Fan the Flames

Fan the Flames Former Navy SEAL turned marine rescue firefighter Brad Silverman is tasked with his toughest mission yet taking care of his best friend s wife The only problem is that Scarlett Harrison has always bee

  • Title: Fan the Flames
  • Author: Michele Dunaway
  • ISBN: 9781466883932
  • Page: 270
  • Format: ebook
  • Former Navy SEAL turned marine rescue firefighter Brad Silverman is tasked with his toughest mission yet taking care of his best friend s wife The only problem is that Scarlett Harrison has always been the one the one who got away, the one who held his heart, and the one who has always been off limitsNow widowed Scarlett returns to her childhood home in St Louis, detFormer Navy SEAL turned marine rescue firefighter Brad Silverman is tasked with his toughest mission yet taking care of his best friend s wife The only problem is that Scarlett Harrison has always been the one the one who got away, the one who held his heart, and the one who has always been off limitsNow widowed Scarlett returns to her childhood home in St Louis, determined to get her life back on track She misses her husband but can t fight the attraction she feels for sexy fireman Brad As she spends time with him, the connection they have had since high school grows stronger Are they finally ready to overcome their pasts and lose their hearts to each other

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    1. 4 - "My forever mission." Stars!The third book in Michelle Dunaway’s Man of the Month series continues in the stellar tradition of its predecessors. The author manages to take well used tropes and give them a fresh spin, with plenty of love, romance and entertainment for the reader to enjoy.I loved Scarlett and Brad together, a widow returning home to St. Louis after spending ten years as a military wife and mother, coming home was not a part of her plans until the loss of her SEAL husband, To [...]

    2. 4 Navy SEAL loving stars to Fan the Flames. I'm a sucker for a Navy SEAL guy, I know it and accept it. Brad's an ex-SEAL and that basically sold me to even consider this book. I have to say it didn't let me down and I'm glad I read it. The writing is good, the story is sweet and kind of a second chance one, and the characters are great. Brad Silverman, you sir, can have your wicked way with me any day of the year. Brad is cunning, loyal, dedicated, physically imposing, and tender beyond belief. [...]

    3. If you read the blurb of the book and don't think you will shed one or two tears, you're wrong. But not for the reasons you might think. The story has been done a million times before . girl loses boy to war ~ best friend comes in to help and wham, they fall in love. THAT, basically put, is the basis of our story. And because it's been done a million times before, it's hard to fell moved by the story of Brad and Scarlett.except that war is realevery day, people lose their lives overseas for one [...]

    4. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksAs soon as I read the blurb for Fan the Flames I knew I should expect it to be an emotional read. What I didn't expect was the way I was able to connect with the characters. This new to me author completely blew me away.I mean, the story opens with Scarlett's husband's funeral. How much more emotional can you get? Well, apparently a lot more. As with all active military in combat, Todd entrusted his best friend, a former SEAL himself, with [...]

    5. This was an OK read for me. Nothing really wrong with it but this storyline has been repeated a lot lately and there wasn't anything that really made this one stand out. Scarlett and her young daughter Colleen return to St. Louis two years after losing her husband in a SEAL mission gone wrong. Her husband's best friend Brad has arranged a place for them to live while she gets herself back on her feet. It's the least he can do after promising Todd he would look after them if anything where to hap [...]

    6. Brad sometimes has to reign his girl in and make her see sense, "he literally groaned. “Scarlett, I’m standing here in nothing but a towel. Please, I’m going to go get dressed now.” He's a very considerate man, "he cupped her chin. Brought his lips to hers and gave her a kiss. “Not this time or I might take you against the wall. While I’d like that, you’re sore.” I liked this book, Brad was every girl's dream guy.

    7. I knew this was going to be a tearful story and I was right. Scarlett looses her husband while he is on a mission. Brad, who had known her and was her husbands best friend is trying to pick up the pieces and do what he promised he would do. Although I liked the characters and their history I had a hard time seeing them as a couple for the simple fact I didn't feel as if I was on the ride with them. I just felt the author mentioned things instead of taking us on the journey of Brad and Scarlett f [...]

    8. While this is the 3rd book in the series, I don't feel like I missed anything from not reading the previous books. This is a heartwarming love story. It contains love, sorrow and atonement for wrongs felt.I enjoyed the storyline between Scarlett and Brad. They were both so broken and grew slowly into their relationship. I like that the story was character-driven.Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for allowing me to read and review this book. I am going back to read Book 2, which I hav [...]

    9. 4 starsI really enjoyed Fan the Flames.I loved it from beginning to end. It was very well written, with likable and relatable characters. It was heartwarming seeing Brad and Scarlett come together. Their love story touched my heart. Overall Fan the Flames is a beautiful and heartfelt love story that will make you feel all kinds of emotions. I highly recommend it.Thank you St Martin's Press via Netgalley for the advance copy.

    10. I liked this one. Not as cliché in my opinion as others. The romance between Scarlett and Brad was more than I expected and that was wonderful. I really felt connected to these characters and loved the story. I also really liked the pace - I felt that it did not drag on and on. Very good book

    11. This is a wonderful story that I very much enjoyed. To read my full review go to by blog. romancingthereaders.c

    12. I have enjoyed my first taste of Michele Dunaway’s the Man of The Month Series; Fan the Flames I enjoyed Brad and Scarlett’s story so much I bought the other books in the series. Read More. . manceswithalittlekick

    13. Scarlett Harrison is devastated after she loses her husband in a mission gone wrong overseas, and is left with a young daughter to raise on her own. She attempts to pick up the pieces and move forward with her life in California, but when she lost her husband, she also lost the support that was once provided by fellow military wives and friends. Feeling alone, and in need of support from her family she packs up and decides to move home to St. Louis. Her husbands best friend Brad, and fellow form [...]

    14. Review can be read at It's About The BookIt’s always a little disconcerting to read a story about a widow getting together with one of her husband’s friends–or in this case, his BEST friend. But Michelle Dunaway handled it well and I truly enjoyed this story about second chances and a true love that developed over time for Scarlett and Brad. I think everyone else will enjoy it, too!Scarlett, Brad and her husband Todd had all been friends in high school. Todd had been the first to announce [...]

    15. Fan the Flames by Michele Dunaway is a lovely friends to lovers romance. This third installment in the Man of the Month series pairs up war widow Scarlett Harrison with longtime friend Brad Silverman and the resulting romance is sweet yet sexy.After mourning her husband Todd's death for two years, Scarlett and her young daughter Colleen have finally moved back to her hometown to be closer to friends and family. Brad, who was also Todd's best friend, has offered them a place to live while they ge [...]

    16. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review.Brad Silverman and Scarlett Harrison have known each other since they were both in high school and actually had a connection way back then. But fate had other plans and Scarlett ended up with Brad's best friend, Todd Harrison. Some time after Todd's passing, Scarlett and Brad find solace in one another's friendship and company, a bond that becomes firmer once Sc [...]

    17. Former Navy SEAL turned marine rescue firefighter Brad Silverman made a promise to his best friend to watch out for his wife if anything should happen to him. As a former Seal Brad knows the risks of the job and agrees but he can't help but be broken hearted when he has to step up and actually keep that promise.Scarlett returns to her home town,St. Louis, to rent a home from Brad 1 yr after losing her husband to war. Although Scarlett misses her husband she cant help but see everything that Brad [...]

    18. Fantastic story that is sweet, sexy, deeply emotional, heartbreaking and poignant. This is the first story that I have read by Michele Dunaway but it will not be my last. I Loved this story. It has every thing that you want in a story and I thoroughly enjoyed being along for the ride. I was captivated with beautiful descriptions and these great characters making me vested in their happiness and their journey and when you have that you have a great book. Scarlett has lost her husband Todd, who wa [...]

    19. Brad, Todd and Scarlett were friends from freshman year of high school. Brad always felt drawn to Scarlett, but Todd claimed "dibs" and went on to date her all through school and marry her. A decade later, Todd has died while an active duty SEAL. Before his last mission, he tasked Brad with taking care of Scarlett and their young daughter should anything happen to him. Brad agrees, and thus begins this book. We seem them briefly at the funeral, and then 2 years later, when Brad convinces her to [...]

    20. I received a copy of this novel for free through NetGalley in return for my honest review.This is the second Man of the Month novel I have read. I have previously read and reviewed Burning for You, the second book in the Man of the Month series. You do not need to read either of the previous novels to enjoy this book.In this book to follow the dual POVs of Brad and Scarlett. Brad, a former Navy SEAL turned marine rescue firefighter. Scarlett, a widow recently returned to her hometown. Brad was N [...]

    21. Received a review copy through the publisher in exchange for an honest review; full post content can be found at:mnonmklreviews/20This was a sweet addition to Michele Dunaway's MAN OF THE MONTH series.Most of the build-up for Scarlett and Brad's relationship bordered on heavy-friendship. They'd been friends for so long, so when the love finally happened, they had a solid foundation to build from. There was enough 'love' in the equation, once it happened, for me to believe that their relationship [...]

    22. They first kissed under the bleachers and as she was expecting Brad to ask her out in high school it was his best friend. Scarlett Harrison would go on to marry Todd. Now Todd is dead and trying to start over with their daughter she moves back to St. Louis. Brad and Todd became Navy Seals together and he is still blaming himself for Todd’s death, he chose not to re up or re-enlist instead went back home and is now a fireman and marine rescue diver for the fire department. The first mission he [...]

    23. This is a super sweet second chance romance, that made me shed a tear, cause at times the pain of loss is so deep and raw.And yes, the sorrow and heartache hang heavy over the story. Scarlett is ready to move on, ready to start a new life, life for herself a bit more, and not just survive from day to day. She made the decision, she moved to St Louis, maybe that will help with the fresh start, maybe she can find her place again in her old hometown.Brad is carrying his own burden, the survivor's g [...]

    24. This is a great, romantic story that can be read pretty quickly as the book is not that long. There is very little suspense, angst or drama yet the author manages to hold the reader's interest without an issue. The story line had me from the beginning when we learn that Scarlet's husband has passed away while on a mission. The first chapter is about the military funeral told from her husband's best friend's perspective. From there the story jumps a little and we learn that Scarlet and her daught [...]

    25. This is another great book in the Man of the Month series and I really enjoyed it. This book while part if a series is just fine as a standalone. I really loved Brad and Scarlett. They have great chemistry and a really good backstory. I loved how they communicate with each other, grow together and move on from their painful past. I loved that there really wasn’t too much angst (see my comment about communication) I loved that they talk about what they want and where they are in their relations [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this one- a sweet romance. Brad is an ex Navy Seal now working as a firefighter. His best friend had always asked him to look out for his wife if he ever didn’t make it home. When she moves back to their hometown he takes his responsibility seriously.I loved the characters and the emerging romance. The story really draws you in and makes you care about Scarlett and Brad. They do have a shared history and he thinks of her as the one that got away- so to see the romance blossom [...]

    27. This book was an emotional story thought I wouldn't cry but I did. It was a really great book to read. I liked it a lot and thought it was very creative. When I saw the cover and read the blurb I knew I had to get this book to read. This was a first book by this author for me.Brad Silverman is a former Navy Seal turned marine fire rescue specialist. Scarlett is a widow who lost her husband while he was on a mission. When Brad hear's about his friend wife being a widow he decides to step in and t [...]

    28. A promise to a friend becomes more than two friends imagined. Scarlett and Brad are each dealing with lost. Fulfilling his promise to Scarlett's husband and Brad's friend to look after his family should have been a no brainer. However it's proving harder to do when attraction starts to take hold. With guilt, lust, anger and pain boiling to the surface will Brad be able to keep his promise? Or will he hurt the people that are starting to mean the most to him and walk away? With Fan the Flames I a [...]

    29. I was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Fan the Flames is about a woman who loses the love of her life, and a man who loses his best friend. Todd, Brad, and Scarlet were friends in high school. Todd and Scarlet got together and have been together since. Until Todd passes away while overseas. Now she's moving home with the help of Brad. But when the past comes to light will Brad and Scarlet's friendship be changed forever? It was a cute story and fun to read. I really enjoyed it.

    30. Scarlett is a widow, she lost her husband while her was in a mission. Then we get to see that Brad, Scarlets’s husbands best friend who is recanting the funeral. The fast forward to Brad offering Scarlet and her daughter a place to stay while she gets back on her feet. They get aquatinted and Brad an Scarlet both grieve over Todd. They start to get close and try to put Todd in the past. This was such a good story. God Brad is hot! overall a good read. ARC was provided via NetGalley in exchange [...]

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