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  1. I had absolutely no issues in giving this a full 5 star rating, because even though the novel was nominated in '78 for the Hugo, that it comes out of the mind of one of the more well-beloved SF/F authors of our times, the novel is absolutely gorgeous all on its own.Why? Because we're getting such depth of world-building, from the science of the solar/planetary, to the culture it spawned, to an absolutely amazing depth of social explorations, to a very cool discourse on the sexes as seen from mul [...]

  2. Vai, cum bântuie disperarea și deznădejdea în lumea astaRătăcind la nesfârșit prin spațiu, planeta Worlorn este sortită neființei. O lume a ghețurilor și a nopții infinite, ea poposește pentru puțină vreme în apropierea lui Satan cel Gras, un sistem solar spectaculos format dintr-o stea roșie gigantică, orbitată de șase stele mai mici (Roata de Foc). "Împrumutând" căldură și lumină, Worlorn se transformă într-o sărbătoare a celor 14 civilizații care au colonizat- [...]

  3. 3.5Este es el primer libro que escribió George R.R. Martin, y se publicó antes de que tuviera 30 años. No esperaba encontrar la misma calidad que se ve en sus novelas más actuales, es más, casi tenía miedo que fuera un libro malo pero si hay algo que afortunadamente ya se evidencia desde el principio, es su imaginación y gran habilidad para narrar.El prólogo nos cuenta un resúmen de la extensa historia de Worlorn, un planeta vagabundo que no pertenece a ninguna estrella, por lo que flot [...]

  4. 3.5 stars fantasyliterature/reviIn the outer fringe of the inhabited universe, the rogue planet Worlorn falls darkly through space. But years ago it circled the Wheel of Fire, the brilliant wheel-shaped star system that is worshipped by many in the outworlds. Worlorn, the Wheel of Fire’s only planet, was lit for fifty years before it wandered off again. During that half-century, the outworlds held a cultural diversity festival on Worlorn, with each world trying to outdo the others when buildin [...]

  5. All right, I’m writing the first half of this review while I haven’t finished the book, but I’m having too much frustrated thoughts without an internet connection to put them into status updates, so I thought I’d write everything up into this preemptive review, and then later paste it all together into . Seriously, I’m having massively mixed feelings about this book. In one hand there’s the hero who just doesn’t learn and the heroine who’s just so stupid and insensitive. But in t [...]

  6. An interesting, complex debut novel from George RR Martin, Dying Of The Light is an old-school planetary romance that reminded me quite strongly of both Cordwainer Smith and CJ Cherryh, oddly enough, though the setting is pure Jack Vance. Worlorn is a wandering world that enjoyed a brief heydey when, passing near a specatcular star system, it was transformed into a festival world where all the primary centres of human civilisation built cities to house thousands and even millions of inhabitants [...]

  7. I only gave it a 5 because I couldn't give it a 6. This is truly one of the best books ever written. Martin creates a culture that jumps right off the page, and before you even get to appreciate the beauty of it, he throws it into conflict with a culture modeled after 20th century America. The planet Worlorn itself is also very believable. But the characters my gosh, the characters! You will not find a single character in this novel that is not fully formed. There is a depth of writing that othe [...]

  8. I was in love with this novel early in life and have it indelibly stamped upon me. The atmosphere: ruins on an abandoned planet, a few people left there, devoted to things lost or old-fashioned or with nowhere else to go. It used to be a festival world and different races built their festival-houses, alien architectures now derelict. The mood known in the planet's name, Worlorn. A war culture (on its way out) where teyn is the closest bond, a chosen brother, fight together, sleep together, women [...]

  9. This book is annoying. Well, I didn't finish, so I guess I can only say that about 22% of it.So much backstory and history and characters I frankly just don't get. It's a little much for me. I like a little of that for sure, because all simple dialog makes a story dull. But at some point I just feel like saying "Get to the point already!". As a very straightforward person it's a little painful to listen to people speaking in riddles. It just feels a little too dragged out for my tastes. So, clea [...]

  10. Interesante historia en un mundo crepuscular, un planeta de los mundos exteriores cuya órbita le va alejando de un cúmulo de estrellas, "la rueda de fuego" un mundo condenado a la oscuridad en el que ya apenas quedan habitantes.Dirk t’Larien viaja a Worlorn con la esperanza de reencontrarse con su antiguo amor Gwen Delvano cuando esta le envía su joya susurrante en señal de que le necesita a su lado, pero Dirk encontrará a Gwen unida por jade-y-plata a Jaan Vikary y a su teyn Garse Janace [...]

  11. Review in Portuguese from Desbravando Livros:O primeiro livro escrito por Martin já começa a mostrar uma das várias características do autor: a complexidade dos personagens. Este foi um livro que não me prendeu a atenção no começo, pois eu havia ficado um pouco confuso com os nomes dos planetas e seus mundos, mas no momento em que a história de Dirk t'Larien e Gwen Delvano começou a se desenrolar eu não conseguia tirar o olho do livro em algumas partes. A ação no livro é frenética [...]

  12. Dirk t'Larien folgt dem Hilferuf seiner Jugendliebe Gwen, die seit längerer Zeit auf der sterbenden Welt Worlorn lebt. Doch als er dort eintrifft, scheint sie ihr Meinung geändert zu haben und möchte, dass er Worlorn wieder verlässt. Denn Gwen ist inzwischen verheiratet und liebt ihren Mann Jaan über alles. Was Dirk zuerst nicht weiss: Gewn ist mit der Heirat auch einer Kultur beigetreten, die Frauen unterdrückt und ihnen keine Eigenbestimmung erlaubt. Dirk kann nicht glauben, dass sie die [...]

  13. Written well (1977) before Martin's highly-acclaimed but not-yet-with-an-end-in-sight Song of Ice and Fire series, Dying of The Light is a novel that shows many of the skills that that series has been appreciated for - complex interpersonal relationships, deft characterizations, believable world-building, to the degree that you want to just step right in and look around the corners to see what else is there - because you *know* that something isI actually finished this book really wishing that M [...]

  14. I completely loved this book. I think the biggest accomplishment of this stand alone novel is that it never feels dated. It was written in the late 1970s. I've read lots 70's sci-fi. Many (not all) of GRRM's contemporaries were ripping off Asimov, Bradbury, Herbert, Roddenberry, and the Star Wars movies, as well as many others. This book is stand out for feeling fresh and new, as if it were released just last week.Another great accomplishment of this book is that it is a perfect example of Marti [...]

  15. George R.R. Martin created an incredibly rich universe where human civilisation is rebuilding itself after war and collapse, then, in its midst, placed an ephemeral planet in advanced decay. Used, then discarded by civilisation, it's being slowly engulfed by cold and darkness. But then, he chose to put against this backdrop the sorriest characters in that universe. Dumb, fickle, inconsiderate, cowardly and thoroughly uninteresting. The result is a tedious story where you grow frustrated by the v [...]

  16. Absolutely AMAZING.This is the first book of George R. R. Martin's that I've read, however I am in the middle of watching the Game of Thrones series, and debates about not judging movies by their books/books by their movies aside, since Mr. Martin is quite involved in the production of Game of Thrones, I think it is safe to say that you can learn more about his style than watching some other adaptation where the author has little or no say in the final product.So with that being said, I recogniz [...]

  17. Martin built an enormous universe just for this tiny world. It built an entire culture made of feudal violence, that fights to cope with the modernity of space travel, lost and found in the centuries.The planet is dying, and life will end in cold darkness.Remind of anything?

  18. I went back this month to re-read some of Martin's early SF. This was his first published novel, I believe -- he already had a short-fiction Hugo and a couple of nominations in his pocket.Like nearly all of Martin's SF, this book is set in the Thousand Worlds: a loose far-future history spanning millennia of time and a range of narrative styles. The planet Worlorn is wonderfully named and wonderfully gothic: a rogue planet which happened to drift into the multiple star system called the Hellcrow [...]

  19. Exceptional for a first novel. Still a really really good sci-fi novel forty years later. Martin has always had a talent for depicting power relations between characters, and there's always a lot of subtle stuff going on between characters -- I saw it the first thing I read of his, the werewolf novella Skin Trade, and then in Fevre Dream, and then in A Song of Ice and Fire, but it was on display all the way back here, in spades. There's also some amazing world building and ideas on show. The pac [...]

  20. Well, GRRM has come a long way since 1977’s “Dying of the Light”. Set in a distant dying planet, Dirk is called for by his long lost love, who is embroiled in a strange relationship with men who are basically early sci-fi prototypes of the Dothraki. It was interesting to see how some of the elements in this book eventually became part of A Song of Ice and Fire (the Dothrakis are somewhat similar to the Kavalar, also the scene in which (view spoiler)[Dirk is hunted through the woods reminde [...]

  21. Un libro que va de más a menos. Al principio crea un mundo genial. Crea mundos ricos en detalles, los describe a la perfección así como la fauna que los rodea y la cultura que esta detrás. Muchos toques al estilo Canción de Hielo y Fuego; el crear una historia de clanes, muertes contadas de la manera más brusca, personajes con dos caras (El kimdissi bien podría ser la araña de Canción de Hielo y Fuego) y la historia de amor que vertebra el libro. Digo que el libro va de más a menos por [...]

  22. For being his first-ever, this novel by GRRM is quite good. Took me time to get into the plotline, and wasn't particularly impressed by the protagonists but rather was more drawn towards the secondary characters. There's a number of small details that will have veteran "A Song of Ice and Fire" fans (amongst which I am) chuckling in recognition, because certain details that are read about in the much more famous ASOIAF series germinated here.Overall, a decent book and great for comparison and ana [...]

  23. Esta novela me ha cautivado.Con el estreno de la última temporada de GOT y teniendo en cuenta que hace dos años que terminé los libros publicados de la saga me apetecía muchísimo leer algo de George RR Martin y me decidí por su primera novela.La escribió antes de cumplir los 30 y tengo que decir que no tenía grandes expectativas. Ilusa. Este libro es una auténtica pasada. La maestría de G. RR M. para crear mundos y razas es indudable. Y aquí encuentras una gran muestra de ello. Las de [...]

  24. This is one of the shorter GRRM works I've read, but still, the depth of detail and setting is amazing, it's like what you'd expect of A Song Of Ice And Fire. The writing is amazing, very impressive and the story, though practically a love story is one helluva fun read. there's no doubting it, GRRM is the master of fantasy writing.

  25. Самотната Ворлорн по пътя на смърттаЦялото ревю тук: knijenpetar/2015/ Лично аз не съм чак толкова голям фен на Джордж Р. Р. Мартин, но с удоволствие бих прочел преведените му на български книги. Вече доста години неговата поредица „Песен за огън и лед“ шества триумфално на пазара н [...]

  26. A strange, dark, violent story set on a dying world. The setting is a tale by itself, with the planet Worlorn arguably one of the characters. The story is largely driven by each character's inability to deal with life as it is, rather than how they wish it could be, with naive pride, confused love, and misguided devotion to an obsolete code of behavior defining what happens along the way. None of the characters emerges unscathed; change comes to them all by the end. Beautifully written and reali [...]

  27. Отново не съвсем изпипана според мен книга от МартинДоста по-интересна ми се видя страничната сюжетна линия - тази за хората, историята и кодекса на живот на планетата Високи Кавалаан. Естествено, на това е отделено малко място, а потенциал определено има.Като цяло има един [...]

  28. El universo de los Mil Mundos es la ambientación imaginaria creada por George R. R. Martin donde transcurren varias novelas (como la que hoy reseño) y una larga lista de relatos distribuidos en diversas antologías (podéis encontrar la mayoría en los tres volúmenes de la autobiografía literaria de Martin publicados por Gigamesh). El escritor célebre por Canción de Hielo y Fuego inició su carrera novelística con esta Muerte de la Luz publicada en 1977 y en la que se aprovecha de esta ab [...]

  29. I really enjoyed Dying of the Light, George R.R. Martin's first full length novel. Despite being published in 1977, the story has stood up really since it was written 40 years ago. No flip-top data tricorder, hokey gadgets or technology that couldn't easily fit into a modern space epic. I think that is due in large part to while technically being labeled Science Fiction", the story felt more a mash-up between it and High Fantasy. Aside from the opening travel to the planet in which the story tak [...]

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