Question of Sanity: The True Story of Female Serial Killers in 19th Century New York

Question of Sanity The True Story of Female Serial Killers in th Century New York None

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  • Title: Question of Sanity: The True Story of Female Serial Killers in 19th Century New York
  • Author: Michael T. Keene
  • ISBN: 9781939688217
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. A great book on local history by the author of "Abandoned". Mr. Keene tells the stories of female serial killers in New York, in the 19th century. Most were from rural areas along the Erie Canal. There were the "Black Widows" - who murdered multiple husbands. "Baby Farmers" was the name given to women accused of murdering babies. And, there were the "angels of death" - who killed the sick.

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