Murder at the 42nd Street Library

Murder at the nd Street Library This first book in an irresistible new series introduces librarian and reluctant sleuth Raymond Ambler a doggedly curious fellow who uncovers murderous secrets hidden behind the majestic marble fa ad

  • Title: Murder at the 42nd Street Library
  • Author: Con Lehane
  • ISBN: 9781250009968
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This first book in an irresistible new series introduces librarian and reluctant sleuth Raymond Ambler, a doggedly curious fellow who uncovers murderous secrets hidden behind the majestic marble fa ade of New York City s landmark 42nd Street Library.Murder at the 42nd Street Library follows Ambler and his partners in crime solving as they track down a killer, shining a ligThis first book in an irresistible new series introduces librarian and reluctant sleuth Raymond Ambler, a doggedly curious fellow who uncovers murderous secrets hidden behind the majestic marble fa ade of New York City s landmark 42nd Street Library.Murder at the 42nd Street Library follows Ambler and his partners in crime solving as they track down a killer, shining a light on the dark deeds and secret relationships that are hidden deep inside the famous flagship building at the corner of 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue.In their search for the reasons behind the murder, Ambler and his crew uncover sinister, and profoundly disturbing, relationships among the scholars studying in the iconic library Included among the players are a celebrated mystery writer who has donated his papers to the library s crime fiction collection that writer s long missing daughter, a prominent New York society woman with a hidden past, and than one of Ambler s colleagues at the library Shocking revelations lead inexorably to the traumatic events that follow the reading room will never be the same.

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    1. Good god above what a mess this book is.I'm sorry but sometimes I just don't know how else to start a review.I'm a reference librarian at a public library and I assure you I was positively giddy with excitement when I started seeing this book pop up in the catalogs and I put it on hold right away so I'd get it as soon as it arrived.I mean seriously it just sounded marvelous. A murder in the famed New York Public Library where a curator in the crime collection lends his librarian skills to solve [...]

    2. First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Con Lehane, and St. Martin's Press for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.In an interesting mystery premise, Lehane takes readers inside the famed 42 Street Library to discover that there is more than reading taking place. As the novel opens, a man is murdered for reasons unknown and the only witness, Director of the Library, Harry Larkin, is unable to identify the assailant. This does not sto [...]

    3. A murder that takes place at the 42nd Street Public Library in Manhattan is an unusual venue for a mystery concept. However, this is exactly what Con Lehane has created in his new and very effective novel, MURDER AT THE 42ND STREET LIBRARY. One afternoon, Dr. James Donnelly enters the office of Harry Larkin, the Director of Special Collections at the library and is shot dead. Larkin, a medieval historian and former Jesuit priest becomes very defensive about the murder he has witnessed when quest [...]

    4. This book lost 2 full stars for being traditionally published by a wealthy corporation and yet skipping the final copy edit/proofreading stage. As a librarian, I was excited to read a mystery with a librarian sleuth and a librarian protagonist. Only the librarians at the supposed NYPL Manhattan flagship - where I have been - seem to have very little to do and unlimited lunch hours, unlike actual librarians who get paid way too little and work way too much. On top of that, there are too many subp [...]

    5. This book is as simple as it gets, the main characters are predictable, the mystery is simple , not a good book but not as bad as other librarians I work with led me to think. This is a beach read if there ever was one. Very easy read .

    6. I'm a librarian and bibliophile, but I've never heard of the 42nd Street Library in NYC, a fact that would surely shock and scandalize the author of this book. All throughout the story we get little asides along the lines of how even the most isolated tribes of the know about the 42nd Street library (eye roll). Aside from all the NYC locations, eateries and streets mentioned, the story is this: a murder is committed in the library, and librarian and amateur sleuth Raymond Ambler is determined t [...]

    7. I very much enjoyed this first entry in a new series by Con Lehane. The protagonist, Ray Ambler, is a character I found to be very appealing, very interesting and who has, I think, many more secrets and stories to share with us. I look forward to following his story. I also am intrigued by the supporting characters, who are presented, warts and all, in a manner that I found to be believable and hope to see in future entries to the series. This book ended with a scene of hopefulness on many level [...]

    8. "Oh that 42nd Street Library! Even after the immense pleasure of knowing many of these people, the descriptions of the library, its stacks, and its offices are even more reason to read this mystery. There are continuous sighs of envy as more and more of it is revealed, imagining oneself there, and realizing that Lehane got to essentially live in this library twice – once for research, and then again in the writing of the novel. This will certainly happen a third time when the second book comes [...]

    9. A blurb on the front cover says, "Not to be missed." Well, I'm telling you -- you can miss it. If you're hankering for a story about a body in a library, try "The Paris Librarian" by Mark Pryor instead. The Pryor wasn't the most amazing book ever, but it was far better than the Lehane. I read both these titles back-to-back, which probably emphasized their differences.

    10. When I get set to read a novel written by an author I'm unfamiliar with I try to find some biographical information that makes me "see" that person. One of the uh-oh moments for me was when I read that author Con Lehane teaches fiction and mystery writing. I'm about 50/50 in my enjoyment ratio of novels when I've found that information about an author. But, after all, this was a mystery novel about the 42nd Street library where those iconic lions help ground photographic evidence of New York Cit [...]

    11. Con Lehane's intricately plotted mystery, Murder at the 42nd Street Library, is filled with complex, dysfunctional characters with twisted lives. At the same time, it's a love letter to New York City, an atmospheric story that begins and ends with tragedy at the building we all think of as THE New York Public Library, the Main Branch of the system.Dr. James Donnelly was shot and killed right in front of the director of the Special Collections Division of the New York Public Library, but, for som [...]

    12. What dedicated crime fiction lover can resist a murder in a library? I certainly couldn't, but as I read this book, I found a collection of mixed blessings.The descriptions of the library are absolutely delicious. They made me want to hop a plane and go there immediately. Another thing I savored was Lehane's skill with characterization; the interactions between characters and the observations they make about each other are excellent. In particular the budding relationship between Ambler's fellow [...]

    13. Meet Ray Ambler and Adele Morgan. Both work in the library's Special Collections division under former priest, Harry Larkin. When a visitor is murdered in Harry's office, they all become involved in solving the crime. This was an engrossing mystery which exposed the secrets of a famous mystery writer, a well known biographer, the ex-priest, children, ex-wives and lovers. I found the characters engaging and want to know more about them in the next book. The murder plot was superb. Twisted, tangle [...]

    14. I had really high hopes for this book. I love books set in libraries and book stores but some of the characters in the book felt very 2-dimensional. The plot seemed quite slow. I realize that many mystery novels contain a lot of coincidences but the number of coincidences in this book defied any semblance of believability. I enjoyed some of the characters but most of the female characters felt flat. I felt that the organization of the library system was not very believable. I don't know about in [...]

    15. Book #89 Read in 2016Murder at the 42nd Library by Con LehaneThis was a more gritty mystery than my usual cozy mysteries, but I enjoyed it. Ray Ambler is the Crime Fiction Librarian and he begins an investigation of his own when someone is murder at the 42nd Street Library where he works. As he investigates, he realizes that this is more complicated than he thought. Many people are involved and many things that occurred in the past are mitigating factors in these murders. This was a good mystery [...]

    16. I found the plot engrossing and original. I was disappointed that much of the story was mixed and a lot of unnecessary verbiages. It was necessary to repeat the reading in order to know which character and location the words talking about. I found the characters one side.Disclosure: I received a free copy from St Martin's Press through NetGalley for an honest review. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book. The opinions are my own.

    17. I am so in love with libraries that I explore local branches when on vacation in other towns/cities.So, I eagerly downloaded this mystery. The first warning should have been the title. I'm originally from Long Island, and I visited the NY Public Library whenever I was in the vicinity. That's how it is known. The NY Public Library. Not the 42nd st library. But, if the book was halfway decent, I would have overlooked this minor detail. The book started out fine, with what looked to be a juicy myst [...]

    18. 2 and a half stars, enjoyable because of the library setting but not great writing, it took me forever to finish and I had to write down all the characters because I kept getting them confused, which I think was another weakness of the book. A lot of Ross Macdonald references and bad dads or struggling dads.a mystery motif I find kind of tediouswho cares? That person is not me I guess. I also don't get why so many modern male mystery writers tend to be so creepy in their depictions of victimizat [...]

    19. I'm giving this a 3.5 - 4 because I love the idea of librarians as crime investigations. The main character, Raymond Ambler, is the curator of crime fiction at NYPL (it's an imaginary department!). He and his friends solve the mystery of who killed the writer in the library with a gun. Oh yes, he's great at Tai Chi! While it's the first in the series, it's really the fourth book with these characters. The mystery is convoluted as no character is as he or she seems. Each is hiding a secret from t [...]

    20. Too many coincidences; unless the killer had been following the victims around, the killer could not possibly have known where the victims were going to be when they were killed.

    21. Excellent murder mystery with a librarian sleuth! Great descriptions and fascinating characterslooking forward to the next one

    22. #1 in the Raymond Ambler series. I was attracted to this mystery because I have fond memories of NYC's 42nd St. Library. I also remember NYC as the setting of the TV show Naked City (1958-63), a police procedural that had the tag line "There are 8 million stories in the Naked City, this has been one of them". In a city with 8 million people, it's amazing how many coincidences this story has. Ray Ambler is the curator of the library's (fictional) collection and he was a fellow grad student at Col [...]

    23. My first read by Con Lehane and definitely not my last. Loved this riveting story of suspense and revenge, despite the underlying dark sadness and guilt that touches our headlines even today. The main character, Ray Ambler, a librarian sleuth of great knowledge and a gentleman, brings out the best and sometimes worst of New York. Amazing writerCon Lehane.From : This first book in an irresistible new series introduces librarian and reluctant sleuth Raymond Ambler, a doggedly curious fellow who un [...]

    24. I enjoy mysteries, and was an English Major in college. This novel involves several convoluted family histories and marital connections that lead to murders. The connection with the NY Library was interesting, along with the fictional crime reading room, famous free love author and professor, librarian detective, and Mafia-type links. Someone is murdered near the library. The folks that work there, along with the upper class that donate, end up with numerous challenging interactions. There are a [...]

    25. Since I lived in New York a long time and have both used the 42nd Street Library and viewed its exhibitions, I wanted to like this mystery more than I did. Some parts of it are intriguing, and the relationship between Ambler and Adele, although slow to develop, is nicely done. However, the mystery is confusing since it moves back and forth between the pasts of numerous characters and the present, and part of the key to the mystery is one that I that I think has been way overdone in mysteries lat [...]

    26. I agree with some of the other reviewers about this book. It had way too many characters that were hard to keep track of. The actual mystery was unsavory but pretty easy to guess early on. However, I did like the main character, librarian Raymond Ambler. Some of the other characters were rather weak and lacked depth. As this was the first book in a new series, perhaps some of the negatives will be corrected in the next one.

    27. As a teacher of literature and lover of libraries, few more beautiful than the NYPL, I was initially intrigued by the idea of their being a mystery and crimes room at the library (I want that job) and a murder in same. While some of the story was atmospheric, much of it was confusing. I can remember few plot points because, I think, they do not cohere well. Thanks to NETGALLEY for the read.

    28. A great concept for setting a new mystery series at the New York Public Library. There were plenty of twists and turns and subplots to keep the reader engaged. People who like amateur sleuth mysteries in engaging places (rather than the "small town" setting that's quite common) will enjoy this book. This is a good one for beach or pool reading this summer!

    29. This book is so very good from the very beginning to the very end. I love how this story was written and the Characters are so very good in this Mystery. I give this Book 5/5 Stars here on

    30. I wanted to like it, I really did. Great potential that for me wasn't achieved. Not for the faint of heart as it deals with really awful, but real situations. Subplot was completely not needed in my unprofessional opinion (unless setting up for a second book which maybe was the point?)

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