Cross a Canyon (with a Broken Limb)

Cross a Canyon with a Broken Limb Sterek You never graduated Stiles says just to say it To test it out in the open air That s huh Stiles spends his senior year battling troll gremlins taking on an unexpected tutoring job and defin

  • Title: Cross a Canyon (with a Broken Limb)
  • Author: theroguesgambit
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 414
  • Format: ebook
  • Sterek You never graduated, Stiles says, just to say it To test it out in the open air That s huh Stiles spends his senior year battling troll gremlins, taking on an unexpected tutoring job, and definitely not falling for a certain sourwolf even though everyone else seems to think he is.Words 17964 complete

    One thought on “Cross a Canyon (with a Broken Limb)”

    1. For some reason I had a hard time getting into this one. I think my head was stuck in another Sterek world.But by the middle I was completely won over. It's a nice, simple story and the ending had me grinning and happy. Definitely worth a reread.

    2. Stiles finds out that Derek never finished high school so he decides to tutor him and help him get his GED. Derek is too embarrassed to have anyone else find out so when the pack assumes they're dating, they play along.This was funny and sweet and left me smiling. What more can you ask for?

    3. This is a perfect addition to the "fake boyfriend" trope. Everything I want from this trope (and most of what I want from a Sterek - it is PG and could have been at least Mature). Synopsis if you want it:(view spoiler)[Post Season 3A (the Sheriff is clued in - may be post season 4, because there is a reference to Parrish being supernatural, but really nothing else from season 4). Stiles' POV. The Sheriff is trying to get Stiles to recruit Derek as a Deputy, Derek keeps brushing him off, but does [...]

    4. Ultra cute fake boyfriend Sterek.They study together, there's tease flirting and it's a comfortable three star read, but the end left me grinning - Yes Stiles; totally Awesome!Nice little feel good.

    5. This was really good. It had enough of everything and kept me emotionally invested. Plus, it was funny as shit and so clever. Of course pretending to be boyfriends would be the better solution, of course. “I’ve had wet dreams that started like this.”A thick brow arches, skeptical.“With me reading your essays to you?”“You mock, Judgy Brows, but every writer dreams of some stupidly attractive person reading their own work to them.” The readers dream of this too ya know :)

    6. Sterek, Stiles helps Derek get his GED. Fake boyfriend trope--yeah, it's grins. 3.5 StarsStiles has always figured he was trying to get tips on how to Alpha from army generals, which is both adorable and worrying, and explains so, so much.

    7. TW gold, with a perfectly rendered atmosphere and heaps of cuteness and nerdiness and snark and joy and just enough manpain to make things delicious 100x.I didn't know I missed this.

    8. This was so adorable. I could start rambling but really, Otilia's review is concise and exactly my point. Much better to read that. Then go read another Sterek.^_^

    9. Stiles takes it upon himself to tutor Derek, who's insecure and embarrassed about not having finished high school. I loved Stiles doing this for Derek, at first in spite of Derek himself being all stupid about it. And oh, the fake relationship to cover the tutoring, and then the inevitable growth of feels? Yay!I really liked the sheriff not-so-subtly pushing for Derek becoming a deputy and Stiles enabling that. And oh, Stiles looking at current Derek and imagining what he was like as a kid - suc [...]

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