Crow Made a Friend: An I Like to Read® book

Crow Made a Friend An I Like to Read book Try try again is the lesson Crow teaches beginning readers in this vibrant early reader about a lonely crow who works hard to make a friend Crow is all alone But like all crows he is very clever Usi

  • Title: Crow Made a Friend: An I Like to Read® book
  • Author: Margaret Peot
  • ISBN: 9780823432974
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Try, try again is the lesson Crow teaches beginning readers in this vibrant early reader about a lonely crow who works hard to make a friend.Crow is all alone But like all crows, he is very clever Using autumn leaves for wings, sticks for the body and a crab apple for the head, Crow makes a friend But winter winds blow in, destroying his creation Undaunted, Crow fashioTry, try again is the lesson Crow teaches beginning readers in this vibrant early reader about a lonely crow who works hard to make a friend.Crow is all alone But like all crows, he is very clever Using autumn leaves for wings, sticks for the body and a crab apple for the head, Crow makes a friend But winter winds blow in, destroying his creation Undaunted, Crow fashions another bird friend out of snow but cannot prevent it from melting in the warm spring sun Alone again, Crow hears the caw, caw, caw of a real, live bird and finally forms a friendship that will last in this warm, satisfying story that celebrates perseverance and ingenuity.About the Series I Like to Read books are picture books written and illustrated so that even the newest reader can enjoy a satisfying, quality literary experience The books in the series are written at kindergarten and early first grade reading levels These books deftly combine text and art to create a positive experience for new readers School Library Journal This series dares to make entertaining reads from short texts and familiar vocabulary Kirkus Reviews Each one makes the hard world of learning to read enough fun to encourage children at this critical developmental moment to try another one Vicky Smith, Children s and YA Editor at Kirkus Reviews

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    1. A simple toddler and up book about a crow making his own friend. Can he ever find someone to be with? cute and simple

    2. I actually had Olivia (10) read this to Jackson (7) and Penelope (6 months) because she enjoys reading for others. The book is really short, perfect for the pre-school and Kindergarten age child. Also, it's a really good early reader book as part of the "I Like To Read" series. Nice, short sentences that feature sight words that pair perfectly with beautiful illustrations. Truly, the illustrations in this book are so great. The story is a simple one, crow feels lonely so he tries to make a frien [...]

    3. From the day we received Crow Made a Friend by Margaret Peot in the mail, the book has captivated my preschooler. Had the author chosen to make the crow black, as they are in real life, this book never would have received the love and attention from my child. The rainbow crow, bright and vibrant, dances off the page and compliments the simplistic words, making it a great read for any emergent reader.I have read this book to my little girl enough times, at her request, so that she has the book me [...]

    4. Poor crow is all alone. He doesn’t have any family or friends. But like all crows, he is very clever, and using sticks and leaves he creates a friend. But that friend blows away with the wind. He then makes a friend out of snow. But the sunshine melts the snow and that friend is gone too. Eventually crow finds a mate and together they create a family. Crow is not alone anymore.Crow Made a Friend is a picture book designed for very early readers. Pages are brightly illustrated in watercolor wit [...]

    5. A colorfully illustrated crow is all alone. But he has a plan to end his loneliness by making his own friend out of sticks and a crab apple. But once the wind comes along his friend is blown away. Crow doesn’t stop he continues to make friends but something always makes them disappear. One-day Crow heard a call far away from a tree. When he reached the tree he made a real friend. Crow and his newly found friend will become mates. Together they devised a plan and built a nest. Soon they will no [...]

    6. Watercolor and pen and ink illustrations carry much of this story as a lonely crow tries to make friends, literally. His first attempt, with twigs and leaves, is blown away. His second attempt, with snow, melts in the sun. Wait, what is that cawing sound? Another crow? Soon Crow is building a nest and now he doesn't have to be lonely because he has a family. This is a very simple, yet heart-warming story that has a wonderful feeling of optimism throughout. Even Crow's feathers are awash with col [...]

    7. Crow Made a Friend is an especially lovely picture book for children. It tells the story of Crow, who wants a friend. He tries to make a bird out of twigs, but it blows away. He makes a bird of snow, but it melts. Finally he meets another bird, makes a friend, and then makes a family.This is a short picture book. It would be wonderful for a story time read aloud (i.e. for a preschool unit on birds), and it also would be a good book for a beginning reader.The illustrations are vivid and beautiful [...]

    8. Even birds need a friend as this "I Like to Read" book shows. When Crow feels lonely, he decides to make a friend to keep him company. First, he builds one from twigs and leaves, but the wind blows it away. His second effort, also unsuccessful, involves building a bird from snow. But the sun melts his icy friend. Finally, another crow in a nearby tree takes pity on him, and not only does he find a bird friend, but the two of them end up raising a family. Something tells me that he won't be lonel [...]

    9. Crow Made a Friend is a book for beginning readers. Poor Crow (who is rainbow rather than black, giving him the air of a rustic parrot) is alone, but being clever he quickly sets to work literally making himself a friend (view spoiler)[first out of sticks and leaves, then out of snow, and finally through finding a mate and hatching a family (hide spoiler)]. This is a sweet little story with simple text and lovely illustrations. The rainbow crows are a bit puzzling. At first I wondered if the rai [...]

    10. This book in the I Like to Read series is a welcomed refreshment from other K-1st stories because of it's interesting and surprising plot twist. Crow is as creative as he is beautifully multicolored in "building" friends to keep him company, but each one cannot face up to changes in weather. Until he meets a new friend rather than creating one. Each page has one to two sentences in large font against a white background. Young readers will be surprised by the ending, and will feel the satisfactio [...]

    11. A GRL D book that can be used to teach the seasons in the context of a crow looking for a friend. Crow is looking for a new friend but struggles with each friend staying around. Finally he finds a true friend and has many new friends when he has a family. This book can be used for teaching predicting with kindergarten students. Also after using this book as a read aloud young readers will easily be able to read it by themselves. The picture support throughout this book is another feature that wi [...]

    12. There is a certain magic in children’s books that a crow can be rainbow colored and can use his wings and beak to make a friend out of twigs, leaves, or snow. The wind and the sun take away these friends but another rainbow crow appears and soon there is a nest with baby birds. It is great to let young children read this simple text and delight in the colorful image of this bird. However, don’t get mixed up with reality or it could be a little hard to answer any “why or how” questions th [...]

    13. Crow is lonely, but has a plan: Crow will make a friend. Using natural objects available during each of the changing seasons Crow crafts a "bird" before finally making a live friend and then starting a family.This story is really interesting and helps build early reading skills. Pen and ink watercolor artwork. I liked that Crow was depicted as having rainbow coloring. Recommended for PreK-3.

    14. This is an 'I Like to Read' picture book written and illustrated by Margaret Peot and published by Holiday House.Crow dearly wants a friend and with no one around him, he uses the natural elements around him to create one. But Mother nature does not let his friends stay around long. will Crow make a friend that will last?@MargaretPeot @HolidayHouseBks #picturebook #friendship

    15. I don't normally like crows, especially the regular black ones but this crow deserves something way better than a lame leaf friend or even a snow friend - this colourful crow deserves a family! Simple reading for fun for your early reading learner. K-2.

    16. A most unusually colored crow tries to find a friend. Short text and large illustrations make this a nice read for beginning readers or toddlers listeners.

    17. K-1, fabulous pictures, simple text tell the story of how crow eventually finds a companion. Good for a bird unit.

    18. For 0-7 years. I think this is my favorite of the I Can Read series that I have read to far. I absolutely LOVED the illustrations and how the helped to tell the story.

    19. I really like the "I Like to Read" series - large, clear text, big illustrations, simple stories - perfect for very early readers.

    20. Simple text but good story of perseverance provides easy-to-read story for beginning readers.Bold, bright, colors of Crow and friends against a white background are memorable.

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