Sticks & Stones

Sticks Stones A feel good middle grade debut with just a hint of magic about a girl who has a rare disorder that makes the words other people say about her appear on her body Ever since she was a baby the words pe

  • Title: Sticks & Stones
  • Author: Abby Cooper
  • ISBN: 9780374302870
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A feel good middle grade debut with just a hint of magic about a girl who has a rare disorder that makes the words other people say about her appear on her body.Ever since she was a baby, the words people use to describe Elyse have instantly appeared on her arms and legs At first it was just cute and adorable, but as she s gotten older and kids have gotten meaner, worA feel good middle grade debut with just a hint of magic about a girl who has a rare disorder that makes the words other people say about her appear on her body.Ever since she was a baby, the words people use to describe Elyse have instantly appeared on her arms and legs At first it was just cute and adorable, but as she s gotten older and kids have gotten meaner, words like loser and pathetic appear, and those words bubble up and itch And then there are words like interesting, which she s not really sure how to feel about Now, at age twelve, she s starting middle school, and just when her friends who used to accept and protect her are drifting away, she receives an anonymous note saying I know who you are, and I know what you re dealing with I want to help As Elyse works to solve the mystery of who is sending her these notes, she also finds new ways to accept who she is and to become her best self.

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    1. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.If anyone ever tells you that all the good ideas in fiction have been used up, scoff at them. Scoff at them hard. Because Abby Cooper's book, Sticks and Stones, is proof that originality isn't dead. I started reading this without taking a look at the synopsis on the back. I always do that, actually. Mainly because I can't wait to dive into another world, but also because I'm always afraid there will be a hint of a spoiler on there. [...]

    2. I received an advance reader copy of STICKS AND STONES by Abby Cooper in exchange for an honest review.Wow! STICKS AND STONES is a really special middle grade book! It's delightfully voice-driven and character-driven, it's poignant and fun and funny, and best of all, it's about kindness. Not just kindness in terms of how we relate to others, but perhaps more importantly, the need to be kind to ourselves. I can't wait for middle grade readers to connect with this book. They will be entertained, e [...]

    3. So glad I got to read this one and will be pre-ordering my copy! The author did a great job of mixing serious issues with humor and fun. Elyse is a character who clearly has some struggles ahead of her and when she starts middle school we see them. The voice in this book is spot on and funny, which makes it easy to root for the main character.It's such an interesting take on something like name-calling (that everyone deals with at some point) showing up in a physical form. It was great to watch [...]

    4. I adored this book! The whole concept is brilliant and enough to make any middle school kid (er, and adult) cringe, but I especially love the twist that the names Elyse calls herself also start showing up. It's such a powerful while not-at-all-preachy book about self-esteem and learning to love oneself, flaws and all!

    5. This book needs to be on every middle school book shelf! The main character, Elyse, fights a genetic disease in which the words others say about her (good and bad) stick to her arms and legs like tattoos. Then the words she thinks about herself start showing up! Through mysterious encouraging letters, Elyse learns to believe in herself and to love herself just the way she is. This is a powerful story we can all learn from and carry with us. The words we say (and think) about others and ourselves [...]

    6. I wasn’t quite sure to expect when I started to read Sticks & Stones. I had seen it compared to Wonder by R.J. Palacio which I had only finished reading months before starting this one. It made me incredibly wary because that novel was so unique and incredible, I was entirely sure this one shouldn’t be compared to it. It would have some pretty big boots to fill.But this one was pretty different from Wonder, and I think it can stand quite alone. Wonder is based on a physical deformity whi [...]

    7. What a great book! I read it in a day (out loud to my husband). Not only did I enjoy this book, but this is one I want my kids to read. In this book, Cooper masterfully delves into questions of self-worth and the words we use to describe ourselves and others. If we had to wear the words we thought about ourselves, would we be more careful of our thoughts? If others had to wear the words we called them, would we be more careful of what we said? Questions that I need to ask myself more often. Ques [...]

    8. In the words of main character, Elyse, HOLY HIGH HEELS - this book was amazing! I LOVED IT!It tells the story of a girl named Elyse who has CAV, a disease in which names she is called, both good and bad, show up on her skin. Harsh words like "freak" are painful and itch like crazy while words like "nice" are soothing. But the words stay with her for days or weeks at a time. Middle schoolers are going to see themselves in these characters and in this story. It's so important. This story is about [...]

    9. I was lucky to receive an ARC of this 2016 book. As a story of a person with a "rare" disease, STICKS AND STONES totally hits the nail on the head. What could have been a moralistic story about a disabled girl who is brave despite her suffering is instead funny and engaging. Details like trying to pass as 'normal,' hopefully asking the doctor if there has been any recent research that might lead to a cure, or having an over-protective mother who feels guilty for having passed on a bad gene, crea [...]

    10. A feel-good middle grade debut with just a hint of magic about a girl who has a rare disorder that makes the words other people say about her appear on her body.Ever since she was a baby, the words people use to describe Elyse have instantly appeared on her arms and legs. At first it was just "cute" and "adorable," but as she's gotten older and kids have gotten meaner, words like "loser" and "pathetic" appear, and those words bubble up and itch. And then there are words like "interesting," which [...]

    11. Sixth grader Elyse deals with all of the problems that other middle schoolers face: crushes, weird teachers, school demands, fussy parents, etc except there's one major difference. Since birth, Elyse has suffered from a rare condition in which the words people call her ("adorable," "dork," "loser") appear on her arms and legs, red and itchy, and lasting for days. Not the easiest thing to manage in the tough middle school years. Cooper's debut novel follows Elyse through an entire school year, on [...]

    12. Sticks & Stones is a truly unique and wonderful story. This mg novel is about the doubt and vulnerability we all feel at different times. In this story, however, main character Elyse’s insecurities are on display on her body for all to see. And, they itch. At least the bad ones. Elyse has to learn how to love herself for all she is and to forgive herself for all she isn’t. I truly fell in love with Elyse. While her disorder CAVs is an itchy and embarrassing pain, Elyse exhibits strength [...]

    13. I'll leave it to other reviewers to tell you about the kickass premise (which Cooper fully explores), the adorable characters, and the neat twists and turns. I want to talk about voice. Middle grade, first person voice, which is one of the hardest to write well and yet Cooper manages to do it better than almost any book I've ever read. Elyse is real, hilarious, sometimes troubled, sometimes making bad decisions, but always just her sixth grade own self and completely engaging. I can't tell you t [...]

    14. What an outstanding book for ALL. I just love the concept of the power of our words in this book. I think SO many will be able to relate and see themselves as many of the different characters in this story. I am really excited that we will be able to get this book onto students hands as the year begins. The concept provides many different pathways to discuss the power and impact which words can have not only on others, but on ourselves too. Whether those words are spoken or thought, they can hav [...]

    15. What a fabulous concept!STICKS & STONES is about a familiar middle grade topic--bullying--but in a whole new way. Sixth grader Elyse has a very unusual condition called CAV, which makes the words that other people call her appear on her skin. Bad words are torturously itchy, while good words soothe. It's a concept that's so easy and intuitive, young readers are sure to be fascinated by the idea and curious to find out what happens to Elyse as she learns how to be comfortable in her own skin. [...]

    16. Where was this book when I was growing up? Oh. Not written yet. Sigh.I loved every page of this, and found myself daydreaming about it when I wasn't reading it. The whole idea that words impact us physically, tangibly, visibly is incredibly powerful. Add to that a narrator we love, and a writing style full of charm, and you've got your new favorite book: Sticks & Stones.

    17. This story. One word. VOICE. I honestly don't know if I've ever read a middle grade story with such a distinct voice. Elyse's tone is soft, hesitant, confused, intelligent, kind, wondrous, self-loathing, and mindful. Even when she ponders retaliating for means words said to her, the innocent-searching-I-want-to-be-who-I'm-supposed-to-be voice is there. All heart. She's real. This tale is MG through and throughout. The numerous age appropriate almost there's, motions, phrases, and thoughts ginger [...]

    18. I adored this book! The concept is super clever, and the execution delivers. Elyse has grown up with CAV, a rare disorder that makes words people call her show up on her skin. As she starts sixth grade, the words she calls herself start appearing, too. While no one actually has CAV, everyone knows the experience of being called names, not to mention awful self-talk. Finding and holding onto self-esteem can be a challenge, particularly in middle school. Through the backdrop of a fictional disease [...]

    19. Sticks and stones is the best book. Every single child should read it. I learned an important lesson in this book. If I had words on my body, I wouldn't know what to do!! I hope everyone would learn how to be nice to someone if they were way different from you, or if they had a disease or something. Elyse, the main character that has CAV, I would totally be freaked out. Ever since she's had CAV, she's gotten better, but other people have gotten meaner. Love,Autumn

    20. What a fantastic middle-grade novel. Elyse was such a DELIGHTFUL narrator. I wish I'd had this book when I was in middle school, but I suppose instead I'll have to make it my goal to share it with as many preteens as I can. ARC of book

    21. Sticks and Stones is an amazing book about a girl named Elyse who seems like your run of the mill middle school girl. The only difference is that she wears the words of others and the words of her own mind on her arms and legs for all to see. This book is one that I feel kids need to read. Students deal with the words of others on a daily basis. And just like Elyse, our students allow those words to shape who they are. This book focuses on learning to trust your own perception, and not rely on t [...]

    22. I got this book early thanks to the pick-a-free book prize thing at the library for the summer reading program. I must say that is is a perfect metaphor for going through life. It is a tad predictable, but it has plenty if character development and isn't boring. I honestly feel that all sixth graders or just middle schoolers in general should read this book. It has a great lesson I hope people get. I like that it took that path, and was its own original story, rather than a ripoff of another mid [...]

    23. Sticks and Stones is amazing! It is original and made me keep reading it. I couldn't put it down! This story shows how kindness can affect people, and I think the lesson is great. The plot twist at the end made me just say, "WHAT!?!". Out of all the things that could have happened, that surprised me the most, which made it even more fun to read. This is a great novel, and it should be a must read for MG readers!

    24. A truly poignant and funny book.I started this book already enthralled with the premise, but what had me falling in love was its honest, earnest, and oh-so-charming main character. Author Abby Cooper pulls off the amazing feat of delving into a serious issue (self-esteem in middle school) in a way that is light-hearted and accessible. I was lucky to receive this book as part of an ARC tour. I’ve pre-ordered a copy to keep.

    25. Elyse has CAV, a condition that makes the words people call her appear on her arms and legs. If someone's mean the words are itchy and it takes weeks for them to disappear. Her friend Jeg used to be by her side all the time to protect her, but at middle school things are different. Jeg has found new friends and she leaves Elyse behind. The new friends are mean to Elyse and for the first time she's lonely.When a big contest at school is coming up Elyse starts to receive notes. She wants to be the [...]

    26. To quote Elyse Everett, star of Abby Cooper's debut STICKS AND STONES, "holy high heels," am I ever glad I had a chance to read an early version of this book. There is so much to like about this MG story, starting with the amazing premise. Since she was a baby Elyse has been afflicted with Cognadjivisibilitis, or CAV, a rare genetic disorder that leaves her arms and legs covered--literally--in the compliments and criticisms that people level at her. Compliments feel great, but the bad stuff itch [...]

    27. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Elyse was born with a condition that causes the words others to say about her to show up on her arms and legs. It's not a problem when words like ADORABLE and CUTE are comforting reminders of her family's love. But now Elyse is in middle school and words like NERD and LOSER cover her in an itchy rash. Unfortunately, some of those words are coming from Elyse herself. But someone believes in her and is leaving mysterious, encouraging [...]

    28. Excellent, important, wonderfully written book!I loved Sticks and Stones by Abby Cooper. The premise is so original and Cooper uses it to fully realize her characters and the Middle School experience. Though the device of having the words show up on her skin is a bit of fantasy - it uncovers a real truth in the way only great fiction can. That's how it feels to be called a "loser" when you are in 6th grade - like a painful tattoo. Elyse's character is so full and real - I love her blind spots, I [...]

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