The Life of Stiles

The Life of Stiles Sterek First Stiles is in denial then he is just confused Words complete

  • Title: The Life of Stiles
  • Author: rispacooper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: ebook
  • Sterek First Stiles is in denial, then he is just confused.Words 14515 complete

    One thought on “The Life of Stiles”

    1. I believe this diverges from canon sometime after season 2, ignoring season 3. Stiles' POV. This is a series of moments that build on each other in regards to the relationship arc, but are for the most part separate moments in time in all other aspects - ie. - there is no continuous monster of the week or on going pack drama or anything. These moments between Derek and Stiles are overtly sexual, but at the same time they can be dismissed as either a cover while they are on stake out or Derek get [...]

    2. The blurb states: "First Stiles is in denial, then he is just confused."Oh man, I was just confused.I just couldn't get or picture what was going on. The lap, the other Alpha, the closet. It was just so confusing to me and Derek never said anything but he did things but then he would get mad. I don't know.I really liked the scene with the Sheriff though.

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