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  1. Agnes and Clarabelle are best friends, and that means everything es better when they are together. This is the soul of this inspiring book. Many sweet stories talk about Agnes and Clarabelle friendship. A surprise party for Clarabelle, that Clarabelle helps to organize too. Agnes' fear of the beach, and how her friend is there to support her and accommodate the plan so everybody has a good time. Agnes' turn of being supportive comes when Clarabelle feels frightened of getting lost in a huge stor [...]

  2. In this installation, Clarabelle and Agnes celebrate together, solve problems together, and support one another in high-anxiety situations. This is a heartwarming tale of the compassion and kindness of true friendship -- highly recommended for early readers. I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  3. Agnes the pig and Clarabelle the chicken are best friends who do everything together. Read through the seasons as they celebrate Clarabelle’s birthday in the spring, go to the beach in the summer, buy new sneakers in the fall, and make a pizza in the winter. This is one of a new series of books by Bloomsbury publishing aimed at emerging readers. This is a cute story that will entertain with ease of reading. Lovely illustrations and simple text will extend the reader’s ability while entertai [...]

  4. This cute early chapter book about two friends is very sweet. Each chapter is its own little story with adorable illustrations. The chapters really could have been fleshed out a little more to make their own books, but whatever--here you have abrupt endings instead.

  5. Love the characters. You've got your classic whimsical worrier and your practical problem-solver. Not sure about the endings of some of the stories. The characters just give up on their original missions? But lovely illustration and book design.

  6. I'm not sure thermometer and sculpture are appropriate words for this age group (early chapter) but at least there were plots in each chapter. I hate early chapter books with no substance.

  7. Agnes and Clarabelle is a children's book written by Adele Griffin and Courtney Sheinmel with illustrations by Sara Palacios. It is currently scheduled for publication on January 17 2017. It is an advanced easy reader or easy chapter book, depending on how you categorize those transitional books that help bridge the gap for young readers.Agnes the pig and Clarabelle the chicken are best friends through every season! Whether it's planning the perfect birthday party in the spring, spending a summe [...]

  8. This short chapter book follows best friends Agnes the pig and Clarabelle the chicken throughout the year. In the spring, the two of them plan a surprise birthday party for Clarabelle; in the summer, they confront Agnes's fear of the beach; in the fall, they survive a mishap at a store; and in the winter, it's time to make a special treat. With cute characters, adorable illustrations, and funny stories, this is a great book for kids who are ready to move on from early readers. I received a copy [...]

  9. I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.This is a cute little book with four short stories. The book is about Agnes and her friend Clarabelle and their adventurous. There are stories about spring, birthday parties, going to the beach and more. Great book for kids who aren't quite ready for chapter books.

  10. Very cute new transitional reader series. The pig and chick characters (Agnes and Clarabelle) will appeal to younger readers. Each chapter contains a problem scenario that are relatable to children: fears, birthday party, new shoes, etc.

  11. I am loving the Read and Bloom series from Bloomsbury! Agnes and Clarabella are a great addition.Meet two friends who, just like Frog and Toad, have their differences, but through it all, it's their great friendship that keeps them together.

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