Wounded Hearts

Wounded Hearts Attraction fear danger an unlikely recipe for healing scars Men in Blue Book In the year since Ellie escaped The Scientist s ghastly dungeon she still can t stop looking over her shoulder Or stop

  • Title: Wounded Hearts
  • Author: Jayne Rylon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Attraction, fear, danger an unlikely recipe for healing scars Men in Blue, Book 5In the year since Ellie escaped The Scientist s ghastly dungeon, she still can t stop looking over her shoulder Or stop feeling guilty over the man who sacrificed so much to save her.He lost everything His career, his aspirations even part of his body It s no wonder he wants nothing to doAttraction, fear, danger an unlikely recipe for healing scars.Men in Blue, Book 5In the year since Ellie escaped The Scientist s ghastly dungeon, she still can t stop looking over her shoulder Or stop feeling guilty over the man who sacrificed so much to save her.He lost everything His career, his aspirations even part of his body It s no wonder he wants nothing to do with her Too bad he s the only man she can think about.Lucas has vowed to stay away from Ellie, but not for the reason she thinks The woman he craves doesn t need to waste her life taking care of a man with a missing leg, not when she needs to focus on her own healing.Despite the best matchmaking attempts of the Men in Blue and their wives the emotional and physical gap between them seems uncrossable Until Ellie is threatened again, and the only choice is to work together until she s safe.But to stay in the land of the living, they ll both have to fight through their pain and relive a few nightmares to guarantee their demons won t destroy her future.Warning Contains an alpha male with a broken body, but whose best bits are in fine working order And a woman who survived hell, and is determined to fit enough of their jagged edges together to make a whole Vivid PTSD flashbacks of sexual violence could be disturbing for some readers.

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    1. KcLu's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsThere are some series that stay with you long after you finish each book. For me Men in Blue is that series. From the first moments in Night is Darkest I have been hooked big time. This book lives up to that love and more. These characters have had my heart for a while now, but seeing them lean on each other to mend their hearts and minds is truly a work of art. Romantic Suspense is not my genre of choice, but there are a small handful of auth [...]

    2. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.After reading Wounded Hearts, the fifth book in Jayne Rylon’s Men in Blue series, I am left with feelings of hope and love. This book touched my heart and soul with its story of two people not only surviving from tragedy beyond description, but through their strength and determination, rising above it to emerge stronger.We first meet Ellie and Lucas in Mistres [...]

    3. Let me start out by saying that fans of the Men in Blue series love this book. All you need to do is check out the reviews around me and you'll find a sea of 4 and 5 star ratings. I say this first because before I started reading, I had no experience with this series. I was intrigued by the cover and sold by the blurb. I had no idea this was the fifth book in an erotic suspense series featuring BDSM and multiple menage stories. Thankfully (for me) those elements were only on the periphery here, [...]

    4. 5 Star Review Wounded Hearts by Jayne RylonThis series is one of my all-time favourites. Every book in this series I have thoroughly loved. Each one seems to get better and better and this is no exception.Wounded Hearts is book 5 in the Men in Blue series. Although this can be read as a standalone, I would suggest if you haven't read the previous books you do so as there are moments where previous happenings are referred to. This is the story of Lucas and Ellie, or E as Lucas calls her, two torm [...]

    5. ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads~~This is one of a series, and I had read a couple of them a while ago, so the background was familiar to me - I would recommend you do the same, as it is quite important to the story that you understand what Ellie was subjected to, and why. The rest of the review assumes that you are aware of the details.Both Lucas and Ellie have deserved an HEA more than any of the other characters in this series, and that is saying somet [...]

    6. I held off on reading this one for a while, because I knew it was going to be lots of PTSD emotions.Lucas lost a leg.Ellie was kidnapped/tortured/raped/abused for over a year.So having issues is a bit of an understatement.I really liked it though. It didn't go too dark, nor trivialize their issues. It wasn't an instant HEA either.I was never overly fond of the Sex Offender plot, which sadly was most of this series. (it was just too fantastical.) However, it is really nice to see it wrapping up a [...]

    7. This book takes the long way to heaven. Lucas lost his job and his leg saving Ellie from a living nightmare a year ago. He has pushed away Ellie and his friends. He isn’t dealing with the changes in his life very well. Ellie too has had her share of problems coming back from the abuse she has suffered and the only man she wants won’t talk to her. Now there is a new threat to Ellie and Lucas is the only one who can keep her safe forcing them to work through their issues. Watching these two in [...]

    8. I loved the Men in Blue series when I read it a few years ago, and I was delighted to see that Jayne was going to continue on with the series by giving us a new book. I've wanted to know what happened with Lucas, so I was pretty excited to get my hands on Wounded Hearts. Now if you are new to this series, you really need to read it prior to reading Wounded Hearts or you might be a tad bit confused. There are a lot of crossover characters and issues from the previous books. I think this confusion [...]

    9. ***WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVEANYSENSITIVITY TO RAPE***Man, what a bizarre book. This leapt from deeply disturbing (possibly too much so) to completely ridiculous.I have not read any of the other books in this series. I'm glad, because it sounds like the events from earlier books were somehow even more disturbing than just hearing about them and seeing them in flashbacks in this book.(view spoiler)[So, the heroine had previously been kept as a sex slave by a group of evil g [...]

    10. Great readThe book will have you crying and laughing. This is a must read. I loved how it showed him being injured n being an amputee who finds love.

    11. ReviewBy Jess DunnAfter surviving physical and psychological trauma Ellie has fought to discover her new “normal”. Just as she conquers her first “girls’ night out”, she begins to believe she just may be okay in time that is if one stubborn sexy ex-spy would quit pushing her away. Unfortunately, before Ellie can pursue Lucas danger has arrived on her doorstep and she fears it is too late and all could be lost.The stubborn male in question has been battling his own demons the last seven [...]

    12. Sweet but with a definite edge, this book was near perfection! It is a definite balance to tell a story about ones so damaged by all that was done to them and not get melancholy. This book definitely carries that off, yet still conveys the pain that still lingers with our charactersEllie and Lucas were tied together when she was rescued from a slave ring that used chemicals to make sex slaves. Somehow Ellie didn't become addicted or die, but she most definitely was used and abused. The chemical [...]

    13. ***I was given an advanced reader copy in return for an honest review**With that being said, I only have one issue with this book.I can't decide if this is my favorite of Jayne Rylon's series or if Hotrods is still my favorite. In order to fully understand this newest book, you need to read the previous Men in Blue books. It is a continuation of previous cases. It is hard to understand where Ellie has been in the past without the previous books. She escaped from a scientist that created a very p [...]

    14. Jayne Rylon has written a beautiful love story for Lucas and Ellie in Wounded Hearts, her latest in the Men in Blue series. These two have survived so much pain but together, they can love and live again. Lucas would do anything to protect Ellie, even trying to distance himself as he is having a difficult time handling his disability; he's afraid of her reaction to his missing limb. I loved how Ellie proved him wrong and that she was able to help him feel more comfortable in his own skin. In tur [...]

    15. This has seriously became my favorite book in the MIB series I loved it! If you've read previous books (which I hope you have!) you'll know that Lucas lost part of his leg helping Ellie escape Moreselli's dungeon this is their story. Lucas has pushed Ellie away because he doesn't like the way his new body is after his amputation but Ellie hasn't stopped having feelings for him. After a girls night out ends in excitement but also fear when Ellie is target by some bad guys, Lucas comes to the resc [...]

    16. Lucas and Ellie have a past. Lucas once saved Ellie from a madman who held her prisoner and used her for testing his drug that turns a person into a lust crazed sex addict. Since the rescue, Lucas has distanced himself from Ellie. Since Ellie gained her freedom, she only has eyes for Lucas. Unfortunately Lucas won’t even return her telephone calls.Several months after her ordeal, Ellie’s friends convince her to go out to the casino for a night of fun. Ellie gets lucky and hits a major jackpo [...]

    17. This is such an amazing love story, but it was not an easy road for Ellie and Lucas to get there. Lucas lost part of his leg saving Ellie from basically a mad scientist, because of his loss, he has pulled away from his friends and most of all Ellie. Even though he feels a strong attraction to her, he doesn’t think he can be man enough for her now.Ellie was used by the mad scientist in a very deplorable way, but she fought back, she never let them take her soul, they may take her body but not t [...]

    18. ARCWounded Hearts is another fantastic addition to the Men in Blue series. You can read it as a standalone since Jayne does such a great job recapping the previous story lines but I would recommend reading the entire series just because you grow to love each character as the series progresses.So Ellie and Lucas! These two have had a very rough year but have tried in their own ways to survive, separately. Turns out, they are better together. Ellie said it best “they really were a hot mess. One [...]

    19. Love this seriesAs I read the Lucas and Ellie characters in the previous book, I was under the impression that Lucas was a lot older but in fact he is not. I had to get past the obstacle while reading. This was another smash hit from Ms Rylon. I love this series and each character she writes about. You really get to know them and their outrageous adventures. Lucas was injured when they went in to save Ellie. Although he has never blamed her for his loss of his leg, Ellie has always feared that i [...]

    20. Lucas, with his prosthetic leg and his body hang ups has been avoiding Ellie, the woman he rescued from captivity, for a year. During that time, Ellie has continually reached out to the man that saved her life, despite her ongoing battle with detoxing from the drug her criminal captors continually dosed her with and overcoming the PTSD she developed after her rescue. When Ellie is made an unknowing mule in a casino heist scheme by a criminal organization, Lucas is activated by the Men In Blue to [...]

    21. This book has been in my TBR pile for almost a full year, but now that book 6 in the series is due out I needed to catch up on the Men in Blue. This book originally caught my attention not only because I have read the first four books in the series, but because the cover model, Alex Minsky, is a person I admire. I enjoyed how the author included much about him (physically) in the story, down to the "Don't Laugh" tattoo. Ellie was a scientist caught up in the Sex Offender drug issue and lost so m [...]

    22. *** I received an ARC from author for an honest review** Ellie and Lucas think they are not worthy of each other, but their friends think they are perfect for each other. Lucas thinks Ellie can't love him because he lost part of his leg. Ellie thinks Lucas hates her because she is the reason he lost his leg. Ellie is in danger and Lucas is the only one who can keep her safe. Will they be able to clear the air between them since Lucas won't let her out of his sight. Get ready for a adrenaline rus [...]

    23. This series just keeps getting better and better! I love the unique storyline, well developed characters that you'll love and are easy to relate to, lots of action, suspense, angst, violence, amazing friends that you wish you had, smokin' hot sex that will leave you breathless, and overall just a fantastic read! If you are new to this series, I strongly suggest that you start at the beginning. Yes, each are stand alone books, but you'll get not only amazing stories in each book but also a better [...]

    24. The story gave us a look at two wounded people who want each other but can't get past their own issues. with a push from family, friends and the bad guys they discover a deep connection and love.Ellie has her much deserved emotional trauma and guilt about being the reason for Lucas being an amputee. Lucas is learning to be an amputee and how he is still the same man. It is a good book considering it is the first one of this series I have read. I highly recommend that you start with the first boo [...]

    25. I was so excited to read this next installment in the Men in Blue series; it's been a while, and I was so thrilled that it lived up to my expectations! Loved it so much!Heavy on emotions; a story of perseverance and the power of love; just enough action with one of the most bad-ass climax scenes I've readSeriously, the more I think about it, the more I love it. I almost want to read it all over again.

    26. I wanted to love this book so badly. Lucas and Ellie are two who definitely deserved their love story. But - in amongst the sensitive handling of both amputee issues and sexual assault issues, the actual warmth of their love story was lost. The sex scenes were too focused on the mechanics, not the eroticism of the act. Still enjoyed it, still going to read the next volume - featuring Ben, Ryan and Sadie. Bought from kobo.

    27. ARCLucas and Ellie, two broken souls, trying to reclaim their lives, overcome traumatic past, and letting go to find out that that two halves makes one perfect whole. They are perfect together. The trust, the love, their willingness to be opened and honest with each other was perfection. I love this beautiful story, I love this Amazing series!!!! This was outstanding

    28. And this is why I should never buy a book because I'm in love with the cover model!!I've read Jayne Rylon before and enjoyed her work but I hadn't read previous books in this series maybe that was my second mistake!That being said I found the characters to be contrived, boring and very one dimensional - and I even got as far as 82% before giving up - I just didn't care at all to finish :(

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