Sailing in Style

Sailing in Style Danger Heartbreak ahead Piper Brindle has spent her entire adult life trying to live down the stigma of her family s checkered history The one bright spot was Cy Franco the talented California design

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  • Title: Sailing in Style
  • Author: Dana Mentink
  • ISBN: 9781474036153
  • Page: 348
  • Format: ebook
  • Danger Heartbreak ahead Piper Brindle has spent her entire adult life trying to live down the stigma of her family s checkered history The one bright spot was Cy Franco, the talented California designer with the surfer boy looks She ended up only breaking his heart Now an acting gig on the historic River King reunites her with the guy she pushed away She knows she doeDanger Heartbreak ahead Piper Brindle has spent her entire adult life trying to live down the stigma of her family s checkered history The one bright spot was Cy Franco, the talented California designer with the surfer boy looks She ended up only breaking his heart Now an acting gig on the historic River King reunites her with the guy she pushed away She knows she doesn t deserve him, but how can she pretend she s immune to Cy s charms As her past explodes into her present, Piper knows they can never have a future together But with their irresistible chemistry drawing them even closer than before, how will she be able to walk away a second time

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    1. What a delightful small town! And such a colorful group of characters, from Cy and Piper all the way to Peaches the parakeet. I really enjoyed the journey in this small town, and I am glad to say this book is squeaky clean cussing, no crude innuendo, and a sum total of three kisses. Classic romance without the smut, and a story I am happy to recommend. It made it even better to have a mystery about a ghost and disappearing valuables as a side plot, too!

    2. It was such a pleasure to return to the town of Tumbledown, California. Sailing in Style is book two in the Love by Design series. If you haven’t read book one, don’t worry, this one can stand on its own. But, if you have read Return to Pelican Inn, you will enjoy revisiting characters from the first book.Sailing in Style contains a touching love story and explores some deep fears and hurts. The main characters, Cy and Piper, have a prior broken relationship together. Both are heartsick abou [...]

    3. Aboard the steamboat River King Inn we are introduced to several quirky characters, some with questionable backgrounds and motives and others who'll warm your heart. I was immediately fond of Cy, a work driven, tender hearted, lonely young man who carries a load of heartache that refuses to let him go. His past love, Piper, is a frustrating young woman who is goal driven to become an actress at the expense of the one who loves her most.The setting is charming, and easily envisioned as a grand ol [...]

    4. Sailing in Style ( Love by a Design)BY: Dana MentinkI really enjoyed Sailing in Style, and Dana Mentink has did a fantastic job of penning her story and characters. I love the two main characters, Piper Brindle and Cy Franco. Piper is an ex-girlfriend of Cy. She is a performer and part of the entertainment on the Historic River King Paddle Boat. They both meet again on this old boat. Cy wants to stay as far away from Piper as he can get. She broke his heart once and he has never gotten over her. [...]

    5. Sailing In Style | Dana Mentink MarathonChristian Fiction, Inspirational, marathon, Romance, series August 5, 2015 Leave a commentToday I am reviewing Sailing in Style, the second book in the Love By Design series, by Dana Mentink.Here is a brief synopsis: Danger: Heartbreak ahead! Piper Brindle has spent her entire adult life trying to live down the stigma of her family’s checkered history. The one bright spot was Cy Franco, the talented California designer with the surfer-boy looks. She ende [...]

    6. Sailing in Style is the second book in the Love by Design series, and I have to say it is one of my favorite Heartwarming books to date. This one really struck a chord with me. I had a wonderful time aboard the old River King, a paddle-wheel riverboat, along with the menagerie of characters in the book. I laughed, I pondered, I imagined, I hoped.I was pleasantly engrossed in the story to the final page, which of course ended satisfyingly sweet. Dana Mentink's suspense-writer instincts are a lit [...]

    7. This entertaining, see-sawing, yo-yoing, delightfully comedic story was a little hard to take seriously until serious feelings between two star-crossed lovers seemed doomed to go up in smoke again. . . . and again . and again. Aspiring actress Piper Brindle is not about to let her chance at stardom go overboard when her almost fiance appears as a guest aboard the historic River King riverboat. Cy Franco cannot believe his own eyes when he spies Piper Brindle peeping through his tiny port hole; [...]

    8. What a charming book this was! All the characters in this book were so fun to get to know! I didn't read the first book in this series but I could still figure out who was who, so this could definitely be read as a stand alone book. The main characters, Cy and Piper, were interesting. They were in a relationship previously but it ended badly when Piper left Cy on the day Cy was going to propose! Imagine Cy's surprise when he sees Piper peeping through his tiny porthole on the historic steamboat, [...]

    9. I loved this book! It's quirky, funny with romance and suspense! Cy Franco is on the riverboat, the River King, to attend his sister's wedding. All is well until he looks into his mirror and sees the last person he thought to see ever again, his ex-girlfriend, Piper. She is an actress, to be in an upcoming play on the River King as well hoping to be discovered. Cy was on the verge of asking Piper to marry him, but her past got in the way and she broke his heart. Cy is a interior designer and co- [...]

    10. Open a book to adventure, romance, and so much more. Piper is reaching for a dream as an actresz, a cin man, reformed thief, Cy - remodeling a room - designer, and so much more. There are several romances. I like fact of questions and unsure before realizing none of it matters when you love each other. There are shows, a missing actress, mystery, suspense, and more. A man with one arm cooks. And description of food he serves is so delightful. There is a graveyard room full of treasures from the [...]

    11. It is my pleasure to have read and now give a review on Dana Mentink's second book in the Love by Design series. After his sister's wedding, Cy finds himself in a predicament that causes him to have to remain on the boat where is sister, Rosa, just got married. Because of an unforeseen accident he finds himself indebted to the boat's owner and must now redo the showroom/dining room on the boat. To complicate matters, he finds that his old girlfriend, Piper, who broke his heart also works on the [...]

    12. SAILING in STYLEI love this book… has the water, the romance, the twists and turns, and a cozy community. A paddle boat, a hint of softer, less stressful times of yesteryear all make up the fabric of this book.Tumbledown is a sleepy little town that its name has been used by the author to present the reader with a clue to the characters, Cy and Piper, and what there are going thru in their lives. The two meet and are perceptive enough to the see the spark in each other. Because of that spa [...]

    13. Sailing in Style is actually book two in the Love By Design series, but I had no trouble at all following the story even though I had not read book one. This book is full of quirky characters, funny mishaps, romance, and even a bit of mystery. The main characters unexpectedly meet again in the beginning of the book and the reader is drawn into Cy and Piper's lives as they have to decide whether to give their relationship another try. Both of them have family issues they are working through and t [...]

    14. Dana Mentink's Sailing In Style is a delightful, heartwarming read! Second in her Love By Design Series, it has a wonderfully conflicted hero and heroine plus tons of fun-loving, likable characters trying to reunite this quirky couple. Cynthia and Piper's chemistry pulls you into the story, and the humor, great writing, and just a touch of mystery kept me turning the pages. I also absolutely loved Baggy and Peaches and if you're an animal lover you will too! By the time I finished the book, I wa [...]

    15. This was the second book in the Love by Design series and I loved reading Cy's story. Both Cy and Piper came from broken families and I liked following their journey to find that just because something is broken, whether it is a boat, a family, or a relationship, it doesn't mean it can't be beautiful. I really enjoyed the bit of mystery and loved the way it turned out in the end. I would definitely recommend this book.I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review [...]

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