The Flense (The Flense, #1)

The Flense The Flense flense flens v to slice or strip away the skin and fat from a carcass n a highly contagious disease capable of stripping away an individual s life essenceE FLENSE SERIES DESCRIPTION BUNKER companio

  • Title: The Flense (The Flense, #1)
  • Author: Saul W. Tanpepper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • flense flens v to slice or strip away the skin and fat from a carcass n a highly contagious disease capable of stripping away an individual s life essenceE FLENSE SERIES DESCRIPTION BUNKER 12 companion series Hundreds die in a fiery train crash in northern China A cargo ship smuggling refugees is lost to calm seas off the Libyan coast Entire villages in Ghana aflense flens v to slice or strip away the skin and fat from a carcass n a highly contagious disease capable of stripping away an individual s life essenceE FLENSE SERIES DESCRIPTION BUNKER 12 companion series Hundreds die in a fiery train crash in northern China A cargo ship smuggling refugees is lost to calm seas off the Libyan coast Entire villages in Ghana are abandoned overnight.Contracted by an apocalypse prepper group to investigate a series of seemingly disconnected global tragedies, a young freelance medical reporter, Angelique de l Enfantine, uncovers a disturbing pattern each event is preceded by the sudden spread of a mysterious ailment and is followed by the appearance of a man dressed in black and silver who witnesses claim is the devil himself Are the tragedies harbingers of an impending biblical catastrophe or practice runs of a fanatical organization bent on global annihilation With each event grisly than the last and the risk to her life growing, Angel must ask herself if her sponsors are using her to advance their own paranoid agendaE FLENSE consists of 12 novella length serialized installments 100 pages each and is scheduled to begin Jul 15Sign up to be notified of new releases exclusive giveaways, including advance access tinyletter SWTanpepperCONTAIN BUNKER 12 series pilot Three years That s how long Finnian Bolles has been hiding inside the impregnable walls of the hydroelectric complex known as Bunker 8 Three years, with enough resources to last him and the other thirty survivors three .But then a series of disturbing events culminates in the sudden appearance of a stranger at their door Before he too falls victim to the mysterious sickness known as the Flense, he warns them of a fate horrific than the one they ve been avoiding But to prevent it, they must leave and seek a place many insist doesn t exist, a mythical twelfth bunkerRIES DESCRIPTION Requiring no than the slightest skin to skin contact, the Flense spreads with ruthless speed and stealth, decimating mankind before it s even aware of it The infected are turned into soulless creatures, Wraiths, which wreak destruction upon anyone and anything in their path.Secure inside ten isolated bunkers are Humanity s tattered remains, each working tirelessly to unravel the mystery of the scourge But the bunkers were never meant to protect forever In fact, they were never meant to protect at allNTAIN is the first book in the new thriller cyberpunk series BUNKER 12.From the creator of the highly acclaimed epic cyberpunk series GAMELANDGAMELAND SERIES DESCRIPTIONBuilt in the middle of Long Island s abandoned industrial wasteland is a hundred square mile virtual reality arcade where the rich and privileged compete in a high stakes game and the undead are their real life avatars There are only two ways to get into this horrifying yet wildly addictive game The first is by paid invitation The second is by volunteering to become an Undead Player.After finding themselves trapped inside a massive gaming arcade in the middle of Long Island s abandoned wasteland, a group of young computer hackers must figure out how to escape while staying out of the clutches of its undead inhabitants and their living controllers.Episode One Deep Into the Game A reckless end of summer prank sends six hackers trespassing onto abandoned Long Island hoping for a glimpse of the victims of the decade old outbreak But if they find breaking was easy, they ll soon learn that getting back out is a killer.Get the first two GAMELAND books for free while you still can

    One thought on “The Flense (The Flense, #1)”

    1. This was ok. I'm not much of fan of short stories or serials, but I enjoyed this authors other work and this sounded really good so I gave it a try. Hmmm, I'm not sure what to say about this to be honest. Being that it's the first in the serial, it didn't really explain much nor go into much character or plot development which let it down, but it does have promise. The start of the book starts with a tragedy and an intriguing virus thing being passed from person to person, but then not a single [...]

    2. Although I've enjoyed other works by this author, this book was not worth it. If you're not already planning to buy into the entire series (that is, the next 11 books?) there's no reason to read this one. It was entirely written only to serve as a giant cliffhanger. That wouldn't be so bad if the author had given us something in this book- a hint, even- but all details are obscured. The main character sees something horrific but it's not described to the reader. The book opens with a creepy trag [...]

    3. Awesome start to a promising new series! Looks like Saul Tanpepper has done it again! The first episode of this 12 part series will have you begging for more!

    4. This book is part mystery, part medical thriller, and part horror. Its imagery is vivid, so much so that I felt a bit nauseated at times. It starts with a train crash in China that leaves only one survivor and the ensuing conspiracy is far-reaching and evil. There's no other way to describe it. There are powerful people and powerful corporations taking advantage of the poor, the anonymous, and the powerless for money. Sometimes they try to justify it as trying to make life better for people, but [...]

    5. CAUTION: This is the first of a 12-part SERIAL so it ends with a cliffhanger! If you are old enough to remember (or have seen on Nick at Night) the old movie serials that played after the cartoon and newsreel but before the feature, then you will know that the cliffhanger is essential to get you to show up next Saturday at the theater, popcorn in hand, to catch the next episode. Guess what? You will definitely want to!Set in the NOW and playing to the (possibly) paranoid fears of global Big Busi [...]

    6. Oh My Gosh what a wild ride author Saul Tanpepper takes you on, this book starts at the top of the hill of a roller coaster and never stops, even the ending is a cliffhanger (it is a serial after all) and I CAN NOT wait for part two. I had the audiobook narrated by Doug Greene who just make the excitement that much more palpable. So Mr. Tanpepper you have me hooked, how many more people will you reel in?

    7. Written well. The narrator though was a bit robotic and I couldn't help but find my mind wandering. *Audio version reviewed*

    8. Wow what a story, kept me reading until I finished. First time for me from this author and definitely not the last. Received a free book.

    9. Two series at once. Ambitious and different. Before and after stories of an apocalyptic event. I enjoyed Contain, the first book in the Bunker 12 series, which begins the story of the after. The Flense begins the story of the before. I expected that this story would begin in a lab with some sedate but scary science. Not so. Someone is running with their hair on fire right from the first scene, and that pace continues through the entire book. There’s a lot going on here, none of it simple or pr [...]

    10. As I really enjoyed Saul's Bunker 12 I was intrigued to read how it all began.This one didn't captivate me as much as the post-incident thread of the story, but I still enjoyed it. It was a little slow at times, delving into more character detail than perhaps was necessary and I was thrown by a seemingly bizarre incident which was either supernatural or hallucinatory but seemed out of place.All that said, I shall definitely be continuing the series as I am appreciating the fact that we get to se [...]

    11. This is the first instalment of what promises to be a complex thriller, based around the premise of a deadly outbreak. The characters are well-rounded and realistic, especially our heroine Angel, and the very varied settings are vividly portrayed. You can see the events happening as you read - it's plausible and very engaging. Looking forward to episode 2!This was a free review copy from the author.

    12. I downloaded a copy of this book from Smashwords and i absolutely loved this book.I like the concept of being able to read the Flense( before) series & the Bunker (after) series together.The author delivers nonstop action and had me up half the night reading this story.I'm impatiently waiting for the next installment of both series Mr Tanpepper.Tap.TapTap

    13. Right from the beginning of this book you can feel the tension, it sucks you in and keeps you there, then has you wanting more.Shadow companies, intrigue, an action filled plot and great character from the very beginning.Saul Tanpepper is a master of suspense and he's onto another winner with this series.

    14. It grabs you and won't let go! Being the first in the series/serial, it DEMANDS you wait for the gashdarn 2nd installment. Read it :D then tell me how you feel.Happy Birthday Saul!*I received a free copy of this for an honest review.

    15. This was my first ever read of Saul Tanpepper.He writes SO well, that I will read everything he does.This story grabs you and does not let up. Being the first part in a 3 part collection, the endings suck. And that's only because you have to wait for the next part!

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