco nemmeno a trovare un capitolo preferito questo volume è meraviglioso!

    10. I'm still not sold on this series, but I keep convincing myself if I just read the next volume it will suddenly become great.

    11. "Flower scatterging Still a lovely sight to behold So long as there be fresh buds, flowers shall never fade" Poem by Mori Ougai"Escape your obligations. Anhilate your kindly feelings. Gold yourself of the sense of shame" Natsume Souseki (I am a cat)"Con el sudor de tu rostro comerás el pan hasta que vuelvas a la tierra, porque de ella fuiste tomado; pues polvo eres, y al polvo volverás" Génesis 3:19"When offering kindness, always do so apologetically, because there's nothing mort hurtful than [...]

    12. Things are getting intense I wish Dazai would be in the story more. :( "Science, is the only language through which we can interpret the universe created by God, don't you think?" -(lemon bomb guy) Thought that was an cool quote. ( ◠‿◠ )mangareader/

    13. Detectives Armados vs Mafia del puerto vs El GremioAlgo grande se avecina, algo que traerá mucha destrucción

    14. Creo que se pone cada vez mejor es uno de los pocos mangas (que no sean bl's xd) que me animo a leer y de verdad que engancha muchisimo

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