En Büyük Benim - Hayat Hikâyem

En B y k Benim Hayat Hik yem Keskin zekal m thi g l tam anlam yla ba ms z d nya a r siklet boks ampiyonu Tarihte hi bir boks r d nyan n dikkatini senin kadar zerinde toplamad Daha nce boksu akl ndan bile ge irmemi hatta herh

  • Title: En Büyük Benim - Hayat Hikâyem
  • Author: Muhammad Ali Richard Durham Özer Yelçe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Keskin zekal , m thi g l , tam anlam yla ba ms z, d nya a r siklet boks ampiyonu Tarihte hi bir boks r d nyan n dikkatini senin kadar zerinde toplamad Daha nce boksu akl ndan bile ge irmemi hatta herhangi bir spora bile ilgi duymam insanlar n ilgi oda oldun Yeni nesil Muhammed Aliyi 1996 Olimpiyatlar nda Parkinson hastal nedeniyle elleri titreyerek yaktKeskin zekal , m thi g l , tam anlam yla ba ms z, d nya a r siklet boks ampiyonu Tarihte hi bir boks r d nyan n dikkatini senin kadar zerinde toplamad Daha nce boksu akl ndan bile ge irmemi hatta herhangi bir spora bile ilgi duymam insanlar n ilgi oda oldun Yeni nesil Muhammed Aliyi 1996 Olimpiyatlar nda Parkinson hastal nedeniyle elleri titreyerek yakt Olimpiyat me alesiyle tan d Oysa 1960larda ve 1970lerde Ali rk l k, politika, din ve boks arenalar nda Amerika ve b t n d nyada zihinlere damgas n vurmu b y k bir ahsiyettir.En B y k Muhammet AliBoks kariyerinde zirveye t rmanan gen Cassius Clay, M sl man olur ve Muhammet Ali ad yla Beyaz Amerikal lar n antipatisini toplar stelik h zla geli en siyah M sl man Amerikal bilinciyle D nya A r S klet Boks ampiyonu nvan n n elinden al nmas ve hapis cezas na arpt r lmas pahas na Vietnam Sava na kat lmay reddeder B ylece bir yandan Amerikan n b y k bir kesiminin nefret ve d manl na maruz kal rken te yandan da siyasi arenada gen siyah Amerikal lar ve liberaller aras nda bir kahraman haline gelir Her zaman do ru oldu una inand eyi yapan cesur bir siyah M sl man boks r n hikayesini kendi a z ndan anlatan tek kitap

    One thought on “En Büyük Benim - Hayat Hikâyem”

    1. One of the best books I have read on boxing. I must admit though it slows down in the middle, understandably as Ali talks about his 3 year hiatus from boxing and gets fairly political which I didn't find enormously interesting as that's been fairly well documented. The bits and insights about boxing are incredible. It really starts to pick up in the last 7 chapters when Ali talks about his comeback fights against Quarry, Frazier and of course Foreman. The rumble in the jungle fight especially is [...]

    2. Truly the greatest and definitely the Peoples Champion. This is one those books where you get so much more that you though. I have always heard of Muhammad Ali the great boxer and fighter, but really that is all I really knew about him his classic wars made him legendary, but what really struck me now are his principles. Many people call him stubborn and cocky, but this was really honor and confidence. If Muhammad Ali got an idea in his had he would do it. If he believed something was wrong they [...]

    3. I read this book when it first came out and believed every word of it. Years later, Ali acknowledged that others dictated some of the stories in it for political and promotional reasons, and that the stories were simply untrue.The book is readable enough and some of the insights seem genuine enough. Later books, especially King of the World, by David Remnick, do Ali and the reader more justice.

    4. I very much enjoyed this book. Not only did it give me the insights into Ali's thought processes both in and out of the ring, but I was also surprised at the insights offered on the "race war". It was nice to get a new perspective on the situation in those days and it definitely challenged some of my own preconceived notions.

    5. I won this book from . I loved this book. That is not to say that The Greatest is the greatest book but it brought me back to my youth. I grew up watching Ali and he was one of the most remarkable figures of our time or any time. To relive his life through his eyes was a great read for me.

    6. My copy was a gift and was a paperback. Given as "joke" gift in the late 1970's. I won't explain. Did I ever read it? I can only say maybe but it was on my shelf for a while anyway. My 900th book added to the "read" list. Date read is a guess

    7. I got through 300 pages and decided I just cannot continue. I feel guilty for not finishing it, but I just cannot do it. Once I got to the transcription of the conversation with Joe Fraizer I had to call it quits, it couldn't hold my interest. I have a lot of conflicted feelings about not finishing the book, but it might take me weeks more and I would resent reading it. His story seems like it is very interesting, although after reading reviews it sounds like some of it may have been fictionaliz [...]

    8. I read this one a very long time ago and recently pulled it out again. Let me preface by saying I have watched almost all of his pro fights, including the Cassius Clay period. So I wasn't surprised by anything in the book.I don't think hardcore boxing fans will find much new info here. However, if you don't understand the significance of Ali in history then this is a good book.The period covers his loss of the title, not in the ring , but by the courts.The book includes his losses to Frazier and [...]

    9. محمد علي كلاي، منذ اللحظة الأولى التي ترى فيها وجهه وتسمع أسمه تجد شىء يجذبك إليه ويربطك به، لا تعلم حقيقة تلك الحالة، ولكنك تستشعر بأنك قريب منه، هو سر يختفي بين تفاصيل نضاله ومعاناته مع أبناء جيله من أصحاب البشرة السمراء في بلاد العم سام، قبل أن أقراء تلك السيرة كنت أستشعر [...]

    10. So much of this is gold. The mindset stuff, the philosophy of winning and losing, the work that goes into being the champ, the raw power of the writing itself. The audio book is mint.There's plenty of bullshit too, but totally worth it.

    11. If you're feeling down in the dumps, this is the perfect pill for you. I almost started jogging for miles inspired by it. And that's just skimming the surface. Shows you the hatred the whites had for the black back in the day poignantly.

    12. I am a big fan of ALI and I loved this book, It was very open and matter of fact about his life.I have to say it was one of better sports book I have read.

    13. En otrolig berättelse om en otrolig människa. Denna mannen levde verkligen för boxningen på den tiden då han var aktiv.Allt han beskriver; sina tankar, hur han tränade, ja allt - galet!

    14. the passages regarding his physical and mental preparation for fights are amongst the best I've read on getting into the mind of a fighter

    15. ALI! ALI! BOMAYE! ALI! ALI! BOMAYE!নতুন বইয়ের দোকানের চেয়ে পুরোনো বইয়ের দোকানই আমাকে বেশি টানে,তাতে করে যেমন পকেটের পয়সা বাঁচে( এবং সেই বেঁচে যাওয়া পয়সা দিয়ে আরো কিছু বই কেনা যায়), আর প্রায়ই এমনসব জিনিস খুঁজে পাওয় [...]

    16. I have such respect and admiration for this man that there's no way my rating for this autobiography could be even slightly "objective". Even though it took me longer than usual to finish the book, I always felt the honor of witnessing, even through words, such a legend, such an icon and learning more about what made him one of the greatest, most controversial and in my opinion inspirational people in history.I'm such a big fan of sports -not so much of boxing but nevertheless, the fighting spir [...]

    17. 3½ stars. Highly entertaining, but the supposed factuality of it should be taken with a big grain of salt. Ali's voice comes through the words (Dion Graham's audiobook narration is also quite a good mimic), and I was laughing throughout at his humor, ringside taunts, and poetry. What a unique and headstrong individual!Ali or co-writer Richard Durham does something very interesting with the structure of the book at one point that I haven't seen before. To tell the story of his first marriage, ra [...]

    18. Like any autobiography, this reads like a hagiography at times. But there are passages in these pages when Ali is candid and honest about his mistakes among the moments when he's grandstanding and true to his public persona. But that is as much a part of the allure of Ali as any. This is not intended to be a history book, but it provides an insight to the circus and Ali's life like no other book can. Such a fascinating life makes for fascinating reading, and the ghost writing renders it immacula [...]

    19. Must listen to the "Audio" version best ever brings this book to life 'Exciting' it is Not a robot voice!Wonderful audio version, I learned so much! I can't believe how strong he was holding on to his faith under so much pressure and hate and seduction. May Allah forgive him and bless him always and all the Muslim's.

    20. What a man! What a fighter! They say you should never meet your heroes but I'd love to have spent a couple of hours chatting about life, politics, training and fighting with him. Loved reading about his training and fight preparation and the transcription of his conversation with Joe Frazier is brilliant! Recommended.

    21. A very powerful memoir of Muhammad Ali, the greatest, which has been very inspiring to me since the first chapter. It is indeed written in very profound way, and narrated by a very similar voice to Muhammad Ali’s in its audible version.

    22. a life story we must be interrupted with grace and knowledge, even knowledge needs a love slap in the back. he's my daddy and I love him. you show your work as we know how to follow. thanks sir Muhammad.

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